• Muscle Hunk

    Muscle Hunk

    Some guys just have all the luck. Deklan is blessed with soap opera good looks and a smoking hot body. And this muscle hunk has the sex drive of a fleet of Marines. Deklan makes another appearance on Circle Jerk Boys to show off his jaw-breaking dick. This is his fourth appearance on the site, and I can understand why they keep asking him back. But the e-mails from members keep demanding more of this beautiful stud - and Circle Jerk Boys delivers. In one of his recent videos, Deklan discovered that his butt feels good, and since then, he can't seem to keep his hands away from his fuck hole. And when you see him down on all fours with his shave butt hole twitching for the camera, you'll be wishing you were the fluffer assigned to keep this muscle hunk's cock hard. He's got a beautiful, beefy butt and that smooth rosebud will feel like velvet against your tongue. But Deklan has no trouble keep his cock stiff for the camera. And when he shoots, he coats those smooth abs of his with a thick load of manjuice.

  • Buzzed Hard



    What did I stumble into?

    To begin with, I think it is a contact site, though it does require registration, still that is free. I am guessing, but the place is about having a shaving fetish. Hey, I hate shaving, takes too much time, and I am lazy.

    Still this place is filled with various men who are into shaving, There is a forum you can access, talk and share your experiences. It seems to be mostly a Bear type site.

    There is a free portion, larger images seem to require donations. However it is also a contact type site, has articles, store, plus more though access is restricted on the free membership side of things.

  • Hairy Bear Santa

    Hairy Bear

    It's Christmas in July. Scott Armstrong of Bear Films dons a Santa hat, trying to cool us down with thoughts of Christmas. But he's not giving us much relief. With these scorching summer temperatures and high humidity, I'm just getting more sweaty looking at this hot, hairy bear. Sitting back naked with this beefy thighs spread, Scott is showing off his fat cock. And what a perfect view. It's like you're down on your knees and staring up at his hairy torso, getting ready to swallow that fat dick. His shaved and tight ball sac looks tempting and would probably enjoy a tongue bath. And those pierced nipples are probably quite sensitive. I imagine that Scott would love having you play with them while you're swallowing his cock deep into your throat. And when he shoots his load, he spews great gobs of cum up the length of his hairy belly. He sure didn't do the trick in cooling me down, but he did give me a couple of ideas to add to my Christmas list. The question is: does a big, hairy bear fit under the Christmas tree?

  • Hunk in Sunglasses


    I never really thought about sunglasses as sexy before, but Andy Stone from Bentley Race has me hard... er... thinking hard, that is. This aussie hunk-a-hunk of burning love is a perfect mix. He's good looking with a great body a bubble butt, plenty of attitude and a cock that stands at attention. And I must admit that I not only noticed his sunglasses, but they add to his hotness factor. Maybe I'm developing a sunglass fetish - or maybe Andy is just fucking HOT!

  • The Job Interview


    Men at Play is at it again when they present Carlos, a businessman with a bad reputation. Pretty much everyone in the city knows that he works - and fucks - his assistants till they drop. Everyone knows but Franco. He's ambitious and he needs a job and he hasn't heard about Carlos and his assistants so he puts on his best suit and goes in for an interview. After Carlos asks some questions, he gets down to business by telling him to undress, and Franco is too intimidated to say no. As a result, he gets his mouth and ass used hard as his potential boss uses and abuses both holes.

  • Cumshot - A Close Look


    Sometimes one picture is worth a thousand words but 4 pics can tell the entire story. When I first saw these pics of Joey and Tristan from You Love Jack, I couldn't believe how perfect these pics of a guy shooting his load on a friend were. From the first drop as he starts to cum to shooting a stream of jizz, then dripping on his partner's nose and face and finally his partner's cum-drenched face, this is a hot series of pics.

  • Factory Fresh by Titan

    factory fresh by TitanMen

    In Factory Fresh, the latest feature in the popular TitanMen Fresh line, director Brian Mills returns to Europe to shoot another bunch of sexy, smooth and uncut young studs banging the cum out of each other in an abandoned factory. These guys fuck ass, suck dick and spray jizz all over the equipment when they're not dumping loads on their tight, ripped pecs.

    Dark and sexy Marco Mark is cat-napping on the floor of the factory when blond young stud Sergej Ural and cute Erik Iverson stumble onto him; soon, Erik and Sergej are chowing down on Marco's raging hardon. Marco and Sergej dump gobs of cum on Erik's ripped chest before Erik and Marco tag team Sergej's smooth bubble butt and slam fuck the cum out of him.

    Sexy Felix Slovacek and cute Jason Jackman stuff hard-bodied Honza Banan's mouth with their uncut dicks and blast their cumloads all over him. With Jason spread-eagled on some factory equipment, Honza and Felix take turns fucking his tight luscious ass until they let loose with fountains of sperm.

    In the final scene, devilishly handsome Thomas Lee and sexy Dion Philips cram beefy Justin Corner's mouth and ass full of stiff dick, with Justin and Dion splattering Thomas' hard, smooth chest with plenty of their sticky jizz.

    With nine guys and over two hours of steaming hot sex, factory work never looked this good!

