Now that my son is away at college and in a relationship with Jed, I have a lot more time to myself. I've made it to Partner with my accounting firm, I'm financially set and I'm in great shape at age 45. After my wife left Jason and me six months after he was born, I never really cared about finding another relationship-male or female. Well, at least until now.

I've worked out consistently since junior high. I liked the body I had and wanted to keep it looking good for as long as I could. It also gave Jason and I something to do together. Since he is at college, I usually just work out during lunch. My office is in a large complex with a fitness center in one of the buildings. It's free, has decent equipment and usually you don't have to wait for the machines. I don't mind working out alone-it's a nice break during the day. But, I began noticing another guy on the same schedule almost every day. At first, we didn't talk and I honestly tried to avoid him. I'd put my earbuds in and crank up the volume just to pretend I didn't hear him if he spoke to me. After a few months, things started to change.

This guy is about my age, height and build. Early to mid 40's, just a little over 6 feet tall, furry and muscled. Not bulging muscles, but no flab anywhere I could see. Dark brown hair with maybe a sprinkling of gray starting at the temples, no wrinkles yet, but a hint of crows feet when he would smile or strain and olive, tanned skin. And yes, I checked him out in the lockerrooom-well not totally but as much as I could.

As our schedules became more synced, I loosened up a little. Some of the days, we both arrived at the same time. I noticed he always stripped down to nothing in the locker room and then put on his jockstrap. Then he would go pee, prance around or whatever. He never did it nude-always jocked. Later I noticed when he would change, he would be wearing a jockstrap under his clothes. Sometimes he would change into his workout jock and other times wear the same one to workout in and back to the office. More importantly, he never showed his dick in the locker room. Believe me, once he had my interest, I tried everything to see it. He always used the same locker while I would try different ones trying to see his dick. I could see from the bulge in his pouch, he was on the gifted side, so I don't understand why he didn't show it off. I did!

We became workout partners. Nothing more, nothing less. We'd talk about different things while working out but never got too personal. We'd change in the locker room, shower together but he never showed me his dick. I got many glances at it covered by his jockstrap, but never out in the open. I tried to sneak glances up his shorts, but still nothing. Then we moved to getting a drink on Friday after work and occasionally skipping our work out and go out for lunch. Football season came around and we would meet up at the local sports bar to watch the game. During one of our conversations, we calculated how much we spent on drinks and snacks and how much the season would end up costing if we kept going. Being an accountant, I suggested we watch the games at my house. I had a 60" flatscreen and a comfortable couch. And the beer was cheaper!

I was still admiring his body during our weekday meetings and was beginning to drool over him on weekends. I'd been jerking off to visual images of his hairy ass in the shower, his jocked ass in the locker room, and him adjusting his packed pouch while rubbing his hairy chest. I just didn't want to ruin a friendship by making a move on him if he was straight, but damn I wanted him. So, being the cheap person I am, I suggested we move the game day watching to my house. After all, I could buy beer for both of us cheaper than I could drink by myself at the bar. Barry agreed to give it a try-as long as it wasn't an inconvenience.

The next Saturday's game was a night game. Kickoff was 7:05. Barry showed up shortly before the game wearing his team jersey, some awesome shorts that accentuated his bulge and flip-flops. I had some basic snacks and lots of cold beer. It wasn't a close game and by halftime it was obvious we were going to win by a landslide. Third string started the second half and the other team still couldn't score. We kept drink and celebrating until the win was official. Most of the beer was gone and the snacks still hadn't been touched. Barry got up to go and stumbled across the room and fell. I tried to jump up to help him but was in the same shape. I asked him if he was OK to drive and he admitted he wasn't. I told him he could spend the night in Jason's bed since he was away at school. We both managed to get down the hall way to Jason's room and he seemed shocked when I opened the door.

"No fuckin' way. I haven't slept in a twin bed since I was 10 years old. Do you honestly think I would fit in a twin bed?" Barry slurred.

"Well, it's either this or with me in a king bed. I guess you could sleep on the couch if you want."

"I ain't gonna sleep on no couch either, so yep-it's your bed."

We made our way down the hall to my room and I walked in first.

"Half bath is in there" I said pointing to the door. "If you are going to get sick, make sure you make it in there. I'm not your maid."

Barry was already pulling off his shirt, so I followed. Off came my shirt. I looked up and he was hooking his finger in the waistband of his short. I stopped for a moment and stared. Just so it would be so awkward, I started removing my shorts. I was freeballing of course and as I stood up from kicking my shorts into the corner, Barry was wearing a jockstrap like always. Now I really started to stare at him to see if he was going to get all the way naked or not.

