Ask GayDemon: 20 Plus 54 Equals Drama

I'm 20 years old and only into older guys. I took a 54 year old home to meet my parents after we were dating for a few weeks but my mom won't accept the age difference. What can I do to convince her I just like older men?

-Son with Two Dads

Two dads isn't enough for you? You need a mom, too? How greedy! Don't you know there are even 19 year old guys dating 55 year old guys who don't have a mom to bring that older guy home to? Acceptance isn't possible when there's nobody to accept something in the first place.

But I'll open my heart to your problem even though having a guy you're into and parents at all is a pretty big win.

Still the bigger problem here is your conflation of who you're into with who is appropriate to bring home to the parents. You're "into older guys" but beyond him being 54 (and eventually 55 which probably just gave you a boner to imagine), what else do you like about him? Is he just "a 54 year old" to you or is he a complete person?

And I don't think you need your mother to accept the age difference in general as your sexual interest. It just is your sexual interest (and maybe your social interest to if you just enjoy the age contrast). But you do want her to accept that specific man, right?

So what else did your mother dislike about him besides his age? Perhaps, oh I don't know, she questioned why a 54 year old man would date a 20 year old in the first place, came up with the only reliable answer, which is hardcore sex, pictured you two doing it, and threw up in her mouth. A real acid belch.

You can't make someone accept something. I think you're 54 year old knows that. And you don't since you're 20. If it's really a situation where if your mother doesn't accept the age difference, you will stop dating this guy, then stop dating him if it's important enough to you to be able to bring the guy home to visit them.

But since nowhere do you mention your father has a problem with the age difference, then I think your mother thinks your father should have a problem with it and is having the problem with it for both of them.

As I'm a highly ethical advice columnist I will in all earnestness suggest that your father (who may actually be younger than the guy you're dating) go out on a date with your man. He can then report back to your mother how awesome it was, and describe in detail to her how good the anal penetration felt and how glad he was to be able to swallow cum again since the last time had been in college when he was a suck off bitch for the crew team.

I'm certain after all that goes down, your mother won't have time to have a problem with you. But you may have to watch out for your dad stealing your daddy.

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