Flashback: Days of Jerk Off Past Flashback: Days of Jerk Off Past

If you could remember when and where you had jerked off to each porn picture you've ever seen, then when you saw that picture again you could reminisce. With your hand.

These pictures are old enough that you likely haven't seen them before, but if you had, they could bring out memories like any old photo, or sound or smell. Perhaps embedded in the pixels are the self-pleasuring moans of all the guys who've seen these before. Or perhaps they are just pixels.

Long hard pixels. Spanked ass pixels. Tongue kiss pixels.

Jerking off to pixels is fun. You can rearrange them by looking at a new picture. You can make them disappear and reappear. You can spin them, even turn them black and white or mock color.

But you can't travel back in time and place to where they were taken and meet the models. And even if you could, the lines would be so long. And then vintage wouldn't mean anything anymore. Since everything would be now.

So touch yourself knowing you're not made of pixels but we make the pixels together. We arrange the pixels just so and stimulate ourselves to pixels just so. Timelessly.

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