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I've always been into straight guys, and aren't we all?! Recently I met a guy online who wants me to wear lingerie and be his "slut" for the night. Would dressing up for this guy make me a transvestite?

-Lingerie "Lady"

No we're not all into straight guys. Even straight women aren't all into straight guys. But isn't it interesting that you, a dude of the male XY chromosome type, is perfectly content to define this self-defined straight guy as a straight guy despite him being interested in you, a guy?

While your identity is apparently in great question with the simple donning of panties. Besides which, I'm betting your male underwear is of the thongy, briefy type that's already pretty darn close to panties. So why can't you maintain your non-transvestite identity while carrying on with some tranvestititic behavior. Yeah I said it: transvestititic. The word has two tits. And so can you, if you pad your fucking bra, you panty slut.

Whoops, I meant panty "slut" because putting quotes around slut like you did in your question really changes the meaning for someone who meets guys online for hookups. Yeah, it's definitely a "slut" thing not a slut thing. Total difference.

So do you get it yet? What you do isn't who you are. Think about it. Gay guys in the 1950s who were married to women because that's just what you fucking did were still gay guys. Gay political revolution, even the idea of coming out itself, didn't turn people gay. Rather, people found their strength and their community, created both, and got to a place in which their identity could match their behaviors.

You're turned on by this guy. You'd be turned on by this guy if you wore a paper crown on your head, tied daffodils to your ankles and whistled "Let It Go" from Frozen. Which by the way, I still haven't even seen that movie yet. What the fuck am I thinking? It's got Kristin Bell's voice and stuff. Got to see it. I'll put it over the $2 billion mark or whatever.

Anyhow, have a good time and if it makes you feel better, know that your one-night stand (or Tuesday morning stand) only reaffirms that you're a slut for straight guys. So just like their wives, you do what you have to do to keep your man happy, however temporarily he's your man.

However, I would seek out tips from some genuine transvestites so you can look fucking hot. Because trust me, you've got a lot of competition.

By the way, if you were a transvestite, I think you'd have noticed already, such as when you felt scared and ashamed trying on your mom's and/or your sister's clothes or swiping bras from Macy's or if you had asked me what should you wear, not what you are.

You're you. A safe sex slut. I added that safe sex part as wishful thinking. You never know where straight guy sluts have been. Though you can sure ask. Smart transvestites do. And that goes for women that dress like men too who dig getting with queens. Yeah that happens.

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