Ask Gay Demon: When Drag Queens Attack

I have a phobia of drag queens. I have absolutely nothing against cross-dressing, or trans women at all, but drag queens and their garish makeup and loud personalities scare me. How can I fix this?
-Drag Drama

Such a drama queen! Kidding. Sort of. If only true bigots had that level of fear (such that the political and physical violence never came tot he surface). Because then they'd all just run away. You 'd just need a single drag queen to march in North Carolina. Goodbye hate laws.

Now back to reality.

We know that while some transgender women are also drag performers, what I'm hearing is that your response is not about the person being transgender, but about their appearance in drag. However, I would then ask if you have a similar response to a non-drag queen who is wearing "garish makeup" and has a "loud personality" (like most Real Housewives cast members And Ryan Seacrest).

And as for cross-dressing, you're saying you're not reacting to that, however I wonder how you'd react to a man in drag face but "male" clothing. The classic drag pants suit. Greater genderfuck dissonance there, but still possibly your definition of garish makeup.

So my conclusion is you prefer drag queens with minimal makeup and dim personalities. I have no idea why. What's threatening? The exposure of gender as a costume? Someone else being center of attention? Because nowadays there are so many drag queens it takes more than that to be the center of attention.

But setting all that aside, it seems like you have perhaps the equivalent of a clown phobia, but specific drag queens. So just steer clear of Bianca Del Rio and you should be fine.

Though I do think it would be awesome for you to go into some therapy in which the counselor wants you to be exposed to drag queen images while monitoring your nervous system reactions. RuPaul's Drag Race could be your therapy. It's mine.

Aaaaaaagggghhh! Sorry I just caught a look at myself in the mirror. I can't believe how much sucking that last cock smeared my lipstick. Time to reapply.

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