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My partner wants us to be in a polygamous relationship to bring in someone else he is love with. I’m not 100% sure it would work but am willing to give it a go. What do you suggest I do to make the best of it?
-Bad at Math 

Well gee, your partner sure has a lot of love to give. But he's not quite getting the polygamous thing. He should ease into it and first stick to being polyamorous and connect with that person on the side (still communicating with you about it), rather than bring them fully into what you and he have. It's like asking you to be in a relationship with someone you didn't fall in love with of your own accord.

Kind of like when someone you hate gets elected President. You're stuck with it but at least you can turn off the TV and not always have to think about them. But this person would be in it all. But hell, you're willing to give it a go, so you must have met this person and not feel hate at first sight. And he must have met them awhile ago (at least a week) as he's in love.

So to make the best of it, first off I suggest you break up with your partner, find a  new partner, then ask your old partner to be part of your polygamous relationship. That way you would have control over who are your two partners. Unless one of them breaks up with you and starts his own situation.

If that doesn't sound like the way to go (and you're wrong if you think so), then rearrange the bedroom so you have a king-sized bed entirely to yourself and your partner and the new guy each get rickety and tiny old cots to sleep on in opposite corners of the room. They can share your bed if they're satisfying you sexually but that's about it.

Unless they're busy making your bed for you.

Really no guarantees here though, so you're right to not be 100% sure it will work. BUt another thing that can help is if you watch that TV show Sister WIves. And do the opposite.

Or just give a go and know it's not about it working for those two but for you. Don't be afraid to assert yourself and if something isn't right for you and it's not going to change, then get out of the situation. Personally, I think it's ridiculous that he'd put you in this position. Pretty much seems like an ultimatum: accept it or we're through. So sounds like your approach is to try it out with an open mind and if it doesn't work, bam it's over anyhow. 

Just don't try so hard to make it work you forget if it's really meeting your needs or not. Like what if you want to be double penetrated and only one of the two is a top? Deal breaker!

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