I was a lucky guy. I was born with good genes. Standing at 6' 4", I am tall, muscular, built and tanned which enables me to turn heads. A broad chest full of hair, flat abs but still covered by hair and a bubble butt was part of my good genes. Hair covered my legs all the way up to my waist. I played several sports in high school but never quit good enough for the college scene. Playing sports gave me a lean, trim, firm body. I was never ashamed of being hairier than the other guys because I had several things they envied. Beside my hairy body, I had an above average dick. It hangs just a little over 6 inches soft. The girth is impressive too. My balls hang just below the tip of my circumcised head. Most people think it turns into a monster when it gets hard. Truth is it only grows 2 inches in length and just a little bit in circumference. That puts me at 8 inches long when it's hard and about 6-7 inches around so it's above average and it keeps me very happy. It's the looks I get in the lockerroom and showers that make me proud to have what I have. I check out other guys too, but not many have what I have when it's soft. Back in high school, I loved walking around the lockerroom naked. My best friend was lucky if his dick was 2 inches soft. He was always covered up and took showers in either his shorts or a jockstrap. I was a bit of an exhibitionist and let it out for everyone to admire.

I was very outgoing and popular through high school and college and always part of the "in" group. I didn't try for this, it just came natural. This lead to being part of the "in" fraternity. Don't get me wrong, my parents helped out by paying for college and as well as getting me the right car to drive along with cool clothes. I worked hard for my grades which didn't always come easily but involvement did. I ran for student government and won. I was an officer in the fraternity. I loved being involved.

I also enjoyed being involved with a cute sorority girl named Ginger. She was a female version of me. Everything just flowed her way. We dated, broke up, dated, broke up... I was good enough for her until something better came along. When that didn't work out, she came back to me. I was fine with it. I didn't really want anything that serious. She was good in bed and was able to swallow my entire dick. That wasn't her favorite thing to do but did it willingly when "that time of the month" came along. I was cool with whatever just as long as I got my rocks off.

My senior year we got more serious and I popped the question. I was graduating in May and she would graduate in December. I had accepted a job offer from a large accounting firm and would be busy during the summer and fall so we didn't see much of each other. I took a little time off work in December for her graduation, wedding and honeymoon and then dove right back into work. She was fine with that since her Fashion Merchandising/Textile Fabrics degree had not landed her dream job yet. I was working long hours and she was shopping most of that time. Eventually, she found a job as a designer at a small furniture/accessories store. She didn't earn much money but she was happy designing and shopping for others. We bought our first home and she was happy to furnish it.

Over the next 3 years, I moved up the corporate ladder quickly. Clients were asking me to come and work for them and my Senior Management rewarded me for staying by promoting me. Now, our small starter home was not good enough for someone in my position. At least that's what she said. So she shopped for a larger, more appropriate home for an upcoming executive. She found it, I bought it and she started redecorating. During that time, we had an "oops" and she got pregnant. She wasn't happy about losing her small, petite, southern belle figure. She did gain a lot of weight and struggled to get it off.

On my son's six month birthday, she announced to me she was done. She wasn't happy with herself, me, our son, her job, her figure-nothing made her happy. She just walked out. I filed for divorce and she didn't even contest it. Never asked for anything other than ½ the value of the house and our assets. Her preference was cash, but she would take the items that would sell easily. Didn't exercise her visitation rights. She simply walked out of our lives.

I was devastated at first but then found out she was screwing one of her clients' husband and he had more money than I did. Just like college. She was happy with me until something better came along. She never called me after the divorce was finalized. I paid her out of money I had stashed away over the years by telling her my bonuses were not as big as I thought. I sold the house to live a more modest lifestyle and to find a place where public schools were good-something I could manage by myself.

I found a small, 3 bedroom bath and a half in an older part of town with great schools, local parks, and about 3 miles from work. I also talked to Senior Management about working less from work and more from home. It was hard to sell them on the idea, but I did and it worked out great for both the company and me. I could get off work, pick up my son and once he was in bed, I could work from home. I think I actually worked more hours this way than I did the old way. Everything seems to be working out just fine for us.

When my son was about 4 years old, he became terrified of thunder storms. It didn't matter if he was asleep or not, the storms scared him. Since he was in a "big boy" bed, he could get out of bed and sneak into my bed. I sleep naked-done it ever since junior high. Even through college in the dorm and frat house. Like I said before, I like to show it off. Well, waking up with your son in your bed with a morning wood is not a good thing. I tried sneaking into my half bath but there weren't any large towels in there. Found some shorts in the dirty clothes and put them on. When I went back to my room, he was still asleep. I was safe-hadn't been caught. I went and made my coffee, took my shower and resumed the morning routine. When it came time to wake him up, it was like nothing ever happened.

