Have You Had Your Summer Sling Yet? Have You Had Your Summer Sling Yet?

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No? Then you don't want to miss Summer Flings from MEN.com, especially this second episode with dreamboats Lucas Fox and Jonas Jackson. The pair are working out on a roof top gym. These strangers spur each other on with smiles and nods until they've worked as hard as they can and they're covered in sweat. Jonas signals for Lucas to follow him. Inside the hunk's apartment, they lock lips and strip, and carry on their workout with Fox pounding Jackson's ass.

In the first episode of Summer Flings, Pierce Paris spots Jean Franko sitting on the rocks at the beach. He walks past putting on the heavy cruise, then he looks back and nods for Franko to follow him. Jean does, all the way back to Pierce's apartment. Right to his door. Pierce unlocks the door and Jean pushes him inside and they neck.

Franko loves the sight of Paris' monster cock and after the pair swap blowjobs, Paris fucks his new lover. Once Jean has had a good filling, he pushes Pierce down on all fours and stuffs his ass full of his thick, uncut cock.

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