Elders Lindsay & Ricci Flip Flop Elders Lindsay & Ricci Flip Flop

After pounding the pavement all day looking for converts, Elder Lindsay needs a release. He can't stop thinking about drilling his missionary buddy's ass. When this Mormon Boyz video opens, Lindsay has just teasingly accused Elder Ricci of checking him out. Ricci denies it saying that he wouldn't do anything that would get him sent home. "You're not going to get sent home unless one of us talks," Linday offers, then he leans back against the headboard and grabs his crotch. What an invitation. Come inside and see what Elder Ricci does next.

These two Mormons fall into a passionate kiss. It's seems like this encounter has been brewing for a while. They frantically pull off their clothes and since Ricci's dick is already rock hard, Lindsay sucks it. His own dick starts stiffening and he climbs on top of his buddy for some 69ing. Now I don't know who has the bigger cock because they're both pretty well endowed, but Ricci grimaces when Lindsay mounts him and starts pushing his boner inside. It's tough going at first, but then he really enjoys Lindsay's dick inside of him. Lindsay wants to feel Ricci's dick plunging his hole, so the guys swap and Lindsay takes his turn face down on the mattress. And honestly, I think Lindsay has the bigger challenge, but he manages just fine and flips over on his back so he can shoot his load with Ricci's huge cock inside of him.

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