This happened a quite a few times throughout the year. One morning I went to wake him up from my bed after a storm so I could get him ready for school, I noticed he was not wearing his pajamas from the night before. I woke him up and he sluggishly sat up in the bed. When I asked him where his pajamas were, he replied he took them off so he could sleep like I did. Later that night, we went through the nightly routine. Pack the backpack, take a bath, brush his teeth, say his prayers, read a short story... When it came time to tuck him in bed, he started taking off his jammies. I tried to ask in a non-shocked voice, "What are you doing?" He said he was going to sleep like I did-without anything on. I explained to him there wasn't anything wrong with sleeping that way, but if friends came over to spend the night or he went somewhere to spend the night, he would have to sleep in his jammies since that is what I did. He said he would do that and that began the change of everything that was "normal" in our house.

He didn't mind showing his little hardon in the morning and asked me why mine was so much bigger. I explained that as he got older, his would get bigger too. I started out with one like his, too. I think he enjoyed looking at mine as I got in and out of the shower or when I got out of bed after he snuck in for the night.

A couple of years later, I woke up to a strange feeling on my chest. When I finally came to my senses, I realized it was my son, Jason, rubbing the hair on my chest and stomach. It had been a long time since anyone had touched me like that and my dick was responding. I acted like I was still asleep and he kept stroking my fur. He was making large circular strokes that reached from nipple to nipple and all the way down to my bellybutton. Each stroke got higher up towards my shoulders and lower towards my pubes. Then he hit my dick with the back of his hand. He paused for a brief second and then I felt his hand leave my stomach. His tiny hand tried to encircle my dick but wasn't large enough. Shocked as all get out, I rolled over facing away from him. After a few minutes, I got out of bed and went to my bathroom with a full, raging hardon that would not go down.

I sat down on the toilet and started jerking off. After a few minutes, I raised my butt up and moved my body so my dick was pointing into the toilet and proceeded to shoot my load. Not everything went into the toilet. Some hit the seat and the first shot hit my inner thigh.

Just as I was finishing, Jason walked in and pointed to the seat.

"What's that daddy?"

"Well, that is sperm. That's the stuff men produce to make babies."

"Where did it come from?"

"It was made in my balls and came out of my penis."

"Why did it come out?"

"It came out because my penis was excited and it needed to come out. Your balls can only hold so much and then it has to come out."

"Will it come out of mine, too?"

"It will, but not right now. Your body has to grow a little bit older and then you will be able to produce sperm too. Right now, your body isn't ready to do that yet. Why don't we go fix some breakfast?"

You could tell he was still inquisitive and had a hundred more questions, but he sluggishly walked down the hall to the kitchen butt naked with a little boner. I hurriedly cleaned up the seat and my thigh and followed him. Once in the kitchen, the questions started again.

"Is that how much stuff comes out?"

"Yes and no. Some guys produce more and some produce less. It also depends on how often it happens. I'll tell you what, why don't we discuss this a little later. Now just isn't the right time."

I thought this was not the right time for the facts of life talk. Just answer his questions honestly and see if we could move on. We already had the discussion about wearing clothes and pajamas-we didn't have to if we didn't want to, but if someone came over, we had to wear them and if he went to someone's house, he had to wear them-just like I did.

I suggested he go watch cartoons while I made breakfast and he scooted off to the family room like nothing ever happened and it was natural to walk around your house butt naked. The "normal" of our house was beginning to change.

A few years went by. Jason made friends with the neighborhood kids, took an interest in playing peewee sports and seemed to be developing into a well-rounded kid. He had taken off one Saturday morning on his bike to play with some other kids and said he would be home later. I thought this would be a great time to catch up on some much needed, long overdue yard work.

I only planned on trimming some bushes. That led to digging up so dead ones and weeding the flower beds. Then the gate needed adjusting to close properly. Then the tree needed pruning away from the house and the gutters were clogged with debris. Several other projects crept their way into the schedule as well. The mid-September weather was hotter than normal. I planned on working outside just an hour or so to leave me time to watch some SEC football on TV. By the time I finished, I was completely exhausted and wet from head to toe. My shoes were even squeaking from all the sweat.

I shucked the shoes and socks in the garage, wiped my feet and staggered to the fridge for a cold beer. In one swig I devoured that beer. I chunked the can in the recycle bin and headed to the shower. The cool water started to rejuvenate my body when the beer kicked in. I finished showering the stink off my body and decided it was football time. Still hot and exhausted, I found a pair of old gym shorts and pull them on. When I say old, they were old. The elastic was shot and they were a fashion statement from the 80's-they were very short compared to today's standards. The waistband kept sliding down until my bubble butt caught it. The leg holes were stretched out to the point I could have put both legs through one opening. Even though I dried off, my chest hair was matting down from the sweat my body was still producing.

I grabbed another beer from the fridge and flopped down on the leather sofa. Football was already on so I flicked through a few channels to find a good game all while swigging my beer. By the time I found a game to watch, that beer was empty. I leaned my head back against the cool leather, threw my right leg across the cushions and that's all I can remember. I was out like a light.

