Connor Maguire and Nick Capra in "His Daughter's Boyfriend" Connor Maguire and Nick Capra in "His Daughter's Boyfriend"

Connor Maguire has been dating Nick Capra's daughter. There have been rumours floating around town that Connor was seen coming out of a gay bar. While talking about Connor's confusion, it becomes clear that the men have been harbouring secret desires for each other. Then Connor moves in on dad and they fall into a passionate kiss. This is the final scene in the 4-part series called "His Daughter's Boyfriend," one of the latest movies playing on brand new sit Icon Male.

Early last year, gay porn director Nica Noelle started filming under a new brand called Icon Male. The new studio has filmed 10 DVDs so far, and two weeks ago, they launched a new site where these DVDs are stating to roll out. Noelle takes a cinematic approach to porn filming with story lines, dialogue, and not just sex, but romance and passion. I've watched a couple of these scenes now and it's pretty good stuff. These videos are more often about men exploring their pent up desires rather than getting their rocks off, they're about men finally embracing their fantasies.

After Connor and Nick embrace and kiss on the sofa, Nick finally pulls off Connor's underwear. He pushes his face into the briefs and breathes deeply, for weeks he's been thinking about how Connor must smell. He savours the moment before Connor pulls off Nick's underwear and swallows his big cock. The men swap blowjobs back and forth before Connor mounts Nick, pushes his legs forward, and enters him.

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