Is Owen Powers the Best Cocksucker in Pornland? Is Owen Powers the Best Cocksucker in Pornland?

I've seen a lot of bottoms struggle with Rocco Steele's 10x7 monster cock. But a while back, Owen Powers tackled Rocco in a glory hole scene at Breed Me Raw and his blowjob skills were massively impressive. I haven't seen many cocksuckers who couldn't swallow more than half of Rocco's dick, most could only manage a third or just the tip. Rocco and Owen are back in another scene, and proving that this first attempt wasn't just an one-off, Owen deep throats Rocco's humongous dick again. If he's not the best cocksucker in Pornland, he's got to be in the top three.

Well, I lie a bit: Owen Powers doesn't exactly deep throat Rocco Steele, at his deepest, Owen's lips are still about two inches from Rocco's pubes. But still, we're talking about a cock as big around as a can of soda, and with most of it in his mouth, Owen doesn't cough, sputter, choke, or gag. But Steele is a greedy pig. Even though most cocksuckers can never go this deep, he still puts his hand on the back of Owen's head and urges him deeper. Well, who can blame him? I'm betting Steele doesn't get head like this very often.

The video falls apart for me after that. Breed Me Raw tells us that Owen wants Rocco to wear a condom? Why? He's already bottomed raw for Steele in his first scene and this is a bareback site, so this makes no sense. Steele tries putting on the rubber, but it only covers half of his cock, then it breaks inside Owen. But Steele continues fucking him anyway. That's called stealthing, a sleazy practice where tops pretend to put on a condom or sabotage it so it breaks; the bottom thinks he's having safer sex, but he's not. In my opinion, Breed Me Raw ruined a perfectly amazing fuck scene, which is too bad because seeing Rocco swinging Owen back and forth on his cock was such an awesome thing to watch.

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