Next thing I remember is dreaming that I was getting the best blow job ever. My body had cooled off but there was heat-moist heat-engulfing my cock. A gentle massaging and fondling of my balls accompanied by up and down movements of a warm mouth swallowing my cock set my sexual desires in high gear. I know the leg openings were stretched, but not to the point where I distinctly felt something pressing against my pubes during this dream. Slowly I opened my eyes just a squint. I didn't want the dream to end. There was Jason on his knees between my legs. I opened my eyes fully and twitched like I had just woken up. He didn't stop. I eyes were fixed on him and his eyes were fixed on me. I opened my mouth to tell him to stop but before I could, he pulled my dick from his mouth and said, "Shhhhhh. Just lay there and relax." His hand didn't stop moving while he spoke. After he finished speaking, his mouth took my cock again all the way to my pubes.

"Holy shit" was all I could think of at that moment in time. I couldn't say "No, stop" because my urges had taken over. I couldn't say "Yes, keep going" because it was my son. I did what I was told. I stretched my arms behind my head and just relaxed. I was enjoying the site of a fit, lean, young man servicing the cock of his father. I didn't buck my hips, but I adjusted my right leg to straighten it out a little. My movement must have been mistaken by Jason to remove my shorts even though they were not in the way. He tugged at the waistband. I moved my right leg down and raised my butt off the couch. Jason gently tucked my dick back into my shorts and then lowered the waistband down over my butt. He reached in a scooped my balls and placed them over what was left of the elastic. Instinctively, he began sucking again while using his left hand to guide my right leg towards him. With my butt still in the air, he slid my shorts down my legs and over my feet. He then nudged my right leg back to the place on the couch where it had been.

Jason was drooling like a dog for a treat. I didn't trim my pubes back then nor shave my balls. My long, dark pubes were being matted down with spit and pressure from his lips. One of his hands was playing with my balls which were also slick with spit. Watching his head bob up and down with a gentle suction of his lips while his tongue twirled around my head was sending me to heaven. He didn't use his hand except when he pulled completely away from my cock. Then he used his hand to give my dick a stroke or two while he caught his breath. He was sucking cock like the best of them. I've had girls attempt to suck my cock over the years but none of them could take all of it down their throat. My wife, ex-wife, could swallow it but not like this. My cock seemed like it was meant to be down my son's throat. He didn't have to force it; it simply slid all the way down. And the way he tilted his head back to keep eye contact let my head rub against the back of this throat causing a tingling sensation better than playing with your head right after you cum. This was definitely not the first cock he sucked. I tried to think about anything to prolong this feeling-profit and loss statements, summer inventory audits, quarterly reports, football...I didn't want it to end.

I moved my arms to my chest and began to tweak my nipples. Flicking them at first turned into pinching, twisting, and pulling within a few seconds. Thinking back to one of the best blow jobs before this, I was hoping Jason would sneak one of those spit slick fingers up my butthole and play with my prostate. He didn't do that, but he knew exactly how to suck cock. He started slurping my head between his lips just before he plunged back down to deep throat my cock. He swallowed allowing his throat muscles to pulsate the blood flow to my engorged head then flick his tongue over the shaft as he withdrew. Then slurp the head again and start all over. Damn, where did my son learn to suck cock like this? After a few minutes of sheer bliss, I knew I couldn't take much more.

"If you don't stop, you're gonna get a mouth full of cum." I groaned in a deep, raspy voice.

That threw him into high gear. His head started bobbing faster and he began pulling and squeezing harder on my balls. He didn't slurp any more, just deep throat thrusts with his nose buried in my pubes.

"Watch out, here it comes." I arched my pelvis towards him and he didn't slow down. "Uuuh, awww, uh" was all I could produce-just grunt noises. My body stiffened and I stated unloading over a weeks' worth of cum. At first, Jason let me shoot in his mouth. After about 3 blasts, I saw my cum leaking out of his mouth. I thought he may not like the taste and didn't know what to do. Instead, he impaled himself on it so I was shooting down his throat. Again, he swallowed allowing his throat muscles to milk the final blasts from my shooting cock. I watched in delight as he allowed me to drain my balls into him. I could see his shoulder moving and I assumed he was jerking off.

With his mouth still covering my cock, he let go of my balls and let out a breath of air almost like a gagging sound. He was cumming. His mouth moved up my shaft to the head, he inhaled deeply and went back to the base of my cock with his mouth. His shoulder was still twitching but a little bit slower than before. His head stayed still as he finished jacking off. He rose off my cock again and brought his hand he used to play with my balls. It had a small puddle of cum in the center of his palm. He smeared his cum around the head of my cock and stated licking it off. My head was still sensitive but not to the point I couldn't take it. After a couple of licks, he swallowed it to the base. Some of the cum was pushed down to my pubes. Once he saw it, he held my cock to the side and lapped it up. After all the cum was cleaned from my cock, he licked the palm of his hand clean and went back for that last drop of cum seeping from my softening cock. The feel of his tongue digging in my piss slit sent me back to wonderland. After he lapped it up and swallowed, he deep throated my semi-flaccid cock. Shoot, my boy loves cock!

