Ask GayDemon: Uncut and Unsure

I’m uncut and my foreskin won’t pull back. Some sexual partners have noticed and said I should get cut. I don’t find it an issue function wise, but it does make me a little embarrassed when hooking up. I don’t particularly want to go through the pain of circumcision, so how should I handle it?
-Foreskin Fella

I'll assume the partners who didn't notice were too busy getting their dicks sucked while you jacked yours. It takes a very self-absorbed partner to not notice a key feature of your dick. So I suggest you seek totally self-absorbed  guys, only concerned with their own pleasure and bodies.

In short, sleep with straight guys. The non-homophobic kind so they don't "gay panic defense" you to death.

But truly, it's a more equal world anyhow. Gay guys can do anything straight guys can do, including be equally self-absorbed, so if you can hook up with particularly unobservant (except when it comes to mirrors) gay guys, go for it. The key is to find someone who doesn't care about you at all. And even if they do notice your freak show dick, they won't invest energy in trying to change you so won't tell you that you should get cut.

As for calling yours a freak show dick, how did that make you feel? Embarrassed? Aroused? Angry? Consider you may be projecting some of those feelings onto your encounters, even onto the guys who said you should get cut. They obviously weren't disgusted by it to stop sex, but perhaps perceived that your tight foreskin seemed iike a problem.

Seems to be working for you to stand out in a crowd of penises. And it really is a crowd nowadays. There were like 98 naked guys I saw today. And a whole one of them was three dimensional. The rest may or may not have been jpgs. I can neither confirm nor deny.

Now if you want to make peace with your piece, you could stick your finger between the head and foreskin and circle the head all the while effecting a gentle 360 degree stretch.

I think I saw that advertised in one of those fitness informercials. Unless that was another one of those darn jpgs.

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