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My partner has the opportunity to move abroad for work, but they don’t recognise same-sex couples for immigration so that I can be with him. Is this going to be the end for us, or can a long distance relationship work?
-Head Trip

I'm in shock. Absolute shock. Just stunned. In this day and age, how is it you have not considered the obvious?

Become a gold digger leech.

While you didn't mention the employment issue, it seems you would be better able to get permission to live in a country if you weren't going to take a job away from a local. You could go to school there on a student Visa because you clearly need a class in Gay 101. With advance classes in Becoming a Kept Man.

Of course you should seek the advice of a qualified immigration attorney with international experience specific to that country. And a big dick. Yeah, get one with a big dick, so you two can console yourselves with a last ditch three way when the answer to all this is no.

Still, he doesn't have to take the job, but it's admirable you want him to as it may be a great opportunity. Working in a country that discriminates against same-sex couples. Definitely a place in which I want to contribute to the economy and culture.

That is sarcasm.

Ultimately, though, he should reach out to his employer. As advocacy by companies can help, maybe more in the long haul vs. your particular situation. But just as some major companies refuse to do business in U.S. states in which there are no anti-LGBT discrimination laws (and in fact there are laws in support of bigotry), countries may too need to feel the pressure.

You're asking about long distance relationships as if you've already given up. I say try all avenues (and keep an eye on how aggressively your partner is joining you in the fight as that can be a positive sign if he fights hard). Long distance international relationships are not something I have experience with. But they seem hard even for rich celebs. You'll miss him. He'll miss you. You won't have shared experiences. But maybe there's a way to get through it.

Perhaps, though, he can do this job for awhile, and look for a different international opportunity in a country where you can legally live with him (and both of you can work). If that's the ultimate goal, maybe he can get a job at a company that has locations in both places and then transfer. This can work. Now go get some $400/hour legal advice.

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