Ask GayDemon: Three Minus One Equals What?

I need some advice, I've got a boyfriend and we had a threesome with some cute guy a couple of weeks ago who keeps texting me to see if we can meet, just the two of us. I'm tempted. Should I?

-Triple Trouble

I have such empathy for your major problem. Imagine having two guys who each want to have sex with you separately and together. Oh wait, you don't have to imagine because it's your life. It's most of the rest of us who do. Poor you. Are their dicks too darn big also? Stretching your mouth and ass so you walk and talk funny the next day when you're at work as an overpaid hedge fund manager? Your life is true misery.

Sorry about that. I don't know who wrote that first paragraph but I'll have him dealt with. This is the real Noah, not some meanie. Anyhow, about your serious problem, it sounds like your agreement with your boyfriend to to hook up with guys only together, not separately. Otherwise, this wouldn't be an issue.

You could simply tell your boyfriend what the guy is texting you, explaining you have deferred hooking up and while you're tempted, you won't do it unless your boyfriend agrees to it. However, that puts him in a situation where he may agree that you do the hookup when deep down he doesn't want you to.

And maybe deep down you want your boyfriend to want you to only have sex with him (or when he's in the room). So ask yourself are you tempted because you want to have the option to sleep with someone else one-on-one or is it just about the thrill of being pursued?

Spoiler alert: I'm psychic (even though psychic powers are completely not real) and I know that the same guy has been texting your boyfriend that he wants to hook up with your boyfriend one-on-one. It's called the triple-double dick maneuver. Take a three-way and turn it into two one-ways. Hey, nobody ever said horny dudes were good at math.

I'm not going to advise you to keep it a secret, but it's possible that your boyfriend already is, so just don't talk to him at all about it, and break up, though I bet the one-on-one guy won't want you anymore, so lie to him that you're still with your boyfriend. And send pictures.

Or do the opposite of that. Yeah, that's probably for the best. But still send pictures.

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