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I've got a sister that is completely obsessed with the fact that I'm gay. She just won't shut up about it! She's constantly asking if I find so and so hot, and trying to hook me up with her other gay mates. What can I do to stop this constant bombardment?

-At My Gay Limit

Welcome to 2015 folks, where it's no longer the activist cry of Silence = Death, but rather an implied Silence = Relief. As in why won't my gay-positive, sex-positive sister stop loving me so hard? Why won't she treat me as if she's grossed out by two guys kissing and boinking and other crap those freak gays do when they're behind closed doors, or (gasp!) on the street?

So I'm not going to give you advice. I'm going to give you sister advice, because we know for a fact that she reads GayDemon. Obviously. Because she has to keep up on the latest gay sex stars and news and business in the gay sex universe.

So hi sis! It must suck that you have a gay brother who is so not into you being a loving sister who wants to see him happy, or at least make sure he gets laid. Because I bet he's way less annoying after he gets laid, right? Sure, you could stand to think about him eventually finding a husband (one for him, not someone else's to cheat with). So maybe the emphasis on hookups is a bit misplaced.

Or maybe you're smarter than he is and know that's all he's up for about now. And that's fine. A trick can turn into a husband anyhow. It happens.

But what I am truly sick of is people not at all getting what family can be about. Really being in someone's life. Intimately. Caring. Maybe overstepping boundaries sometimes, but fuck, he's asking me how to stop you from doing something but he hasn't really set that boundary with you himself. Maybe the getting laid part is distracting him from saying no?

Anyway, he's the one who needs to change. And if he really doesn't dig who you set him up with, he should approach it more with humor, or just go out with them and be the worst date ever to the point it makes your friends hate you for setting them up with him. That's show him! Or you! Or them!

That said, probably take a break from setting him up for awhile. He's blaming you for not finding someone he likes. He needs to look within and figure out who he wants. Bur more importantly who he is. As a person. As a brother. As a nude body. As a spirit. As everything and anything he is or may be.

In the meantime, next hot gay friend you make, fuck him yourself and see how your brother reacts.

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