Kink Spotlight: A Cock Milking Good Time Kink Spotlight: A Cock Milking Good Time

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If you want to try this at home (or in a hotel or alley or wherever) remember you don't need a month's rent worth of bondage gear to make it happen. A good old mental takeover can do the trick, no ropes or locks required.

So while it may look like a handjob, a simple unrelenting hand on cock can generate as intense a milking experience as 98 pounds of manual and electric equipment. Though you will have a difficult time incorporating the electroshock stimulation element without the right (safety-tested) machine and reliable training. 

You could improvise by rubbing your socks on a carpet until you can generate a tiny electric shock on your own. Static electricity isn't exactly a kink though. Probably.

Nope it's about that continuous stimulation, incorporating edging, and eventually polishing the knob after ejaculation. That gets into cum torture territory. Some milking may not have much post-cum stimulation. Just depends on what folks want and agree upon.

Communication is key, so if you're working up a whole interrogation scene or doctor/patient or your everyday master/slave thing, communication before, during and after is essential to success.

Intense stimulation (and keeping gear makers in business) is the name of the game. It can be super intimate, even with machine involvement and blindfolds. You can sort of try to milk yourself. Or if you're vegan then "mylk" yourself. Either way, you may have challenges really stimulating yourself to the point of writhing and intense moaning and doing spontaneous Rockettes-styles high kicks. 

While all these are normal responses to being milked (okay, maybe not the Rockettes stuff), it's tough to stimulate oneself that intensely, so a helping hand (or machine) may be needed.

I look forward to reading your awkwardly phrased, yet sexily vulnerable personal ad. It'll probably work. Milkers (and milkees) are kind of awesomely nerdy in a way, pushing the boundaries of biological responses in a technological way.

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