Elder Stewart Gets Ordained Elder Stewart Gets Ordained

Officially this Mormon Boyz scene is called Elder Stewart Gets Ordained, but I'm calling it David and Goliath instead. Blond, bespectacled Stewart's ordination into that secret society of Mormon men called The Brethren comes at the hands of Bishop Angus. He's a big, hairy brute (hence the Goliath) who towers over the lad. They undress each other down to their temple garments, then Stewart fishes out the Bishop's fat veiny cock. He looks up at the man, then Angus gives his approving nod and Stewart slip his lips around Angus' big cock.

I recently wrote a post called Let Daddy Help where stepdad Derek Parker watches his stepson getting blown by a buddy, then he joins in to teach the no-so-great cocksucker how it's done. One of our regular commenters, James, asks: "Does it always have to be a stepdad? As someone who dated a middle-aged guy, just once I'd like to see intergeneration (if you can call it that) with out the creepy step/dad/uncle/relative vibe." I agree with James. As a teenager in my small home town, I willingly had sex with many guys old enough to be my father and I wasn't diddled, coerced, or forced into it. I wanted it and I loved it. I don't know why Pornland is so fascinated right now with skirting so close to that edge of familial inappropriateness, I guess we got bored with pizza delivery guys, plumbers, and cable installers, and with stepdad sitting in the next room, it was a quick walk to kneel between his legs and suck his cock behind Mom's back.

I don't know if these Mormon Boyz videos satisfy James' longing for intergenerational sex (and yes, that's what it's called) without all the creepy relative vibe, but I do like them. And these young Mormons being initiated into The Brethren are invited and want to join, so there's nothing sinister about these sessions. There's a shot of Angus wrapping his arms around Stewart and he grabs the blond's tiny ass with both hands, and his hands are huge, each is almost as big as the lad's butt cheek, then he spreads them and slips a finger around Stewart's tight pucker. Good grief, I just about blew my wad on the spot. Later, we're treated to Goliath pounding his whole body into David's ass. I know, in the Biblical version David slays Goliath, but it's still a sight to be hold. And young Stewart does bring Bishop Angus to his knees, so ...

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