Ask GayDemon: His Twink Has Twunked

How can I pick up guys older than me? I am a slim and smooth 21 year old and love daddies but they all seem to prefer men of their own kind and it seems impossible to find these kind of guys willing to date me, or even fuck me!
-Twinkle Twinkle Little Twink

Stop looking for guys in public toilets. They all probably think you're 17 year old jail bait. Look where daddy types live, like the waiting area of their brokerage at which they have their daddy millions or the line at Chipotle, waiting for their order of a burrito with a side of e coli. Because millionaire daddies need to be cheapskates sometimes to keep their millions. Also try grocery stores. Daddies eat food. With their daddy mouths. They are mysterious creatures.

Next question.

Actually, what's interesting about your question is that if you think about it, of course there are daddies into twinks. And not just in porn. You have to ask yourself is what you're looking for a man of a specific age, or just a man with that daddy look who may not actually be old enough to be your daddy (biologically)?

Depending on your answer you can broaden the pool straight away. Or narrow it to oblivion. But even if on paper a daddy is into twinks doesn't mean he's going to be into you. Sometimes men of a certain age have a better idea of what they are actually looking for in a connection. And that's not simply summarized by "men of their own kind" as all you're seeing is the surface.

What is it you're looking for in a daddy? Is it strictly physical? Are you looking for a power dynamic? Someone to treat you to dinner, buy you clothes, fuck you? Or someone you can fuck? Someone to mentor you or just someone you want to feel different than, yet still together?

Alternately, glue on a fake beard, gain 5 pounds (which I assume would be enough for you to consider yourself having a daddy gut), and wear baggy clothes (flannel, jeans, boots) and change your screen name everywhere to "TotallyNotaTwink4Real". And then set your interests as "Jocks" but don't put "Daddies" as an interest. Everyone likes to think of themselves as a jock (or lots of guys do, including guys who just aren't) and not everyone wants to think of themselves as older or a daddy type.

You need to find someone you're interested in first as a person (like if you caught him at 25, you'd still like him), then the "type" part can be a bonus. He may not want to be objectified in that way, especially if it's a dating situation.

If all this fails, then start dating a twink and in 20 years he'll be a daddy. Else an aging twink in a rainbow baseball cap and too tight overalls. But hell, that can be cute too.

Now go jack off to daddy porn. GayDemon has lots of options to point you too.

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