Kane Axel & Sir Jet Oil Wrestling for Top & Bottom

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Last week, Axel Kane debuted on Peter Fever, and this week, he's back in his first hardcore session. He appears with Sir Jet in the third episode of the site's Kink series and this one features the pair oiling up and wrestling. They grapple for position on the mats, but we all know that Kane is going to win out and top -- that's all Kane does and Jet is a confirmed bottom. Still, it's fun pretending.

The wrestling ends soon enough and Kane claims his prize, Jet's mouth. He does push-ups in the stud's mouth. And once Kane's dick is fully hard and satisfied, the hunk rams it in Sir Jet's ass.

Some complain about Kane's lack of connection with his scene partners, and some necking would certainly go a long way to improve this fuck session. But Kane doesn't kiss either. If he doesn't start kissing or sucking dick soon, he could find his porn career limping off into the subset. Although I doubt there's a shortage of sites and studios willing to give him work, he is a sexy guy and he fucks like a mule. I'm sure Pornland will have him for as long as he wants to stay.

By the way, there are three episode in the Kink series. The first is called Kink Boxing and the second is called Damian's Pin-Teresting Playtime.

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