"Seems you're comfortable being naked." Barry said as he rubbing his chest and pouch.

"Yea. I keep in shape. I'm not an exhibitionist, but this is what I've got and it's kinda hard to hide it."

"Can I tell you something? Something that really bothers me?" Barry asked.

"Sure. Go ahead."

"It's just that I'm really self-conscious of my dick. You know not everyone is as gifted as you are and I don't think I always measure up. At least that's what my wife said when she left me."

"Dude, it really..." I tried to say before he cut me off.

"My wife really broke my self-esteem when she left. She basically blamed everything on my small dick. So, that's why I always cover it up in the locker room."

"You're just drunk. If you feel more comfortable sleeping in your jockstrap, then wear it. If you want to wear just your shorts, I'm cool with that. I'm just more comfortable sleeping naked."

I pulled the covers back on my side and started to slide into bed. I was still focused on his pouch. I've seen it bulge. How the heck can he be that small and still pack a bulge like that? Again, I was trying to act all cool like I always sleep naked with guys that come over to watch the game but I wanted to see what he had inside that pouch. Then he hooked his fingers in the wide waist band and bent over. I could see the white fabric move down his legs. Then he stood up. Naked. I really wasn't ready for what I saw.

He had two of the largest, hairiest balls I've ever seen. Both of mine were the size of one of his. But his dick! It was about an inch, maybe an inch and a half long. I know I'm the exception at 6 inches soft, but his did look a little on the small side, especially compared to his balls.

"Yep, that's a dick. Looks OK to me. Maybe you think it small because you have the biggest balls in the state." I said.

"No, it's small no matter what you do. Even when it's hard it only grows to about 4 inches. When I'm completely hard, I'm smaller than you are when you're soft."

"Not everyone has a dick like this." I said holding onto my dick. "And, I'm not basing our friendship on the size of your dick. Just go to sleep. You're drunk and won't remember any of this in the morning."

I got under the covers and faced away from him. I felt the bed move and the covers tug. He didn't reply. I felt pretty buzzed and fell right to sleep.

I woke up about 3 in the morning and needed to pee. I slipped out of bed, did my business and tried to get back into bed without waking Barry. He was on his back, one arm stretched over his head and the covers barely covering his dick. The light of the street light shown through the almost closed blinds upon his body showing everything there was. I moved the covers to get under them and I exposed his dick. He was rock hard and correct. It was only about 4 inches long, but the girth was impressive. I'm not positive, but he may have been thicker than me. I scooted under the covers and faced away from him. I couldn't help but think about his hairy body and dick. Then I felt the bed move.

Barry rolled over facing me. One arm was draped across me and I was being poked in the ass by his boner. He shifted his legs to spoon be and for a minute, I actually thought he was going to slip his dick in my ass. I didn't move and couldn't get back to sleep. It seemed like an eternity passed before he rolled over the other way. Finally, I fell back to sleep.

The next thing I remember was Barry talking to me, but I couldn't understand what he was saying. When I finally came to my senses, I realized I was spooning him with my hardon pressing against his ass.

"Do you really think you can put that in my ass? Are you wake or just trying to fuck me in your sleep? Hello?" Barry asked.

I finally woke up and realized I wasn't rubbing my chest, but it was Barry's. And yes, I was trying to fuck him in my sleep.

"I think you hogged the covers last night and I was trying to keep warm. Sorry about stabbing you with my woodie." I said as I rolled onto my back while trying to use the covers to hide my boner.

"For a second or two, I actually thought you wanted to fuck me."

"Well, that has crossed my mind a time or two." Did that just slipped out of my mouth? Did I really say that?

"So, what you are saying is you do want to fuck me?"

"I don't want to ruin our friendship, but the fact is I am gay. I was married a long time ago, but when she left, I devoted my life to raising my son. Mainly because I didn't want to face the fact that I was gay. If that bothers you and you want to leave, I understand. All I ask is that you don't 'out me' at work."

"I'm in the same boat. My wife didn't like the fact that my dick was small. She screwed everything with a penis while we were married. When I caught her cheating, she made me feel it was all my fault all because of my short comings. I always knew I was gay but fought those feelings. And based on my size and insecurities, I prefer to bottom rather than top. I wasn't sure about you and I didn't want to be too forward and lose a friend, but I've lusted for you ever since I saw you in the workout center."

