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I'm tired of jerking off over the same gay porn. Everything seems to be the same, I can't find anything new or interesting and it seems to be the same models over and over. Am I becoming immune?

-Burned Out on Porn

For your jack-off engine, you're passing out of the automatic transmission phase into manual. Porn used to automatically take you there, but now you have work to do. You need to meet porn halfway. It doesn't have to be about the same porn that turned your on before. Yes, you're still attracted to guys. Yes you still like dick and all that. But there's more to porn than bodies.

Okay, there's more to some porn than bodies. And I don't mean plot exactly. Or faces exactly. It's a finesse thing. What porn can trigger something inside you that's already there?

There is still a huge variety of porn out there. You don't have enough time in the day to see it all. Try some fetish stuff, even kinks you aren't sure if you have or not. Try stills instead of video. Guys of different ages, any different you can think of.

Try jacking off to porn while you watch yourself in the mirror. Or jacking off with someone to the same porn. But it's not about the porn doing all the work. Manual transmission time. Stick shift time. You've got to work it.

You could also make your own porn, for your eyes only. Or make it and share it if that turns you on.

But the main solution for all of this is making an appointment with your 48 year old hunky doctor and tell him your concerns. I'm sure he'll take your temperature with his penis. And rubber glove his hands before fisting you. He is a professional after all. Then he'll take you home and put you in a cage in his basement after he's done peeing on you and spanking and working out several loads until you're dry cumming. Then he'll fuck your mouth a lot. Then he'll put on a pinstripe suit and an army helmet and a coach's whistle and cowboy boots and a leather jacket and tell you he loves fucking you but he'll be careful not to tell you he loves you because that's such a turn off.

Yes, he'll have all the answers, which is basically porn can be silly. Porn can be awesome. Just depends who's watching.

Porn is in the eye of beholder. Open your eyes.

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