A Mormon Boyz Sleep Over A Mormon Boyz Sleep Over

Remember those sleep-overs you'd have in a buddy's tent in the backyard, you know, when you couldn't sleep because you were thinking about cuddling up with him? Or something dirtier. Elder Larsen is having this problem in this Mormon Boyz video, except he's not in a tent, he's in the dorm room he shares with Elder Isaacs. And Larsen is sharing his bed with another missionary named Butler, who has come for some weekend event. Larsen can't sleep because he's got the hots for this guy in his bed, so when he thinks everyone's asleep he makes his move.

Larsen slips his hard cock between Butler's ass cheeks. Butler's not asleep, his dick his rock hard, as Larsen will soon discover when he reaches for it. He enters Butler and the lad gasps. Larsen cups his mouth, urging him to be quiet. But their grunnts stir Elder Isaacs awake in the other bed, if he was ever asleep. Larsen sees that they're been watched, so he invites Isaacs to join them. Isaacs crawls across and this sleep over really wakes up. So does Elder Butler have two tops to take care of or does Elder Larsen have two bottoms to fuck?

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