I think I drifted back to sleep for a few minutes after one hell of a blow job. I had forgotten what great sex was like. When I did wake up again, Jason was sitting on the other end of the couch, looking over every inch of my body and jerking off-again. Oh to be young and have that stamina. I only moved my head up from its reclining position and turned towards him.

"You have to release another load so soon?"

He responded by shooting one, small shot of cum near his belly button. Nothing else came out, but the jerks and spasms were very familiar. He stroked it like a mad man to the point I thought he would rip his dick from his body but only produced that one shot of cum. Finally, he let go of his cock. I could see a small patch of pubic hair beginning to form at the base of his shriveling cock. He was changing from boy to man.

"It's just whenever I see you naked, my dick gets hard. And the only way I can make it go down it to jerk off. Otherwise, it stays hard for hours. If we pass each other getting in and out of the shower, I usually have to jerk off before I can get dressed. And when I came back from Phillip's house and saw you lying almost naked on the couch with a hard-on poking out of your shorts, well, like my dick got hard and I couldn't stop myself you know."

I had to interrupt his at this point.

"We do need to talk about what happened."

I went over the talk that we all have urges and desires and when boys go through puberty, their body takes control over their mind. I went over talk about the differences between boys and girls and boys and men. I went over the talk about what's appropriate and started what's not appropriate adolescent behavior when he interrupted me.

"I know all that, Dad. I'm not stupid--duh. It's just when I saw you there, it felt like the right thing to do. You've given me with everything I want. But what can I do to show you how much I appreciate all that you do for me? Like, I know you have to have urges too, like I do and you don't really date anyone. And it felt like the right thing to do. You were just lying there with a hard-on that kept jumping up and down. I couldn't stop staring at you. I knew you were asleep. I thought I could give you something you've been missing. At least I think you have been missing. I just wanted you to enjoy it. And I enjoyed it as much as you did. At least I think you enjoyed it."

"I did enjoy it. But that's not the point. " My mind went blank. What was the point I was going to make? I cannot think of what it was. "That was not the first time you've done that. Where did you learn how to...uh... how did you...."

"Some the guys were talking about their dicks and how big they were. Then we all agreed to show each other what we had. Stephen is a year older. He got held back a year so he already had hair down there and his dick was pretty big. I have a little bit of hair but my dick was almost as big as Stephen's. Ryan and Taylor still had little, bitty dicks and Marc was too shy to drop his pants. Then after that, Ryan took a Playboy from his dad's stash and we were looking at it in the clubhouse. Stephen said he needed to jerk off 'cause his balls were hurtin'. When he pulled his dick out, the rest of us did too. A couple other guys were there besides our usual gang. We did this a couple of times and then started daring each other to jerk off someone else's dick. Then someone said they wondered what cum tasted like so we all agreed to try it. After that, Stephen, Ryan and I tried suckin' each other's dick. Ryan was really good at it but didn't really have anything to suck off. And when he came, he didn't shoot anything. His dick just twitched. Stephen kept gagging and after a few times learned not to gag. I did OK at it. I really liked it when Stephen came in my mouth. So, me at Stephen started doing it just the two of us. You know, whenever we spent the night together or after school or when we could get away to the clubhouse by ourselves.

Sometimes, we would take our clothes off and lie in different directions and suck each other off at the same time. Then his older brother caught us doing that and said he was going to tell on us. I was really scared and we didn't do anything for a long time."

"After a while, Ryan brought over a different magazine that showed this girl letting a guy put his dick in her butt. After he left, Stephen said we should try it. If she liked it, we probably would too. So, Stephen let me go first. We had to use some Vaseline, but I put my dick in his butthole. He said it hurt at first but after a little bit, it felt good and even made his dick get harder. After I came, he tried to put his dick in my butthole, but it wouldn't go in. He told me to act like I was going to the bathroom and push my butthole out so it wouldn't be so tight. That didn't work either. Then he said if I squatted over him, like I was sitting on the toilet, it would go in. It did finally go in, but it really hurt. Every time he moved, I thought I was going to split in two pieces. Then all of a sudden, it felt really good. We changed so he was standing behind me like I was with him. He got it back inside me and it hurt, but not as bad as the first time. And it felt better quicker than the first time. We've done it a few times since then and it doesn't really hurt anymore for either of us. And Stephen was right. If I put mine in first, my dick gets hard again when he puts his in me. And if I'm just playing with myself, I usually finish faster if I put a finger or two in there."

This was not what I planned on hearing when I sat down to watch football. We started talking about how he felt about what happened between us, his friends, what people would say if they knew. About how this could affect my job, him being taken away... We talked and talked until after dark. I think he had a good grasp on everything. For such a young man, he was smarter than I thought; he thought this all the way through. We did agree our arrangement would be special time together and not a nightly routine. I wasn't going to be his main love interest nor he mine. But this could be a way we could become closer.