Insecurities? Boy was he wrong. Here was a hunk of a guy. He stood about 6' 3", muscled beyond belief, olive complexion with a great speedo tan line, a head full of short, professionally styled brown hair, chest hair in a spectacular growth pattern that went to his collar bones, square jaw lines, brilliant, white teeth, dreamy green eyes, and all man. This guy made me look feminine!

"So, what should we do about this?" I asked Barry.

"If I can excuse myself to your bathroom so I can "freshen up" if you know what I mean, I think I can take care of that woodie for you when I get back."

I told Barry where he could find everything he needed in the bathroom. He seemed a little shocked I had all his supplies-being a top. I didn't think this was the time to mention Jason and that those were really his things. While Barry went to the hall bath, I went to my ½ bath and made sure I was ready for action. He came back energetic and ready for some action. He told to just to lie there and he wanted to do all the work, at least for now.

Barry pulled the covers off me and almost layed on top of me. He began my kissing me. Softly, tenderly but with passion. His left hand was stroking my chest hair until he found my nipple. He began rubbing his and flicking it with his finger. My cock had softened but was coming back to attention. He broke the kiss and moved to my nipple. His tongue took the place of his finger and then began lightly sucking and chewing. His hand moved down to my cock and massaged it until it was fully erect.

His mouth left my nipple and he kissed my chest hair following the darker line down the middle to my navel. He dug his tongue in and sucked it. Then in one motion he left my navel and swallowed my cock to the base. He gagged and came back up for air.

"You don't have to take all of it at once." I told him.

Barry moved his right hand and covered my mouth. He attempted to deep throat my 8 inches of straight, cut cock and couldn't get the last couple of inches down his throat. I loved the way it felt like I was hitting bottom. He backed off again and spit a huge glob of saliva on the tip of my head. He used his hand to spread it around. He dove down again but hit bottom again. He backed off but kept the head in his mouth using his tongue to caress the sensitive underside. He dove down again. This time he succeeded taking everything I had into his greedy mouth. His head was turned this time with his nose pointing towards my balls. Even though he had it down his throat, he nodded and tried to get it deep in his throat. His determination proved he was a good cocksucker and this was not his first time. This guy had some experience.

When he came up for air, he said he really wanted to sit on it. I didn't say anything since he was the one in charge. His spat another glob of saliva on my head and smeared it around. He spat one more load into his hand which he used to lube his hole as he moved to straddle me. He was facing my feet so I had a perfect view of him fingering his hairy asshole. He rocked forward, picked up my cock that was lying against my pubes and aimed it at his awaiting hole. He eased my head against him and slowly rocked backward. Very slowly, his asshole consumed my cock. Once he was fully sitting on me, he stayed there moaning with his head arched back.

"That's a lot of cock up my ass." Barry said in a squeaky voice.

"Go as slow as you need. I don't want to hurt you."

After a minute or two, he slowly raised up showing me his ass lips. They stretched out over half an inch down the shaft of my cock and were covered with spit slicked black hair. Those dark hairs stretched even further down my cock. Just as he was about to expose my head, then changed directions and began devouring my cock with his ass. The room was quiet except for our breathing and the sound of his ass slurping my cock. He continued to ride my cock this way for several minutes. Just as I thought I was about to cum, he began to spin around.

He completely sat on my cock and then began spinning around so he was facing me. Once that was accomplished, he moved his legs to my sides and used his knees to pivot up and down. I couldn't resist caressing his hairy chest and stomach. He had much more muscle definition than I did and his abs were visible under the generous coating of fur. My touching them caused them to tense up revealing his washboard abs. I kept rubbing up and down the ridges then moved one hand to his nipple. His pecs were larger than mine which caused his nipples to be located towards the bottom them. I hadn't realized how large his nipples were in both size and circumference. They were much larger than mine and stuck out like pencil erasers. I began tweeking his left one and he put his left arm up with his hand behind his head. Nothing is sexier than a hairy, muscle stud riding your cock and loving it.

His cock looked like it could use some attention so I spit in my hand and started jacking him. His precum was flowing and didn't need any extra lube, but too late. The veins were sticking out all around his cock which was so hard; it felt like I was rubbing a dildo. I'd slip my thumb up from the bottom side and rub it across his head. While my entire fist covered the length of his cock, it was very impressive with its girth and veiny stature. I couldn't imagine what it would feel like to have this thing plunge in and out of me.

