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I want to be a porn star but I'm worried about my friends and family finding out. I would love for there to be a way for me to do porn anonymously. How do porn stars avoid their family and friends from finding out about their career in porn, or do they not care?
-Cock Blocked

I'm not going to try and read their minds and tell you what they feel. But I can say you're harboring more assumptions than I can count, the biggest being that every porn star has family and friends. Considering porn stars are hatched from pods and can't very well make friends while in the throes of constant dramatic orgasm, those personal risk and conflicts are minimal to non-existent.

You're also assuming that you will maintain your current sense of shame. Because that's what your leading with, but by interacting with other people in the business, you may realize that it's actually a job and you're paying your own bills and that is all your business. They aren't paying your bills so they don't even have a say.

So the way to avoid them finding out is to tell them all, because at least that way you can minimize the chance of them accidentally running into your images. Because they all watch porn. So the most embarrassing part of all this would likely be you telling them your porn de plume. Which I'll bet is not going to be some combination of the name of your first pet and the first street you grew up on. Unless your dog's name was Brandon and you grew up on Morecox Lane.

Which gets me to my main point here. You are not going to become a porn star. Unless somehow you're gifted with the trifecta of face, body, dick. .Because technically you only need one to do porn. If you have two, you'll be popular. Three, people will wonder why you do porn at all. You could skip the porn and go right into doing bit parts in gay plays. Maybe someday, you'll break into the big time and be an extra on a soap opera!

So why do you want to do porn? Because if it's for the thrill of exposure and not trying to be a main source of income (along with all the other side businesses porn stars have, use your imagination for that one), then you could remain anonymous with neck down camming, earning tips here and there. Or, if they still do this, you could be an ass double or a dick double for the actual star (who is feeling a bit uninspired or unaccommodating that day).

Overall, I get that it would be potentially awkward, but even if someone in your inner circle sees you, they are not super likely to bring it up and if they do it's for either a really bad (shaming) reason or really good (your friend wants to fuck you) reason.

There is no way for you to be an anonymous star. For that, try becoming a famous YouTube commenter. You'll be the first.

Parting thought. There's nothing wrong with performing in porn. There is something wrong with using notions of family and friends to deny your interests and side-career path. Just don't be under any illusions about becoming a star.

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