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Adam Russo has been dating Derek Reed's mother. "You're a really great person," Derek says, "I wasn't sure how I felt about someone getting serious about my Mom." Adam nods, then says, "I never had a son of my own, so this is quite an experience for me." You know where this is going, don't you. Come inside and see what happens next.

"So are you free for the day or do you have some hot girlfriend waiting for you?" Adam asks. Derek shakes his head nervously saying that he's got no girlfriend and no plans. "I'm surprised," Adam begins, "You're such an attractive young man." Derek doesn't know how to take Adam's compliment, he's never had anyone say that he's a good-looking guy. Then Adam moves in closer, then even more until their lips are only inches apart. "You ought to learn how to take a compliment," he says before kissing Derek.

And Derek ought to learn how to take a handsome daddy's cock up his ass, too. And he does. With Mom away for the afternoon, the pair retire to Derek's bedroom where Adam shows him how to suck dick. Adam also demonstrates how good a man's tongue feels slathering between his ass cheeks. And then, he mounts the lad and pumps his ass slowly and sensually.

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