Horny Scouts Sucking & Fucking In The Woods

7 Jul 2024

Horny Scouts Sucking & Fucking In The Woods

Scouts Mike Edge and Dylan Tides head off into the woods looking for the perfect spot for a little one-on-one action in this newest video from Scout Boys. They find a clearing with a fallen log at the foot of a tree. The boys kiss, then Dylan sits on the log while Mike peels off his Scout uniform, right down to his white underwear. 

Dylan sits on the fallen log and Mike squats between his legs. They continue kissing and Dylan strips down to his underwear. His pal nuzzles his chest and sucks his nipples while groping the growing boner in his briefs. It's not long before the young Scout is gulping his buddy's huge dick down his throat.

Horny Scouts Sucking & Fucking In The Woods

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