Jason's senior year in high school was almost over. He'd made it through the fall semester, finished his 4th year of football, made decent grades and was waiting on a couple of scholarship offers. He decided not to play baseball so he could enjoy more free time. Basically, he wanted to good off and I was OK with that. Over the past 18 years, he never gave me any reason to worry, obeyed the rules I set, and was very responsible. This was his last semester of high school and I wanted him to be able to enjoy it and make some memories that would last a lifetime.

Since he wasn't playing sports, he stated to lose some of his superb muscle tone earned from years of playing sports. I suggested he could workout with me at the fitness center located in my office building. If I'm in the office, I try to work out for 45-50 minutes during lunch. That combined with an early morning run keeps me in shape. But, if I add an evening workout, I could regain the body I had back in my 20's. Who was I kidding? Now that I'm 42 and approaching 43 quickly, I probably would never get that body back again. But it may be worth a try.

Since my schedule changes week to week, it's hard to make plans more than 5 days ahead so we just take it day by day. It was mid-spring and I managed to get out of the office at a reasonable hour, probably around 6. Since I have a home office, I can do that! I met Jason at home and asked if he was ready to work out. I did not get an enthusiastic response. With some coercion, I coaxed him to pack up a gym bag and go with me to work out.

The gym isn't a busy place after normal work outs. During lunch, it's packed. I liked the fact there wasn't a wait for any of the machines and we basically had the place to ourselves. We headed to the locker room to change. I have a locker where I keep my work out gear, sneakers, and shower stuff since I usually come at lunch. Jason took a locker close to mine and began to change. I look longer since I still had on my tie and dress clothes from work. Jason just had on jeans and a t-shirt from school. He was almost dressed while I was still getting out of my clothes. I saw him out of the corner of my eye sitting on a bench staring at me as I stood there completely naked. I pulled out my shorts and my jockstrap fell to the floor. I bent over to get it exposing my hairy asshole to him along with my low hanging nuts.

"You really wear a jock to work out in, dad?"

"I tell you, when you have balls that hang this low" I said holding my nuts, "you need all the support you can get. I suppose you have on boxers?"

"Yeh, I do. And my balls hang down pretty far. Not as far as yours, but they still hang down there."

"Since I work here, I think its best that I keep my private affairs private. I don't want any slips out there where I show everyone what I've got. I know it's not busy, but you never know who may come back to work out. Therefore, I think it's best if you wear something to prevent any slips, too."

"It's almost empty out there and besides, I didn't bring a jock with me."

"Here, I've got an extra one that's pretty clean" I said tossing it to him. He pulled it to his nose and sniffed it. "Hey, It's not freshly washed but it ain't gonna kill you to wear my jockstrap once. I bet it's not the first time either" I said with a chuckle.

"Dad, come one. That's gross."

"Shut up and put it on, son."

We both got dressed and headed to the floor. Normally, I do my lunch routine fast and hard. Between dressing, showering and redressing, I only have about 40 minutes for a good workout. Not that we were not in a hurry, the workout seemed more fun and relaxed. It also helped to have someone to talk to. Even though Jason is an 18 year old senior in high school, he still enjoys our talks and I do, too. It was small talk, upcoming assignments, updates on who received what scholarship offer, who's dating who...stuff like that. Even though we were somewhat resting while the other one did their reps, we were both hitting it pretty hard-harder than I did by myself. I think testosterone had a lot to do with it. Jason wanted to be tougher than his old man and I didn't want to be shown up and treated like an old grandpa. After I was utterly exhausted, I suggested we call it a day. Jason quickly agreed. I'm sure he had been through worse workouts, especially on the football team, but I hadn't.

Inside the locker room we pealed our wet, skin tight shirts from out skin. Jason began checking me out again from the bench.

"You gonna shower here or at home?"

"Since the only clothes I have are my work clothes, I think I'll shower here. Not sure if I can take the smell of us in the car either."

"Yeh, you do kinda smell bad. I guess I'll shower, too." Jason said.

He started taking off his clothes while I threw him an extra towel hitting him in the back. I turned back around to get my soap and shampoo together when I was hit in my back.

"Here, you can have your dirty jock back. Thanks for letting me use it." Jason said very sarcastically.

All I could think was what if someone just heard that? What would they think of some guy loaning another guy a jockstrap? Thankfully, the place was deserted. The showers were quiet and by the time we finished working out, everyone was gone. We had the place to ourselves.