Honestly, nothing really happened for long time. Jason had developed earlier than most. His legs were just as hairy as mine and it was creeping up his ass. He has sprouted a thick treasure trail that didn't stop at his belly button. It flared to almost cover his stomach just above his bellybutton and narrowed to nothing at the center of his chest. Rather than growing his chest hair from the center out, his was growing from the outside to the center. His nipples had a pretty good dusting as well as his collar bones but the center was smooth. He was shaving his face every other day or so. I think I started shaving in the 8th grade and was a daily shaver by 10th grade. I also had more hair on my body in the 11th grade than the entire football team together. He was definitely taking after me. He was standing about 6' 2" with a 27" waist and 40" chest. I'm pretty sure his legs and arms were muscular than mine. He liked to work out and we had some second hand weights and a half broken "total home gym" machine in the garage. He had my personality where everyone was a friend and a killer smile with a square jaw line and dimples that make your knees weak.

The next time we were together was during the summer. A severe thunderstorm warning prediction had been on the TV and radio for days. Even though he was almost finished with high school, storms still terrified him. He asked if he could sleep in my bed. I thought he was over this since he hadn't snuck into my room in a long time. I told him yes, but I would be awhile. I had plenty of work to do and I would be in there sometime before dawn.

I finished my work about 1:30 and the storms had not arrived yet. I undressed and pulled the sheets back on my side to slide into the bed. Jason was lying facing me sort of on his side with one knee pointing to the ceiling and the pointing towards me. I could see his beautiful body and wanted desperately to touch it. Sleep deprivation told me just to go to sleep and leave him alone. Sleep won. I had just drifted into a light sleep when I felt his warm mouth on my soft cock.

"I take it you are not asleep?" I asked him.

He didn't reply with words. He gripped my cock firmly at the base with one hand and my balls with the other. His tongue was swirling around my head. Almost instantly I was rock hard. His technique had improved over the past years.

As soon as I was hard, he released his suction of his mouth from my cock.

"I want to try something different." He said.

"I'm game if you are." Was my reply.

He had me scoot towards the middle of the bed and lay on my back. He moved between my legs and started sucking me again. As before, he tends to drool quite a bit when he gives a blow job, but this was way more than before. My dick was still rock hard and coated in spit. I saw him wipe his mouth-well, spit into his hand was more like it. I thought he was just gathering some spit for his dick as I couldn't see what he did with it. Then he let go of my cock and moved up to my left nipple. It is my favorite and more sensitive than the right one. He licked around it, flicked his tongue over it several times then clamped down on it with his teeth.

"Damn, son. Not so hard."

"Sorry, my bad."

I thought he bit it off it hurt so bad. He decided to leave it alone for the time being and move to my right one. He licked, flicked, sucked and lightly bit on it all while stroking my cock. Then he threw his legs over my waist and straddled me. He reached behind and aimed my cock at his asshole which he had already lubed it up with his spit. I one motion, he sat down on it and took it all the way in. He arched his neck back and let out sigh of relief.

"SHOOT that's big! I don't think I've had one that big in there before."

"Could have fooled me. You took it like a pro."

He stayed motionless for a minute or two to allow his ass to accept my girth and length. Then he started moving. Slow up and down movements at first. He didn't pull all the way up, just a couple of inches. He did this for a few minutes to get relaxed. Then he sat back down and scooted his butt against my pubes and back while rocking his hips. Then he decided to go wild.

He moved his feet from under my legs to my side. He was totally impaled on my cock while he did this. He breathing was short bursts and short gasps. I could tell he hadn't had a cock that far in him before. Nevertheless, he was taking it like a champ. Once his feet were positioned, he leaned forward and lifted his ass until the tip of my cock was barely inside him. Then in one swift motion he sat all the way down on it. He let out a groan that was painfully pleasurable. Deciding he needed a little recovery, he didn't go all the way to the top, but took about half of it out and then slammed back down. He was eager for a rough ride. After a couple more attempts at sliding down half of my pole, he started to take more out with each thrust until he was back taking my dick for a full ride. He didn't stop groaning though. The pain was gone and now he was only feeling pleasure. With his head tilted back and his mouth open, he was enjoying this almost more than I was.

"If you don't slow down, I won't last much longer. It's been a while since."

He put his hand over my mouth to stop me from talking.

He slowly leaned forward allowing my cock to slip out of his well-used hole. He lowered himself until his rock hard cock was lying next to mine. Then he started to slide down my body. He stopped at my nipples long enough to tease my left one and evilly suck harder than he knew he should have on my right one. When I winced, he let out a snicker. Me moved to the center of my chest and began licking my hair all the way down to my bellybutton. He stuck his tongue in it and around it, playing with it like it was my asshole. He bypassed my dick and began licking and sucking my balls. At first it was one at a time. He went from his left to his right, one by one. Then it took both of them in his mouth and I swear he tried to swallow them. I loved having them tugged and squeezed but almost swallowed was more than was expecting.

"Hold on! You don't have to pull them off."

"Sorry. I forgot how low they hung. I was gonna see if I could swallow them. And they seem hairier than before. Maybe I'll shave them for ya."

