Hung Aussie & His Unique Jack-Off Technique Hung Aussie & His Unique Jack-Off Technique

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We all have our own way of pleasuring our cocks. Some of us jerk with a couple of fingers, others wrap our entire fist around our shaft; some like quick, short pumps, others prefer long strokes. Aside from being blessed by the cock gods, Aussie guy Nick has got a way of jerking his cock that I don't recall seeing before.

It's not that odd really, but it did catch my eye. Nick puts the palm on his hand over the tip of his cock, then his thumb wraps around the top of his shaft while his four fingers trail down the underside of his erection. The two middle fingers do most of the work lying down the length of Nick's cock, meanwhile his index finger and pinky act as a sort of bridle sitting along either side. He pumps his cock by quickly pulling the two fingers up and down the length of his hard-on and massaging the underside. All the while, Nick cups his balls with his other hand.

Nick is one of the latest guys taking care of business over at Andy's Aussie Boys, and if you like watching amateurs, you'll want to head over there for a look-see.

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