• Nice Cock, Stupid Hat


    This is one fashion trend I won't be sorry to see go the way of bell-bottoms and toe socks. Knitted hats are made to keep your head warm, and while I'm certainly all for looking one's best when braving the winter cold, when you're naked and jacking off, TAKE YOUR FUCKING HAT OFF! You may think you look cool, but you look like an idiot. But Troy, I'll forgive you because you have such a beautiful cock and I did enjoy watching you shoot your load. Troy looks pretty clean-cut with his muscular body and blonde hair. But then he strips out of his clothes and we see that his right leg -- from ankle to knee is inked in tattoos. So he's not so clean-cut after all, Troy's a bad boy. He's sporting a nice, big cock -- even soft -- and a huge set of low hanging balls. (Man, I love slurping on balls like these, scooping them up in my mouth and rolling them around in my mouth.) Troy gets completely naked (except for his hat) and jacks off on the couch for a while. And then he goes into the bathroom, sits on the toilet, and jacks off some more, finally finishing himself off and shooting a thick load all over the bathroom vanity. I do hope he cleaned up his mess, and may I suggest using that hat as a cum rag. :)

  • TJ Gets Tag-Teamed


    Isnt' this a great picture. That's TJ in the foreground and he's about to get his ass tag-teamed by Dawson and Lucas. But for the moment he's at the end of a rimming chain. All three guys have been fairly regular and popular guys on Corbin Fisher, and they've been generating a lot of e-mail. One of the recurring requests was to see these three jocks together in a threesome. So Corbin Fisher put the wheels in motion, and voila, TJ is riding two cocks at the same time. The scene opens up with everyone getting comfortable -- touching, kissing, and slowly stripping out of their clothes. And before long everyone is sucking cock. They make good use of the couch with TJ up on his knees and leaning over the edge, getting his ass rimmed by Lucas, who is kneeling on a footstool, getting his ass rimmed by Dawson, who is on his knees on the floor. TJ remains where he is -- hanging over the edge of the couch -- and Lucas squats behind him and shoves his cock up the stud's ass, and then, Dawson comes around the other side to get his dick sucked. And so it begins, these two muscle studs fuck TJ from both ends in any number of postions until they both end up spewing their cum loads all over his chest.

  • Fucking a Latino Thug


    Don't these two guys look like they just got out of prison and they're looking for trouble. This is Tinman and Miguel, 24 and 19 years old. They both appeared on Circle Jerk Boys before, each starting off with solos. And then, as these two straight guys ease into the posing nude for gay men think, they start to think about the cash they can earn. When you're young, it's all about the bling, right? Tinman's about to become a father and he could use some extra cash to pay for the bills, so when CJB proposes pairing him up with Latino thugboy Miguel, he's all good. Once the guys get naked, Tinman gets down on his knees and gives Miguel's bone a taste. He's got a nice cock, not too big, perfect for a straight boy who isn't used to sucking cock. Tinman gets off his knees and gives Miguel a kiss. Miguel figures that any guy who has been sliding on his bone deserves a little lip action, too. Tinman gets back down and gives Miguel some more head, but this time he starts playing with the homeboy's butt hole. Ah, you know where this is going. And you'd be right. Miguel is going to get on all fours and see how a cock feels inside his ass. Judging by the load he shoots, I think he didn't mind it.

  • The Cock Sucker's View


    I do love being on my knees and looking up at a nice piece of meat. And Mike's 7-inch cock is perfect. I'm not a pig, anything more than you can easily hold in your mouth for more than 10 seconds is a waste anyway. Mike's just turned the corner into his thirties, he's 31 years old with tanned skin, shaved head, and hypnotizing brown eyes. He's a horny fucker, still jerking off once or twice a day. What a waste. With a hot, hairy body and a cock like that, he should be getting one blowjob a day. I'd volunteer. Mike's got a great ass, when you get around to looking at it. It's furry, but not overly so, just whisps of hair creeping up from his thighs and trailing across his butt cheeks. But he's got a deliciously hairy ass crack. And what a lovely set of low hanging balls on this stud. I do love holding a nice set in my hands, rolling them around and feeling them. And as Mike jacks off and gets ready to shoot his load, his balls tighten up and get ready to splooge a nice load of cum all over that hairy belly of his.

  • Uncut UK Cock


    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I don't know about that because this pic from UK Naked Men had me speechless. Adam's thick uncut cock had me drooling, and even better is seeing that Adam has just drained every last drop of cum all over Darren's handsome, satisfied face. Something I really love about guys in the UK - they're almost always uncut!

  • Mature Black Cock


    This horny black thug is getting a taste of an older ebony man's hard dick in this shoot at Ebony Shaft. The mature stud is experienced and he knows just how to slide his black manmeat into his partner's mouth - how to make him take as much as he wants him to. Once our older man is ready to fuck the younger guy's tight black ass, he doesn't hesitate. He slides that cock in deep and rams again and again before he pulls out to get ready to shoot his load all over!

  • Well Armed Marine


    Casey is a bisexual ex-marine with a HUGE cock! Our buddy Buzz West found Casey in San Diego and convinced him to do a shoot. Casey needed convincing because he's a little shy, but he opened up and told Buzz a little about himself. He loves sex with girls and guys but has only tried sex with a guy a couple times - so far. It had been a while since Casey had had sex, so he was horny as hell and ready to go, and once he pulled out that massive meat missile, he was more than ready to stroke that thing for the camera. Man, talk about armed and dangerous!