I heard him spit in his hand and then I felt his mouth back on my cock. Slow up and down throat movements from where his nose was buried in my bush to his slurping on just the head.

I watched him spit into his hand again and this time he started lubing his ass with it. Next thing I know he is standing on my bed, watching me while he is playing with his ass. He cock was pointing straight out towards me. I couldn't tell if he was going to cum or what. His look was puzzling, like he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do next. Then the light went off in his head. He turned around so he was facing my feet and went down to his knees. He used the hand that had been playing with his ass to grab my cock. He leaned forward and pointed my cock at his waiting hole. He started leaning back a little bit but stopped. My cock points straight out when it's hard and at this angle, I know it was not going in him without a fight. It had to be killing him.

He scooted towards my waist a couple of inches and tried again. He slowly eased back while rocking his hips upwards just a little. The pressure against the head of my cock was amazing. Best of all was the sound. He must have really loosened up his hole combined with all the spit in his hand and from my cock, it sound like a slurp festival with every motion. When his ass went down was different from when his ass went up. One was air being pushed out versus letting air back in. Between the sound and the feeling, I thought I was going to explode.

"You have to stop and turn the light on. I gotta see this. You are driving me wild!"

He moved one leg up and then stood up over me. With one hop, he was on the floor and hit the light switch. One more hop and he was back on the bed assuming the position. Once he was on his knees, I swear I saw heaven was he reached back to spread his ass cheeks apart. His hairy ass lips were dripping with spit and puckered like he had been fisted. A faint speedo tan line existed under a tan line from his shorts. Everything was fur covered and all the hair around his butthole was dripping wet. Once he was ready, I aimed my cock towards his hole and he eased himself back down. Once thoroughly impaled, he released his grip from his ass cheeks and started rocking up and down. The sounds were prevalent, but I couldn't see anything. I reached both hands up and hooked my thumbs nears his butthole and spread his cheeks apart. Pure Bliss! His puckered hole was working my cock. I had not imagined this sight even in my wildest dreams. All the hair anywhere close to his hole was sticking out and covered in spit. His wiry hair was tickling my cockhead as it escaped his sloppy hole. And his hole! I wasn't expecting to see this purple/blue, enlarged asshole silkily gliding up and down my dick. Even when he reached the top, his butthole was still gapping open. He did his slam down movement a couple of times followed by slow motion up and downs. On his last slam, I had to stop him.

"If you keep that up, I won't last much longer. This is really turning me on!"

"I'm about to cum too. Shoot it! Shoot it when you're ready."

"Oh, man. Here it comes. Uhhhhh."

I noticed his right arm was going to town beating his own meat. It was almost a blur since he picked up speed and was going 90 to nothing slamming his ass down on my dick. No more gentle movements. This was pure, raw, unadulterated sex and he wanted it as much as I did. I started blasting my load into his already sloppy ass. As he reached the upward part of his movements, I could see my cum start to trickle out and then get pushed down my cock when he slammed back down.

"Me, too. I'm cumming with you!"

He sat still. I spread his ass cheeks a little wider apart. I could see his puckered hole squeeze my cock with each shot of cum he dispensed. I loved the feeling of his flowery bud milking my cock for every last drop of cum I had in me. I could also feel his warm spunk land on my inner thigh-at least one or two shots did. He slowly lowered himself on my still rigid cock and started making circular rotations with his hips. He was acting like he didn't want this moment to end. His breathing was returning to normal and his circular movements had stopped. He slowly began removing my still hard cock from his flowery hole. As my head slipped from the warm tunnel of love, it fell flat against my stomach in almost a "splat" sound. He butthole was still open and allowing a large glob of my cum to escape. I'm not sure if he tried to close it and it wouldn't or if that was a natural reaction. Nonetheless, the glob of cum landed on my balls. As he moved to turn around, a smaller pile was beginning to form but was trapped by the bumpy, bulging rim of his butthole. During his turn, he reached a hand back there. It was quiet in the room so you could hear him fingering his cum filled hole. Then he brought his hand up to his mouth and proceeded to lick the cum from his fingers. Once they were clean he moved down to my dick and stated to clean it as well. He seemed to enjoy cleaning any remnants of sex from my dick. He wasn't drooling like he normally did but rather savoring every drop of spit and cum he could find. That's when he found the larger pile he deposited earlier. He sucked it into his mouth and swirled it over his taste buds. After all the flavor was gone from it, he lapped up a smaller amount the same way. Finally, he licked each hair from the base of my cock and balls to ensure they were clean from any semen. I guess all this attention it its general area prevented my dick from going soft.

"Are you ready for round 2?" he said as he started to suck on my cock again.

"Hold on there. My dick may be hard, but I'm not 18. I don't think I can go again that quick. The storm had hit yet so why don't you just sleep with me tonight and we will see what happens in the morning."

We both fell asleep in my bed. I don't remember hearing the storm at all during the night. Actually, it was the best night's sleep I had in a long time. Between releasing all the stored up cum and sleeping with someone I loved in my arms, I truly slept like a baby.

