Ask GayDemon: Big Dick Secrets

I'a a 25 year old man with the constant worry of not having the right body for a man to worship. I've tried donkey dick hypnosis and enlargement pills. I even use a penis pump and nothing has worked for me. Would you be able to give me advice on how to accomplish what I want?

-Unhung and Unhappy

Remember when you were a kid and had a loose tooth? You might've tied a string around it and tied the other end to a doorknob and slammed the door shut. Hello Tooth Fairy money! Well don't do that with your dick. Because if you rip your dick off, there's no Dick Fairy to leave you money under your pillow. That's not how the Dick Fairy economy operates.

So what can you do? Know that a big dick is not something you "accomplish" but rather something you grow due to genetics. Perhaps you aren't so lucky in that department. Maybe when you were in the womb, your mother walked by Donald Trump, whose wigs are known to be radioactive. Or took an aerobics class from Richard Simmons, whose hair plugs are known to off-gas toxic molecules. Science!

You need to define what you mean by worship because it sounds like you mean you want a long, eager, intense blowjob from a hungry dickpig. Rather than have a BDSM situation with a power dynamic where a guy does your laundry and sucks your dick. You may want to consider the laundry part because the more you ejaculate, the more cumrags there are to clean up, unless he's a super vacuum-cleanery sucker.

But it seems like you've flat out had your cock rejected. So your goal is to increase the size of it so it's less likely to be rejected. Bop around GayDemon here and you'll see a range of cock sizes. Not everyone is Rocco Steele. A dickpig who wants to take your whole cock in his mouth can totally do that, likely without even gagging. For some guys, that's a good thing.

So rather than try these dangerous supposed miracles to increase your cock size, focus on your verbal skills and imagination. Hell, hypnotize a guy into thinking you have a donkey dick. Or get into being humiliated for your smaller or average dick, then take revenge on the guy who humiliated you (in play) by fucking his face. Take your genuine emotion about it and turn it to sexual energy.

I don't know what your body is like, but it's also about proportions. There a giant bodybuilders with average size dicks but they look less hung because their legs are the size of redwoods.

But here is the actual secret: learn how to make a shadow puppet of a giant cock and have your sex partner make a shadow puppet of a mouth, then go to town. Your shadows will have a super good time. And maybe this time his shadow will call your shadow back.

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