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My boyfriend has a well-paid job, but it’s safe to say I am the breadwinner. We’ve been together for around a year now but I don’t like the fact he relies on me to pay way more than half of everything such as rent, bills and shopping. How can we get the balance right?
-Wishing for 50/50

How big is his dick? Because you need to do some math here. You want a 50/50 situation but first off all, that should rightly be a proportional 50/50. Each of you spending the same percent out of your earnings doesn't mean you both would spend the same amount of money as you earn more.

And even then, there may be things he just can't afford, so you need to either agree to fully pay for certain things, or live within his means more and don't make it all about money. So lay off the shopping.

But back to his dick, because mathematical science says if you make 20% more than him but his dick is 20% bigger than yours by volume, then you should pay more of the rent. And buy him some underwear. And shut up about it. If you're unable to shut up about it, try putting his dick in your mouth more.

Because you have a boyfriend and money but deep down you're feeling somewhat taken advantage of. Possibly because you're having a hard time believing he wants you for you versus at least partially your money. But he has free will. And if he were a pure gold digger, he would be spending even less of his money, as in nearly zero. He cares about you for you. So stop spending so much on non-essentials and take in that fact.

This doesn't mean stop buying him stuff. Just shop at a thrift store instead of a department store. Get him something thoughtful. Make him art. Buy him a book. Or just dote on him. If you then want to go out to some fancy dinner, don't put it on him to contribute to it if he can't afford it at all. Rather just say you want to treat him then don't give it another thought. Keeping some running tally just isn't going to work here.

And do the math about proportional contributions. And maybe, just maybe, actually talk to him about how you feel. I rarely give that advice as you should rightfully stew in private, building resentment, but in this case, maybe just maybe talk to him about it.

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