Ask GayDemon: Rent or Own?

My boyfriend is away a lot on business so we don't have much of a physical relationship anymore. I am also a busy guy and don't have time to go cruising or spend many fruitless hours on hookup apps, so I hire rent boys. We don't have an open relationship, but for some reason I don't feel like I'm cheating if I am paying for the sex? Should I confess?

-Paying Customer

I strongly discourage you from confessing to the rent boys you hire that you have a boyfriend. Rent boys are more into monogamy and would lose respect for you. Also, you apparently don't have a kink where it turns you on to cheat otherwise you would have told the whores (and I use that as an honorific not a pejorative) about your guy.

But is your boyfriend being away on business and you being busy the real reason why you don't have much sex with him? Of course you can't have sex when you're not in the same room. Oh wait, yes you can. Hello webcam. Hello phone. But anyhow, it sounds like you're not having sex even when you are in the same room.

And why are you so damn busy anyhow? Avoiding intimacy? Rental people are perfect for that.

If you do decide to confess to your rental that you have a boyfriend, make sure he can't blackmail you about it. But if that turns you on, then make sure he can and it could be your ticket out of a sexless relationship when you call the escort's bluff.

On the very slight chance you're asking me if you should confess to your boyfriend that you've rented whores, definitely tell him over a nice dinner of whore soup and whore salad. Then bring out a whore cake and tell him you two should celebrate because you weren't stupid enough to pay for chats with bots on Ashley Madison but skipped right to the real thing: rental dick.

But be prepared for him to tell you lots of stuff that he does on those long business trips. Such as that he's not done a lick of business on the supposed business trips. Besides licking.

It's relationships like yours that make me feel good about being single. You can take that as a compliment because I'm sure making someone feel good about something is your preeminent life goal.

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