Elder Harward's Fellow Missionaries Give A Send Off To Remember Elder Harward's Fellow Missionaries Give A Send Off To Remember

When a Mormon missionaries two year mission is over, his fellow missionaries always give him a farewell ... and the Mormon Boyz Bishop has arranged for a very special, and a very sexy, send off today for the hot young Elder Harward!

The Bishop knows it is difficult for his young missionaries to say goodbye ... the guys having shared so much, and so many intimate moments together during their time together ... so he's asked Elder Hardt and Elder Gonzalez to join him and the local patriarch to be present and share this time of joy! The five men assemble in the bishop's office and he instructs Elder Harward to remove his clothes ... which the obedient young man does ... his two fellow missionaries watch as he reveals his beautiful young man's body, slightly hairy, muscular, delicious round butt and a nice big dick. Before long, the bishop invites all present to join in and touch and caress the young man ... they run their hands all over his body, their own cocks hardening, and as Elder Harward sucks them, his raw arse is filled with one man's hard cock after the other ... and in the end they all share in his bounty with their own orgasms and thus help make his farewell a time of joy and one to remember!

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