I let go of his nipple and grabbed hold of a handful of chest hair-right above his breast bone. He didn't trim it and it was straight as a board. It had a wiry texture but felt good in my hand. As I tried to get a larger handful, his dick erupted. I kept jacking him. He began shooting massive amount of cum all over me. The first couple of blasts landed on my left shoulder. The following blasts went from the center of my chest down to my navel. His was some of the thickest, creamiest cum I've ever see. He wasn't short on quantity either. I was covered in his cum. As he returned to reality from his euphoric high, he began scooping up his cum and feeding it to himself. Watching him savor some of his own cum and feel his butthole twitch was all it took for me to blow my load.

I started firing my load up his ass without any warning. My head gets bigger when I cum and he felt it. His moans went from "ooohhhh" and "aaahhhhh" to "Holy fuckin shit!" and "Oh my God!" He kept moving his ass back and forth milking every drop of cum I produced. He didn't speed up or slow down. His pace was constant and with purpose. He did let my cock slip further out of his ass than when he was riding it. This allowed his puckered asshole to graze my head with each movement. Finally he impaled himself on my cock and fell to his arms which were on each side of my chest. He pressed his chest to mine and our stomachs smeared his spent cum on each other. As if he was exhausted, he bent his head towards mine and gave me a kiss while still sitting on my cock. He broke the kiss and totally collapsed on me.

"That was intense. It surpassed my wildest fantasies about you." I heard him whisper in my ear.

"Same here. Do you know how many times I've jacked off thinking about you and that hairy ass of yours?" I replied back in a whisper.

"How long does it take to go down or can I milk another load out of it?" Barry asked as he started riding my cock again.

"It's like having a new toy. He's excited to play it with but I don't think he'll be able to finish what he starts. Maybe after breakfast he'll be ready for round two." I said referring to my cock.

Barry rode my cock a few more times and then decided to dismount. As my cock escaped from his ass, he deposited a large amount of my cum on my cock and pubes. Thinking I would just wash it off in the shower along with all the cum he shot on my chest, I started to get up.

"Woa, there. I'm going to help clean up this mess. Just lay there and relax."

Barry began lapping up the puddle of cum that escaped his ass. It took several attempts but he managed to clean it off my cock and pubes. Then he moved up to my navel. Slowly but surely, he licked every drop that wasn't smeared off my hair chest and abdomen. Then he leaned down to kiss me. I thought he had swallowed the cum he lapped up, but no. He shared it with me. The taste of our cum mixed together was intoxicating. Not knowing if it was mine or Barry's led me to savor it. I didn't swallow and neither did Barry. After swapping it back and forth for several minutes, we both swallowed the delicacy now mixed with spit. Barry licked his lips at the same time I did. I don't think we will have a problem sharing in the future.

Eventually, we made it out of bed and ate some breakfast. After that it was right back to bed for round two, a quick nap and round three. After a late lunch, we showered and had round four. We almost managed to watch from football on TV before both of our dicks told us it was time for round five. After that we decided it was time to talk.

We both wanted to be together but didn't want to rush into a serious relationship and we didn't want this to just be about sex even though that's all we did that day. Since I had a son at college, we thought it would be best if we kept our separate places until the relationship was stable and some time passed. It was agreed that there would be no fooling around at work, the workout center or in public since neither of us were "out", but an occasional night together could happen during the week as long as we went to work in separate vehicles.

Things were going great. Then Thanksgiving rolled around and Jason came home. His boyfriend's parents went on a family cruise or something so Jason was alone. Once he came home, we sat and talked about my new relationship. He was happy I found someone and like me towards Jed, was non-judgmental. I invited Barry over for Thanksgiving dinner and to watch football so that Jason could meet him. When I introduced Barry and Jason, Jason almost fainted.

My relationship with Jason is, was and will always be father and son. There are different ways of expressing a father's love towards his son and vice versa. Now I see that Jason may have misinterpreted some of those expressions as just sex and not love because he developed a real desire for a "father" figure when it comes to sex. So, when Barry walked in all buff and pumped with his T-shirt cut into a "V" to expose his hairy chest and tight sweat pants to show off his big balls, Jason was caught off guard. I've never seen his drool over another man before, so this could be the first.

Jason couldn't take his eyes off Barry all day. He sat by him on the couch while we watched TV, offered him a back rub and even suggested they go outside and throw the ball around during half time. I was getting very jealous and thought back to the time when Jed, Jason and I slept together and how jealous Jason was. Now I completely understand how he felt. I tried to brush it off but it didn't work. Finally, Barry said he was going home since he still had to work the next day. I saw him to the door, kissed him good night and as I turned around, I nearly knocked Jason over as he was standing right behind me. With Barry gone, Jason and I had a long discussion. I brought up the how I felt and we hashed it out. Jason mentioned he would be very interested in having a father-father-son "get together" while he was home. I told him I would talk to Barry about it. If Barry said so, I would not push it anymore and it would have to be dropped.