I was awakened to the sound of his alarm clock going off in his room. There I was, lying on my back with Jason's head on my chest, he left leg thrown over mine and his elbow almost touching my hard cock while his hand was buried in my chest hair.

"Time to get up. Your alarm clock is going off. "

He rolled onto his back and stretched his arms up. A big yawn accompanied his stretch.

"Alright. I'm going. I call the shower first." He flung the covers back and staggered out of my room headed for his. I couldn't see, but the alarm stopped sounding and then the shower started.

I know what it's like to have a morning wood, but this morning was different. My dick had a mind of its own today. Since the shower was going, I thought I had a few minutes and could satisfy myself with a quick jerk off session. So, I started jerking my dick and playing with my nipples. I was really getting into it when I heard the shower stop. Shoot, I took too long.

"I'm out. Your turn."

I tried squeezing the blood out of my cock to make it go down. It helped some, but I was still left a more than just a chubby. I threw back the covers and headed to the hall bathroom. He was drying off and I reached in to turn the shower on while trying to cover my semi-hard dick with my hand. I could tell he was checking it out in the mirror. I pushed the shower curtain back, stepped in facing the water and pulled the curtain closed. The warm water felt good and I turned around to wet my hair, there he was kneeling in front of me. Without a word being said by either of us, he started sucking my dick. It didn't take very long for it to come back to a full salute.

This was the first time I stood in front of him for a blow job. I could see him deep throating it and his tongue working the heck out of it. With one of his hands, he was jerking himself off and the other hand was reaching between his legs. I assume he was playing with his butthole. Watching him bob up and down the length of my cock from the top view was tremendously exciting and added to this experience. I knew it wouldn't take very long for me to cum.

"I'm not going to last much longer."

This threw him into his frenzy. He was bobbing up and down going from the tip of my head all the way to my pubes faster than I could have with my own hand. While he was bobbing, he was also jerking and fingering his hole.

This time, he came first. He let out a burst of air while trying to keep up his bobbing pace. He just couldn't do it. Since the bathtub is white, it was hard to see his cum, but based on his breathing and his strokes, I knew he shot his load. He was trying to breathe and bob but his breathing was getting in the way. He took his hand away from his butthole and started stroking my cock with it. He never took his mouth away from my head, but there was enough room on my 8 incher for him to stroke it without busting his own lips. The stroking sent me to the point of no return.

"Get ready, here it comes"

His total concentration was directed at my cock. Nothing was going to stop him from getting my load. I started shooting into his mouth. He didn't deep throat me but kept stroking and holding m cum in his mouth. The stroking slowed down a bit but he wouldn't remove his mouth from my cock. Eventually, the stroking turned to milking and he was milking every drop of cum from my cock with his fist.

"I think I'm done. You can let it go now."

He tilted his lead back and opened his mouth. Holy Shit! That was a mouthful of cum! He swooshed it around with his tongue and then swallowed.

"I love the taste of your cum. It's sweet with a manly taste to it."

He stood up, rinsed his hands off in the spray of the shower and got out. The water was starting to turn cooler as the water heater needs replacing. I hurried up to finished my shower with what little warm water was left. After finishing, I pulled the curtain back, to get out and I saw Jason was about to spit some water out of his mouth after brushing his teeth. All I could do was stare as his ass and butthole. My dick was still cubby from the blow job and the cool water was helping it return to normal, but looking as his fuzzy ass and a little bit of a puckered hole was bring it back to life. I tried drying off and not paying any attention to it but it didn't work. He was still bent over the sink. How long does it take to rinse toothpaste out of your mouth? He was doing this on purpose.

Well, his furry ass did get the attention of my dick. It sprang back to life like I was 16 again. I tried ignoring it and went to hang up my towel. As I turned, Jason backed up just enough so my dick brushed against his ass.

"Sorry. My bad"

"I think you did that on purpose-you're just teasing me."

"Man, I can't believe it's hard again. Let me help you take care of it."

"I'm good. If you leave it alone, it will go down all by itself."

"But I like helping it go down. Here, let me try something." With that said, I thought I would see what he had up his sleeve to help my throbbing cock go down.

He spit into his hand and started rubbing it all over by cock. He liked to pay special attention to the tender spot underneath the head. Once it was good and slippery, he backed his butthole up to it.

"Put it in."

"Don't you need to loosen some? I don't want to hurt you."

"I played with it while I jerked off in the shower this morning and then again when I sucked you off. It's well lubed and ready for some action."

"Like I said, I'm not 16. I don't know if I can finish what you want me to start."

I really didn't think I could stay hard for another round that quick. Sometimes though, my dick has a mind of its own. I put the head of my dick against his butthole and he backed up full force engulfing it in one swoop.

"Ahh, that's it. Give it to me. It feels so good to have you in me."

I liked the dirty talk. If he would keep it up, I may just cum again after all.

"Keep talking to me. Tell me what you want."

"Fuck me harder. I want to feel you balls slamming mine. That's it. Pull it all the way out then ram it back it. Don't go easy on me. Wear my cunt out."

