Ask GayDemon: P Is for What?!

Until recently I thought I was entirely gay. I've always wanted guys and never had any interest in women, until I noticed myself watching more and more straight porn, thinking I was enjoying the guy and the fact he's straight. Then I started enjoying the pussy, and now I find myself enjoying straight porn for the women, although I don't find their boobs all that! Does this make me bi?

-Pussy Porn Peeper

Well famous gay author Christoper Isherwood is quoted as saying "It seems to me that the real clue to your sex orientation lies in your romantic feelings rather than in your sexual feelings. If you are really gay, you are able to fall in love with a man, not just enjoy having sex with him." So you should ask that pussy porn out to dinner and see if you hit it off romantically.

You can learn the pussy porn's foibles, what it's favorite music and movies are, where it went to college, where it's from (I'm guessing Romania). No wait, Romania is where gay porn is from, or at least the kind with semi-starving twinks. Anyhow, you can just hang out in the park with the porn, people watching or even enjoying Shakespeare in the Park, if your municipality allows such filth as Twelfth Night to be performed publicly.

I mean 12 nights in a row of fucking is really too much, even in 1657.

After all that, you're bi if you say you're bi. But you may want to clarify if you mean jack off material, desire, or transference/projection. Maybe you imagine yourself as the woman, doing it with the guy? And even as that, you don't want breasts. By the way, there are plenty of flat-chested women, some by nature, some due to medical intervention. I had a crush on a flat-chested girl in elementary school. Tall, boyish haircut. You get the picture.

Ultimately, if our sexual orientations and interests were entirely defined by the porn we watch, then we're all in trouble. All this shows is you masturbate to bi porn and actually get turned on by the women. Plenty of lesbians get turned on by all-male porn. They're still lesbians. Or some of them are bi too. It all happens.

Still, some porn may serve as an introduction, an awakening to desires you already had but weren't fully aware of. Being bi is incredibly stigmatized in both the gay and straight worlds, such as they are. I suggest educating yourself about all the bisexual stereotypes you've absorbed and when you see how full of crap they are, you may feel more empowered to be yourself. It won't be a waste of time, because if you are gay, then you'll be a non bi-phobic gay guy. We need more of those.

Oh wait, did you say, you get turned on by women in bi porn? I hope those aren't the kind of porn women with long red fingernails. Because if you're into women who have long red fingernails, you're a total freak! If that's the case, switch to porn that doesn't turn you on. That's what Tom Cruise does.

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