Ask GayDemon: Mate with My Mate?

I'm scared I'm getting too close to my best mate. He's really hot and I've never thought about anything more than being just friends until he decided to start flirting a bit. I am scared it'll ruin stuff if I go with the flow. What do you think?

-BFF or BF

I think you're scared it'll ruin stuff if you go with the flow. I also think you're scared you're getting too close to your best mate. And that you find him to be really hot. Lot of scared. Lot of hot. Like Jason Statham is hot and also pretty scary. Such a horrible actor yet such a film star. That's scary.

The key is perceiving someone to be hot is subjective. I'm sure others find him hot, but the point is that you do. So he's a guy you find hot and enjoy spending time with. Sounds like dating material to me. It could turn into a husband thing if you're into that.

Then you could make other guys who don't have husbands feel jealous and horrible. A worthy goal.

Sounds like things have already changed between you. There's a sexual tension in the air from him flirting with you. But that won't last forever. He can't flirt into a brick wall. You'll need to respond. He may just want to flirt though, nothing beyond that. Will you be disappointed if he doesn't want to try more than friendship?

It's not a ranking thing though, so it's not really about "more" just different.

Basically, your relationship with him has already changed. Can dating mess up a friendship. Sure can. Do it anyway. But skip the flirting part and ask him out directly. Use the word date.

Don't assume, though, because you know each other so well as friends, that you know him on a dating level. While he shouldn't necessarily act different, he may. The possibility of more intimacy can make people be more on guard, less open. LIke you're scared right now.

So take it slow. Dating I mean. And his dick too, when you get there. Nice and slow.

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