That was the first time I really remember him cussing. And he was giving me orders of what he wanted. I a strange way, it was turning me on more than before. So I did what he told me to do. I pulled it all the way out then rammed it all the way in. I swear I could feel the part where his colon turns. Even though I was bottoming out, he didn't care. After pulling all the way out a few times, I decided to pick up the pace and just fuck him as fast as I could.

Speed fucking was not my forte'. I like it a little slower where you can feel every muscle, every hair, everything there is. With speed fucking, everything is a blur. And, my balls were bouncing into his and off my legs to the point it was almost getting painful. My balls enjoy a firm yet gentle squeeze or a slight tugging, but not bouncing off everything in their path. The good thing about fucking Jason as fast possible loosened him up quickly. Maybe Jason fingering his hole while he beat off two times this morning helped, but, his hole was turning to mush and made some really cool sounds. My favorite was similar to stirring macaroni and cheese. It didn't matter if I was pushing my dick in our pulling it out, both sounded like I was stirring macaroni can cheese.

"Spank me. Spank my ass."

It had been several years since I spanked Jason but if that's what he wants, I'll do it. I moved my had back about 6 inches and smacked his ass with the palm of my hand leaving my hand on his ass. All I heard was a small sound similar to a clap.

"Harder. Spank me harder!"

I reared my hand back about 2 feet and swatted his ass to the point my fingers and hand were burning.

"Ooohhhh. That's it. Again. Do it again."

By the time I reached back to do it again, there was a fiery red hand print on his right cheek. It was very visible even through the hairs on his ass. Still, I reached back and did it again-just as hard as the last one and near the same spot. This has to be hurting him because my hand really began to hurt.

"More. Just like that. Keeping doing it."

He asked for it so I kept doing it. I must have been doing something right because now I noticed when I spanked him, he butthole started to tighten up. Every time I spanked him it was in the same spot and his ass was so red, I thought he was going to start bleeding so I switched to the left side. The first swat must have sent shivers down his spine because he clamped down so hard on my cock I thought he was going to pinch it off.

"Don't stop. I'm gonna cum. Keep going. I'm gonna cummmmm."

His asshole stated pulsing and that's all it took for me to blow my load.

"Me too. Here it comes!"

Smack. Smack. Smack...Left, right, left...the sight of his puckered hole squeezing my cock was beautiful and the feeling was nothing like I had experienced in a long time. Still, I kept pumping my load into him. I stopped spanking but kept plowing him until I could not feel my dick pulsate any more. Then I just left it in there while standing motionless behind him. Finally my dick was soft enough that it began to slip out. I eased back and grabbed his ass cheeks with my thumbs so I would watch his hole release my cock. As slow as a slug, my dick slid out of his hole. One it was finally out, Jason made a deposit on the bathroom rug of a mixture of my cum and something else. He was looking at me through the mirror.

"Did that make your dick go down?"

"For the time being it did. But If I think about it long enough, I'm sure it will spring back to life. Just gotta keep my mind on something else. I'm gonna jump back in the shower and clean up real quick. Just leave the rug alone and I'll get it later."

"Can I get a washcloth from the shower, dad. I sorta made a mess on the cabinet."

I turned around to see what he was talking about. Damn! He shot the mother load all over the cabinet doors. For his third load of the morning, this boy was really full of cum. I jumped in and quickly washed my dick and balls and got back out. Jason had cleaned up his mess and was in his room getting dressed. I don't remember where we were going but I do remember the fear of being late.

I hurried to my room and picked out some shorts and a t-shirt. As I was searching for a pair of underwear, my dick jumped. Aw shit! Was it getting hard again? I swapped the underwear for a jockstrap. No pair of boxers was going to contain my monster today. I got one foot through the leg strap and started on the other one. It was hooked on a toe and I stated hopping around trying to get it free. Jason walked in during this escapade.

"Why are you wearing a jock?"

"To be completely honest, I started getting another hardon and knew my boxers would not keep it from snaking down my leg. So it's this or letting my dick hang out of my shorts."

"I'm cool with letting it hand out. If mine keeps up with yours, I may be showing some dick too."

I had unhooked the jockstrap from my toes and pulled it up. As I was securing my package neatly in place, I glanced at Jason. He was sprouting a nice tent in his shorts and trying to adjust it so it wouldn't be as noticeable.

"I think you need to put on a jockstrap. We don't have time for you to pop off another load. You'll just have to wait to do that until we get back home."

Still adjusting himself he said, "Naw, I'm good. I really hate wearing a jock. See, you can hardly tell I've got a boner. Can you?"

His t-shirt was snug fitting and I swear you could see the head of his dick perfectly outlined through the t-shirt.

"No, I can't tell at all. Well, maybe just a little. Any way you don't have to put it under your t-shirt? Can you hide it in your shorts somehow?"

We didn't have time due to our bathroom rendezvous. We were going to be late. He was going to have to deal with it until we could get back home and figure out a way to help it go down. I'm sure if we put our heads together we could think of something.



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