When I talked to Barry, he said it would be fine, but wanted to understand the ground rules before it happened. We decided on Saturday night before Jason would leave on Sunday to go back to school.

Barry arrived looking as good as ever. Jason had been walking around all day with a hardon sticking out of his sweat pants. We sat down and layed out the ground rules which everyone agreed to. This way, we didn't overstep into an area which could cause damage to any relationship. Then we headed to the bedroom.

Jason was naked when he walked through the door. Barry and I took our time undressing each other. Kissing as buttons were undone, groping as articles of clothing fell to the floor, and paying close attention to every erotic spot on each other's body. Jason had a back side view of Barry who still had a speedo tan line thanks to the tanning bed. And that speedo tan line was covered in dark hair.

Jason walked on his knees to Barry and me and pushed his head between us. My cock just about poked him in the eye as he was trying to get to Barry who was kissing my neck. I stepped back a few inches to give Jason some room to get between us. When he saw Barry's cock, he looked shocked and disappointed. I know he was expecting a lot more than 4 inches. He got over it and began sucking his cock while stroking mine with his hand. Jason takes after me and has than the average person. He is almost as hairy as I am but chooses to wax and shave himself smooth. Since he has always had a fascination with body hair, I was really surprised he didn't keep his fur. I looked down and saw Jason pulling on Barry's balls and he sucked him. Then he shocked me.

Jason was able to fit both of Barry's balls in his mouth. I've seen him do this with me, but since Barry's balls are twice my size, I didn't think this was possible. He had his fist wrapped around Barry's spit covered dick and was jerking him while he devoured those big, hairy balls. Even though Barry has some large balls, they don't hang down as far as mine. That's what really shocked me when Jason did what he did. With both of Barry's balls in his mouth, Jason was able to fit Barry's cock in there too. I don't know how he did that, but he did. I'm guessing at least one ball was in a cheek if not both since Barry's cock is pretty fat. Jason was bobbing his head back and forth as well as in circles. I don't know how Jason was able to breath while doing this. Drool was coming out of his mouth and down his chin. Jason caught some of it with his hand. I thought he was going to use that to lube my cock which he was still stroking. Nope, he used it to play with Barry's ass.

Between kissing Barry, playing with his nipples, Jason sucking his cock and balls and having his ass played with, he couldn't take anymore. He started firing off his load into Jason's mouth. All in all, it probably took him less than 5 minutes to cum. Thankfully, he is not one to cum and run so the party continued. He was weak in the knees so he ended up face down on the bed. Jason moved between his legs and started eating his ass. I moved to the other end and had Barry deep throat my 8 incher.

"You getting' that hole ready for me son?" I asked.

Jason looked from Barry's ass with spit all over his mouth replied, "I was thinking I could have a crack at it first."

"Tell you what...I'll let you go first as long as I get to fuck you while you fuck him. Deal?"

Jason had already gone back to eating his hole and nodded yes. At least I took his head motion as a yes. I moved around behind Jason and used my fingers to gather up the spit from my mouth and began playing with Jason's hairless ass. I started off fingering him with 2 fingers. Jed was trying to get him loosened up to take a fist so I knew 2 fingers wouldn't bother him. After a couple more wads of spit, his ass seemed ready to me. One last load of spit to lube my cock and I was ready to pile drive him.

"Wait just a minute. I want to get inside Jed, uh, Barry. Then you can give it to me. I love it when you pound my ass hard!"

Jed's dick has a slight upward curve but he was able to point it downward towards Barry's juicy hole and slide it in. Barry moaned in pleasure. Now that he was inside, he moved his legs to the outside of Barry's giving me a clear shot at his hole. The problem was Jason was too far in the air for me to stand behind him, so I needed to get onto the bed but there wasn't enough room.

"Y'all need to scoot up in the bed so I can get on and in."

Jason pulled out of Barry and then Barry crawled to the middle of the bed. Jason quickly sank his dick back in Barry's hole.

"Ohhh, that feels good. Now is there enough room for you?"

"I think so." I replied as I stood up on the bed behind Jason.

"Wait just a minute." Barry said. "I want to roll over so I can get to my dick."

