Ask GayDemon: Bulge Watching in Mixed Company

When the Olympics was on, I noticed a lot of bulges. They make me so horny and I can’t stop getting turned on watching all those fit, athletic men getting sweaty in skin-hugging, and skin-revealing, gear. Now when I'm watching sports with my family, or even out on the street , I can't help but spot bulges and get turned on. What can I do to hide my boner if I have to?
-Boner Hider

It's important you prioritize bulge watching over family time. So if it's your birthday and they want to take you out, you have to make sure there is no risk of seeing any bulges. So probably celebrate your birthday at a convent.

I hear convent's have pizza, lots of great games, a ball pit, all perfect for birthday celebrations. Or maybe that's horrible restaurant chain Chuck E. Cheese. And definitely avoid that chain because it's full of dads. And you know how hot some dads can be.

Now since odds are you aren't gigantic, and it's quite easy to wear a long shirt or loose pants (and even guys with giant cocks manage to walk down the street in tight jeans without getting arrested), you are likely not actually concerned with visible bulge.

Nope, you're concerned with visible desire. Visible gayness. Visible you being you. Which can be garnered from other body language being that of a bulge, such as fixation of gaze, getting visibly nervous, or the classic running after someone with tongue hanging out.

Your bulge is your bulge. It doesn't mean you're taking out your cock and doing stuff with it. So yeah, you can wear double pairs of underwear and put a couch pillow on yourself, but your self-consciousness with draw more attention to it. You're watching sports. They're watching that, not you.

And if you were playing sports, you'd do well to have a glaringly giant bulge. Tends to help endorsement deals. Or at least get you a few more social media followers.

Now hopefully you can  relax about being aroused. Those are not contradictory things.

This is when I realize I told you to prioritize family time over bulge watching. Breaking up with your family basically. I had that same first instinct that it's not possible to be yourself in that way. Yeah I get that bulges are bulges, but you know you have a bulge even if you're not hard. And if you can't be your natural self in that situation (hidden bulge or hidden not bulge), then fuck that. Being a sexual gay person is not innately being anti-family or inappropriate.

Unless your mom and dad are anti-gay zealots. Then stuff your pants so you're huge all the time.

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