How Did This Tiny Scout Take This Huge Cock?

8 Jan 2023 Comments

How Did This Tiny Scout Take This Huge Cock?

Scout Maxwell Dawson is away from home for the first time on a camping weekend in the woods. In Scout Boys brand new scene called Pitching A Tent, Scout Master Derek Hernandez takes the boy under his wing and shows him how to set up their tent. "That boy couldn't be cuter than when he's in his uniform," the leader says. Except when he's out of his uniform, as soon happens. 

"I don't know how it happened," Hernandez says. One moment they were sitting in the tent talking, and the next, they were groping, kissing, and undressing. Wait until you see what the Scoutmaster is packing in his shorts.

How Did This Tiny Scout Take This Huge Cock?

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Look at how big and thick Scoutmaster Derek Hernandez's cock is, it's amazing that young Maxwell Dawson could take it. It's surprising that he didn't holler his head off and bring the whole troop running to their tent.

But the Scoutmaster eases his monster in inch by inch until the boy's hole finally opens and receives it balls deep. Maxwell whimpers as the Scout Leader pumps his tight pucker.

Scout Boys follows the horny goings-on between the leaders and young lads in this scouting troop. You'll have over 60 videos to enjoy, and you'll love watching scouts and their Scoutmasters playing together on their weekend camping trips.

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