Dirk Caber & Nick Capra in "Fathers and Sons" Dirk Caber & Nick Capra in "Fathers and Sons"

In the final episode of Fathers and Sons 2 at Icon Male, Dirk Caber and Nick Capra finally talk about something that's been on their minds for years. The two buddies had a one-night fling back in college, and the next day they just went on with their lives and girlfriends and never mentioned it. Now they're having a reunion weekend with their sons and in this last scene the dads have a moment alone in Dirk's bedroom and start clearing the air. After a long, sad pause, Dirk moves in, first with his hand on Nick's leg, then he leans in and they kiss.

I liked the Fathers and Sons series. Each dad has sex with the other's son, then the lads hook up for some one on one, and finally, Dirk and Nick come full circle all these years later. Director Nica Noelle puts a emotional spin on her movies and delves into complicated issues as the characters come to terms with their feelings.

Noelle's a magnet for drama and disgruntled performers regularly rant about her on Twitter, she usually responds, a meltdown follows, all of which is reported on the mean girl blogs. It's Pornland crazy at it's best -- or worst. But Noelle also delivers some of the best movies in Pornland and it sells like crazy, so I'm not the only one who excuses all the cray cray.

Whatever Noelle's alleged defects of character, she does manage to pull out some great performances from the men starring in her flicks. You never find Noelle churning out a video featuring two men grunting it out in three positions on a box in the middle of a dark room screaming "fuck yeah" over and over until they blow their wads. Nick and Dirk's coming together in Fathers and Sons is passionate and sensual as they explore each other in the initial moments, but it builds at a panting and frenzied pace as they let go of a lifetime of frustration. They get that bed rocking so hard that I'm surprised it didn't crash to the floor.

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