Bonds of Brotherhood Bonds of Brotherhood

These Mormon Boyz Will Do Anything to Join The Brotherhood

In "Bonds of Brotherhood," Elder Dudley completes one of the final steps before getting ordained into the secret society of Mormon men. Dudley arrives at a tiny door and crawls through on his hands and knees. President Nelson is waiting for him on the other side. The muscle daddy orders the boy to wash his feet, and you won't believe what happens next. 

President Nelson sits on the edge of the bed and Elder Dudley bathes his bare feet with a cloth. President Oaks stands in the corner, bearing witness to the lads anointing.  These Mormons sure are a kinky bunch. Dudley's hand is placed on President Nelson's cock bulging in his sacred underwear, he tells the boy, "You must do everything I desire."

Nelson pushes Dudley's mouth down on his cock and the lad swallows it deep. He praises the boy for making his dick feel so good. The president orders Dudley to lie face down on the bed, then he licks the lad's quivering fuck hole. President Nelson mounts him and slides inside, then after pumping his sweet ass, he rolls the boy over and president Oaks joins them to hold Dudley's legs in the air while Nelson fucks his ass.

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