Cumming on the Floor - What a Feckin Waste! Cumming on the Floor - What a Feckin Waste!

I'm always disappointed when I see a man dropping his load on the floor. It seems like such a waste, especially when there are no many hungry cocksuckers in the world. (I guess it's a variation of your mother telling you to clean your plate, eh?) I would happily let Johnny Thunder unload in my mouth. I mean look at his beautiful cock. But Johnny did film for TIM Jack, so where else is he supposed to cum?

Truthfully, I didn't really mind watching Johnny's jizz fall to the floor because the cameraman is right there and filming up, so it's as if I were there on my knees anyway. And the cocksucker view almost always makes a man's meat look huge. Johnny's dick is big enough in my books, a solid seven inches, but what I love the most is his plump, flared cap. A bit of a mushroom head that I could get my mouth around.

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