Flashback: Awesomely Awkward Positions Flashback: Awesomely Awkward Positions

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I suspect that's not an official wrestling move. The hanging sack is a clue. The facial expressions of proud, sexually competent smile on the left and relaxed arousal on the right, are evidence. There will be no medals awarded here.

Though I'd be happy to bestow each with a medal. Not of gold, silver, or bronze but another substance. One might consider it a temporary medal, in which the giver and recipient are both winners.

I am greatly concerned about the lack of neck support for the guy on the couch. And he's also at risk of his pelvis being crushed by the weight of his thick cock. I hope someone provided him the cock and neck support he needed as he looks like he could do with some assertive help.

Thumb sucking is normally seen as a habit to break, and perhaps it is, though it has kept plenty of orthodontists in business I imagine. But the occasional thumb suck could be seen as not a habit but a treat. The mouth and hand do have nerves after all. Fingers aren't just for playing piano or wiping your ass or playing piano while you wipe your ass. 

But if you are going to try that, I recommend Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" because it's over 40 minutes long so your ass will get plenty of direct attention in that time frame.

And that may result in the asshole of the fella in the bottom picture, also known as the bottom fella. This is a guess because he wasn't necessarily modeling during a hardcore era. But he would still be an excellent choice for the word asshole in the dictionary, specifically the anatomical entry, not the expletive as there are much better choices.

In fact, he seems darn swell, despite his awkward position. Sometimes awkwardness is grand.

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