  • German Guys Fucking

    Sucking Uncut Cock

    Mike and Jake are doing a little painting in their apartment. The guys are laughing and having a good time, and before you know it, one slaps paint on the other. Mike ends up with the worst of it, with yellow paint covering his upper torso. With paint all over his chin, Jake gets down on his knees and sucks his buddy's cock. And these German guys get my hormones charging. I have a fetish for German guys, particularly when they look like skinheads. Both Mike and Jake have their heads cropped close, and they're both tattooed, Mike more so than Jake. They take turns sucking one another's uncut cocks on the couch. And Mike starts playing with Jake's butt hole,, kissing it, licking it, and fingering it. This has Jake twitching for some cock. And Mike pumps his big, long cock into his buddy's ass. But Mike really adores Jake's blowjobs, so Jake sucks him until he's close. And then, Mike kneels beside Jake and blasts a load all over his face, with a couple of good shots hitting the couch behind Jake's head. As Mike is spewing his load, Mike jacks off and shoots a healthy load himself.

  • Hot Nude Yoga



    I never know what to wear to Yoga classes. Slick track pants make the Tree pose hard to hold in place, and tied at the waist Thai fisherman's pants tend to come loose when I go into a downward Dog.

    Here's a solution: do it nude! HotNudeYoga.com is a grassroots, non-profit site that must be a Bible for any nude yoga practitioner.

    The site contains class schedules and a calendar to keep track of workshops and retreats that take place all around the world. In the many blogs, experts write informatively about Prana, tone and peace, and beginners share their journey as they voyage towards Moksha. Due to the adult content of some of these entries, registration (quick and free) is required.

  • Matt Cole is going into retirement

    matt cole

    Yes, the rumors are true. Matt Cole is going into retirement from making anymore gay porn movies. In 2007 he won the Best Newcomer award at the GAYVN Awards, took home two GRABBY Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Bottom in Chicago and Best Newcomer at the WeHo Awards! After more than 30 movies in two years, Cole has decided to step away from being in front of the camera.

    However, fans should not be disappointed as he will still maintain his website www.MattColeXXX.com and his Yahoo Fan Group (recently replaced after his original was deleted for unknown reasons) and he will still make live appearances at nightclubs and events throughout the world! For appearance requests, he has asked everyone to contact his talent management company FabScout Entertainment. Many in the adult industry question his decision to leave porn while at the pinnacle of his successful career. His decision was not taken lightly and his reasons for leaving are solid and well thought out.

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  • Black, Wet and Hung


    What do you think is sexier - a man wearing a suit or a guy dripping wet in the shower? It looks like UK Naked Men couldn't decide, either. When Leon, a hot and muscular ebony man with a huge uncut cock, came to his photo shoot wearing a silk suit. He looked gorgeous in it, but maybe they had originally planned to put him in the shower. I don't know, but wait till you see the next pics!

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  • Boys, Beer and Porn


    Ever wonder what happens when you combine 2 straight boys, plenty of beer and a porno movie? Well, Berlin Male decided to find out. They put Jens and Alex together with all the beer they wanted, popped a porno movie in the DVD player and let nature take its course. There was no director, no crew - just two horny straight boys who needed an outlet. Each guy started out jacking his own cock, but as the beer kept flowing and the movie kept running they tried stroking each other's dicks and before the shoot is done, we see a horny straight guy suck another guy's cock for his very first time!

  • Jason Crew's Big Cock

    Jason Crew

    I first saw Jason Crew in the Raging Stallion video "Lords of the Jungle." He was trapped on a lush, but deserted island, with 10 other hot men. And over the course of the movie these men suck and fuck on the beach, in the jungle, in the trees, anywhere they can find a spot, they fuck. Jason Crew is teamed up with Jake Deckard and Matt Cole in a super-charged threesome. The three are wandering through the jungle. Matt and Jake are bickering about what direction they should head, and Jason Crew just wants to get his big cock sucked. Jake finally has enough of Matt's mouth and dares him to suck his cock. At the end of the scene, Jason Crew bends Jake Deckard over a rock and fucks his ass hard. It's quite the pairing because Deckard is a tall and huge muscle man and Jason Crew is a lean and smooth jock, but with that big cock of his, Jason Crew has Jake Deckard crying for mercy. Jason Crew is showing off his big cock at Xtra Inches.

  • RealJock.com



    Wholegrains: king of all healthfoods or just all hype? Heading to New York City for Gay Super Bowl 7? Need a twelve-week triathlon training program? If these are the kind of questions that are often on your mind, you'll lap up RealJock.com's never-ending pages of diet tips, sports news and health programs. This area of the site is written by sports and health professionals and though it lacks the wit of print magazines like, say, Men's Health, the detail and information is comprehensive and diverse.

    Also, RealJock.com also runs an enormous personals section where jocks and their admirers share their photos and profiles with each other. There's a "Man of the Day" spot, almost sixty thousand profiles, and a vast set of busy forums. Design is masculine and simple; membership is free.

  • Bondage Play

    Bondage Play

    Some bedrooms are all about sleeping, the bedroom belonging to these two bears is all about play. Their headboard is a made of a wooden post and plank that run the width of the bed. Secured to the plank are various rings to which one would secure ropes, chains, wrist restraints, and yes, your husband. A couple of leather pads hang from the post, and I'm assuming that's to provide some cushion so husband #1's head doesn't push through the wall as he's getting his ass fucked. Walter is the dark-haired bear who has his hands tied in front of him. His partner, BearSer, is securing a gag around his face. With his bear securely fastened, BearSer pulls off his jeans. And then, grabbing some more rope, he ties Walter's feet together, and then, ropes his arms to one of the rings on the headboard. And now with Walter completely restrained, BearSer starts playing with his nipples and sliding his hands into Walter's boxer shorts. He spoons Walter and runs his hands all over his body, and then, he flips Walter over on his stomach and climbs on top of him. I wonder what's going to happen next.