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I'm a versatile 18 year old guy. I have been fucked many times before and sometimes I cum (without touching my cock) very fast before my partner is finished. How can I make sure that it will take a longer time for me to cum every time?

-Confused Cummer

Ah, the myth of the simultaneous ejaculation. The idea that sex isn't sex unless both guys squirt at the same time, otherwise someone is letting someone else down. Isn't it enough that you're both guys? Do you have be twins in your ejaculation timing? With you holding out long enough for him to unload a millisecond before you do? As I'm sure his pulsing, thrusting cock would put you over the edge. What's next, Mr. Twin, wearing matching outfits to the gym, right down to the pink socks?

Lucky for you, simultaneous ejaculation isn't a myth. It's a reality for the sexually skilled and therefore an excellent, appropriate goal for the sexually unskilled.

Since you say you're versatile and don't seem to have a concern with bottoms cumming too fast for you, then you could ask those bottoms their secrets to control their cum timing. But don't be offended if one or more of the guys says they don't cum too fast because you're not really hammering their prostate with your cock quite right. Or jacking their cock the way they want while you fuck them. Or sucking their toes the way they want while you fuck them. Or whatever gets them off. So probably don't ask.

You could consider hooking up with a premature ejaculator top, and good luck with that personal ad. That'll match your premature ejacalator bottom identity, though. You'll just have to then be okay with the guy cumming fast and yourself cumming fast. The benefit is you can get right back to watching TV with the sex only a brief interruption. Or if you were going to leave after anyhow, you can go buy some groceries, or whatever exciting things you do when you're not fucking.

But if you insist on lasting longer, there are some tried and true methods.

Think about horrific world events while being fucked. That will delay your ejaculation for sure. But if it doesn't, it may mean you get off on horrific world events. Probably keep that one a secret. Definitely not a bullet point in your personal ad.

Or before you meet up to get fucked, masturbate and ejaculate as many times as possible until you're practically dry cumming. Ideally your most recent ejaculation in the series will be mere minutes (or seconds if nobody's in his building elevator on your ride up) before you get there. Getting fucked will probably hurt but there's very little risk of you cumming.

And even if you do cum, he won't be able to tell because you'll be dry. If he stares at your spent cock with an understandable look of confusion and disappointment, just say "Oh, that? I precum a lot. I sure didn't ejaculate. Nope, I for sure don't ejaculate too fast while cumming. Keep fucking me please. I'm an awesome bottom who never cums first." Practice your lines in the mirror.

Of course, he may eventually get frustrated because he may want to make you cum, but you'll actually be dry and no matter how good he is he can't fuck forever. So that's pretty anticlimactic. I know it's annoying, but some guys aren't selfish. They want to make you happy too and they might be quite understanding of you cumming what you think of as early. They might even be happy and excited that they made you cum from fucking you. None of which helps your delicate situation at all.

So just hook up with selfish guys who don't care when or if you cum or not. They just keep fucking even if you're not into it. That's really the best way to go. Failing that, skip men altogether and fuck yourself with a dildo. When you cum too fast, even though the dildo will secretly be thinking "What a terrible bottom!", the dildo can't say it, because, as you may or may not know, dildos can't talk. At least not until you leave the room.

Best of luck to you and your ejaculatory reflexes in 2015.

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