"Group Home" with Noah Jones and Will Braun "Group Home" with Noah Jones and Will Braun

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Zach arrives at the group home and he's shown to the sleeping accommodations -- four bunk beds in a small room -- and since he's the newest arrival, he gets the sleeping bag on the floor. Noah Jones, Will Braun, Jack Hunter, and Vadim Black file in and meet the new guy. And boy, do they have plans for him. 

Group Home is a a new series at MEN.com and I'm sure by the last episode we'll see all four guys ganging up on Zach's ass. (Sorry I don't know Zach's last name, it's not in the scene description.) In the meantime, Zach is introduced to an informal arrangement the guys have going here: when they want the room to themselves to take care of their horny urges, they let the others know in one way or another.

In this case, Noah Jones and Will Braun sit on the bottom bunk and start necking and pawing each other right in front of the other three guys. Vadim Black offers to give the new guy a tour of the house, so they leave with Jack Hunter in tow. Noah and Will get down to some serious dick sucking and Noah fucks Will on the bedroom floor.

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