  • 2 Horny Skater Boys


    Dempsy is the wild boy at Boy Ride so when they took him out to practice on his board at the park, they weren't surprised when he found a 19 year old skater named Rex who was a great on his board and had a tight slender body. Dempsy invited Rex back to the hotel room for a little action - although Rex didn't know it yet. As you can see, Dempsy got this skater boy out of his clothes and soon Rex was playing with Dempsy's nipples while Dempsy strokes his own long twink cock!

  • Fucking Huessein


    All-American butch bear Mick Powers is bottoming for super-buffed Turkish sensation Huessein, who is with out doubt one of hairiest men in gay porn today. They're featured together in an action gallery at Hairy Boyz this week, but Huessein is also featured in a solo gallery of his own. Frankly, I'm a little over Huessein, I've seen a lot of him. But Mick Powers, well I could stand to look at a whole lot more of him -- he's fucking beautiful. A hot, mature man, with a full, sexy beard, and a very well-built body. I love his shoulders -- hard, round, and sculpted like a Greek statue. But I think I love Mick Powers's big, beefy thighs the best. When he's on his knees, with his ass waiting for Huessein's cock, his massive thighs just look so hot. Like who wouldn't like to have those wrapped around their head in a nude wrestling match. And his ass, fuck, I can see why Huessein really gets into eating it for a long time before he fucks it.

  • Hot News


    There's a phenomenal sale happening right now. SexGaymes is offering an incredible 5 sites for the price of 1. SexGaymes is already an incredible site with their hot jock themed photos and videos. But when you join the site now, you'll also be getting access to four other sizzling sites. They're all a part of the same family of sites, so moving from one to another will be easy. And with each site updating at least twice a week, your cock might fall off from all the jacking off you're going to be doing. What a way to chase away the February blahs. You'll also get access to Rear Stable and all the hot, hairy, muscular men of Raging Stallion; Hot Barebacking is a fairly new site featuring raw one on one and group sex scenes; Bang Bang Boys is another new site busting with Brazilian muscle; and Collin O'Neal is a brand new site featuring the sexual antics of the hairy gay porn star as he travels the world in search of men to bring to the cock-hungry throngs out there in DVD land. For the price of just one membership, you'll get all five -- no tricks. Unbelievable!

  • Teasing Bastards

    Sometimes there's nothing wrong with a little tease, provided that it leads somewhere. It's fun when your boyfriend or a potential sex partner gives you a little flash of flesh in a public place so you can anticipate having him for lunch just minutes later. It's also fun to work a guy up instead of going straight for the crotch or bunghole in record time. But when it comes to porn, sometimes there is teasing that leads nowhere, and it really pisses me off.

    Case in point, for those of you who admire selfsuckers, you will understand exactly what I'm about to describe. Whether in professionally produced porn or on an amateur Web site, sometimes there are dudes who are flexible enough to suck their own dicks, and the director might encourage them to give a demonstration.

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  • Thick Latin Cock


    Franc is one hot and sexy latino and he's not only got attitude but also a muscular body and one seriously fat cock. Everything about him says sex - wouldn't you love to wrap your lips around that thick rod of his?Latin Jocks doesn't have too many models return but who could blame them for having Franc back? With that body and cock, I'd love to have him cum again and again - who wouldn't!

  • Canadian Pigbear in Bondage


    This is Pigbear from Bear Bound

    Bear Bound. Pigbear hails from Toronto and Dart, Bear Bound's ropemaster extraordinaire, loves to tie this one up and put him in bondage as well as in his place. Pigbear loves being in leather and in bondage and

    Dart loves that big hairy belly and chest and loves gagging this bearded bear and leaving him helpless so he knows exactly who's boss!

  • Isn't Love Grand


    I'm going to dispense with the parade of cock here today. It's my anniversary today. My partner and I have been together for 11 years, which I'm told in gay years is like 32 years. And any way you look at it, eleven years is a long time with the same person. We met one cold November night. I was finishing up my evening shift at a video store and as I walked out of the store shortly after 2 a.m. I notice him sitting on the steps at the coffee shop across the street. We had actually cruised one another for a number of years, but it always seemed that when one of us was free, the other was entangled in something else. Finally after all this time, there he was - alone. I went over to check things out and we chatting for a few minutes. Within about ten minutes I couldn't stand it anymore, he had the most beautiful lips and I had to kiss them, so I said, "Can I kiss you?" He didn't even answer me, he just leaned towards me and gave me a beautiful kiss. And the rest, as they say, his history. And his kisses still do it for me. So I thought today it would a nice thing to pause and show off a couple of guys hot for one another and enjoying a long, slow, passionate kiss.

  • Sizzling Threesome


    Things are really starting to heat up over at Bang Bang Boys. The site opened on Decmember 15 of last year showing off the hot men of Brazil. Beautiful muscular and well-built men in their twenties and thirties filmed and photographed in exotic and brilliant surroundings. I love looking at their dark-skinned and tanned bodies, glistening with sweat. And big cocks ... I don't know what they put in the water down in Brazil, but these guys have some pretty hot cocks hanging between their legs. The site premiered with a lot of solo photo shoots and solo jack off sessions, but things are starting to heat up. The guys a bit more relaxed and getting into checking themselves out on the site to see how the members are rating them. And some of these guys, most of who are straight, have been willing to go a little further. These three hotties are Andre, Denis, Poax -- one straight, one bi, and one bottom gay. Watch these two top men getting their big dicks serviced and taking turns fucking this bottom.