Jason pulled back out and just about knocked me off the bed. Barry moved up to the head of the bed and got on his back. He pulled is legs up and Jason tucked a pillow under the small of his back. Jason inched up and impaled Barry one more time.

"Fuck-that's it. Now you are hitting the spot. Keep doing that." Barry said.

Jason was long dick fucking him-going balls deep then pulling all the way out.

"Hold on for a minute and let me get in." I said not wanting to miss out any longer.

One more load of spit in my hand to re-lube my own cock and I was ready to mount Jason.

"Pull your cheeks apart for me." I told Jason.

Jason reached back and pulled his cheeks apart revealing his pink, puckered hole. I eased my cock up to it and rubbed the head against it. I was going to just put my head in and then surprise him and give him the rest in one push. Jason was greedy and backed up on it engulfing my cock deep in his ass. He started fucking Barry again which made Barry moan but Jason and I couldn't get into a rhythm. After several attempts, I told him that I would stand still and let him ride me while he fucked Barry.

So Barry was lying on his back stroking his soft cock and playing with his right nipple. Jason was drilling his and impaling himself on my cock. The bed started squeaking and the padded headboard was banging the wall. Jason was smaller than either Barry or me but was taking control of us.

"I think I'm going to cum and I'm not even hard. Keep fucking me. Don't stop. Keep going. That's it. That's it. Fuuccckkkkkkk!" Barry yelled.

I leaned to the side and sure enough, Barry's dick was semi-hard and spewing cum. Most of it was between his navel and his pubes. For someone that just moments earlier blew his load, he replenished his supply pretty quickly. Jason scooped up some and brought it to his mouth. I could tell his cleaned his fingers completely and began to bend towards Barry.

"Nope, nope, nope. No kissing." I reminded both of them while giving Jason's ass a smack harder than I planned.

"Do that again and I will fill your boyfriend with cum." Jason said.

I grabbed a hand full of hair and jerked his head back. "I can spank that ass anytime I want, son." And with that, I planted another hit where a red handprint was forming. "You want it again?"

"Yes, sir."

This time and reared back and give him a spanking like he never had before. WHAP! Jason buried his dick in Barry and then his asshole began twitching. My son was firing his load into my boyfriend. As Jason held steady, I pumped his ass with everything I had. I was so close to cumming that it didn't take me long before I sank my cock in Jason's ass and blew my load. Barry was about to catch his breath but Jason and I were still panting. Jason's asshole was still twitching as I blasted my load. I would pull out so his puffy puckered ring would tickle my sensitive head and then push it back in trying to keep all my cum from escaping. I was still a little weak in the knees as Jason collapsed on Barry. Without his hips to hold me steady, I fell next to them on the bed-spent and satisfied. Jason left a stream of my cum on both Barry and the bed. I guess his training to be able to take a fist was wreaking havoc on his once tight hole.

Jason lied there rubbing Barry's chest and I was fingering Jason's hole. I love trying to push the cum that leaks out back in. It's not going to stay in there, but it's fun trying. Once the three of us came to our senses, everyone had a different plan. I was ready for bed, Jason needed to clean up his rear and Barry needed a shower to clean off everyone's cum. Barry was the first to get out of bed and head down the hall. I heard the shower and so I asked Jason what he thought.

"I really like him. I think he's perfect for you." Jason said.

"What you think about Barry moving in with me."

"Since I'm at college and not home very often, I bet you get like, really lonely. Wouldn't it be nice to come home every night to someone that loves you and wants to be with you? I know you made some sacrifices for me and it's about time you did some things for you. I'm almost through with college and will probably end up with Jed if everything goes right. So I say if he makes you happy, then I say go for it."

"You know I love you and would do anything for you, but I think it is time I did a few things for myself. I'm not going to rush it with Barry, but when he's ready, I think he would be happy here. We'll just have to wait and see what the future holds."

Jason had been laying with his head on my chest. He looked up at me and gave me a kiss-except this one was different from before. It was almost a goodbye kiss. One that I didn't want to end because I knew things would be different after it ended. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tightly as we embraced. After a few heavenly moments, Jason moved away.

"I gotta go...clean up. I think Barry and you should spend the night together-just you two. I'm going to sleep in my room. If that's OK with you."

I couldn't speak. Tears started forming in my eyes and I got a lump in my throat. Jason went to my bathroom and closed the door. He changed into a man right in front of my eyes. He was willing to let our bond become a memory so I could work on my relationship with Barry. Now it was his turn to make a sacrifice for his father.



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