Ask GayDemon: I'm Fucking My Sister's Boyfriend

I've been fucking my sister's boyfriend. I feel really bad for her but we totally connect and I can't stop meeting up with him in private. Should I fess up or is it okay to carry on behind her back?

-Sneaky Sibling

So you're looking for moral and ethical absolution by asking "is it okay" yet you "can't stop" so it's really beyond your control, right? That's like asking for absolution for being a natural blonde. If you confess to your sister, then you'll almost certainly lose the whole thing where you fuck her boyfriend because he'll be super pissed. And your sister won't disown you or anything. She probably should but if she's stupid enough to leave her gay brother alone with her slutty boyfriend while she's out potentially doing horrible things of her own, she's stupid enough to not disown you.

But I have a genius solution to basically double fuck over everyone involved.

Confess to your sister and encourage her to be super pissed at you (not that she'll need encouragement) but really take it all in. Be a punching bag. Tell her boyfriend, aka your private hole dancer, to beg for forgiveness. Eventually she'll accept his apology and yours.

And that's when you start fucking her boyfriend again. She'll never suspect it, especially if you talk up some new guy you're with and your boyfriend tells her he's getting a second job. But he leaves out the part where the second job is taking your cock.

This may seem like the wrong thing to do, like it could blow up in your face. But think about it. She's fucking your fuck buddy and calling your fuck buddy her boyfriend. Sure she had him first, but isn't the whole "dibs" or "I called it first" thing so immature? And you're all adults. Plus if she'd strapped a dildo on and pegged him, he wouldn't need to look for cock.

It's really all her fault. Now get to fucking. And fucking over. His hole sounds super worth it. Just don't kiss him ever. It'd be like kissing your sister. Now that would be wrong.

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