I had my shower stuff in my hands with my towel thrown over my shoulder and walked up to Jason. He had grown into a nice looking young man. He was almost as tall as me. I would say he was 6' 3" but a lean 175 pounds. His broad chest was now covered with thick, course, dark brown hair the led from his collar bones all the way down. He was a daily shaver but liked to let it grow for a few days than shave it off. I thought it was funny how his facial hair was almost red and nothing else about him favored a redhead. He had let his sandy brown hair grow to the point it was in his eyes most of the time and way past his collar. His stomach was flat but he did not have the 6-pack abs. He didn't want to work for them. He had about a 3 inch soft cock that would grow to about 7 ½ inches with a slight upward curve. His balls were similar to mine-very low hangers. Everything from his waist down was covered with the same dark brown, course hair including is butt. One of the differences between the two of us is my hair line stops at the top of my butt. His does not. He had a slight trial leading up the center of his back and the beginning of some back fur near his shoulder blades. I think he would be much hairier than I was.

"Ready to hit the showers?"

He stood up, grabbed the towel I had tossed him and followed me to the communal showers. We hung our towels on the hooks outside the shower area. Inside the shower area are 4 showers poles in a square with each pole containing 4 shower heads. Since we were sharing body wash and shampoo, it only made sense we use the same pole. Rather than stand next to me, he took the one directly across from me. He took some body wash and started lathering up spending a little too much time washing his dick. When he turned his attention to his butt, his dick sprang to full attention. I knew he liked to play with his butthole while he jerked off, but I didn't realize how quickly it took effect. Watching him getting excited was getting me hard.

When I was about half hard, I thought I heard something in the dressing area. I paused for a moment trying to hear what it was. Jason was facing me but still fingering his ass but was quiet. Then a body appeared in the shower opening. It was Michael.

Michael was the night time security officer who patrolled our building.

"Oh, it's you Mr. Cooper. You're here kinda late today. You know we close the fitness center at 8:00 and it's already 8:15." He said this to me while looking at my son still "washing" his ass which was pointed right at him.

"The time got away from us. We got a late start and didn't realize it was closing time. By the way, you remember my son Jason, don't you?" Jason pulled his soap hands under the shower spray to rinse them off and turned towards Michael offering him a hand shake.

"It's been a few years I think, but good to see you again Mr. Simmons."

"You can just call me Michael-I think you're old enough to do that." Michael was caught off guard but stepped in to shake Jason's hand and then backed up a few steps. Michael was now staring at Jason's rock hard cock. Even though it has a slight upward curve, when it's hard, it points up at a 45 degree angle-no way to really hide it. "I'll tell you what...I'm going to lock the front door and turn out the lights. When you two get through, just make sure the front door is closed behind you. I'll come back later and turn off the lights in here."

"Thanks again. We'll make sure the door is closed and we shouldn't be much longer."

With that, Michael turned and walked out. You could hear the clicks as he shut off the lights in the workout area. Jason was standing just outside the spray of the shower playing with his butthole with one hand and stroking his cock with the other.

"Since everything is locked up, you want to have some fun?"

With the place locked up, I thought why not. I started playing with my dick as Jason walked over to me. He got down on his knees and swallowed by semi-hard cock all the way to the base. I have a 6 inch soft cock but it only grows to 8 inches when it's hard. The circumference grows quite a bit but over the years, Jason has been able to take it and rather enjoys taking it. Jason doesn't believe in using his hands on a cock he is sucking. He likes to keep one on his cock and the other is used to play with his ass. After a few deep throat plunges, my cock was rock hard and pointing straight out. When Jason takes his time swallowing my cock, I love the feel of the back of his throat stretching and twisting to encircle my cock trying to guide it down his throat.

Jason stood up, turned around and grabbed hold of the main shower pole with one hand and was playing with his ass with the other.

"Give it to me, dad."

I planted my feet outside his and had my knees against his. All I had to do was aim my cock as his ass. The slight brush of my cockhead against his lathered asshole was the sign for Jason to back up on it. And back up he did.

There was no easing a cock in his ass. He wanted it balls deep on the first push. Even though he had been playing with his ass to relax it, it was much tighter than usual.

"Awww fuck. Give me a minute to get used to it. I wasn't as ready as I thought."

I stayed motionless but balls deep in his ass. I could feel his asshole pulsate and squeeze my cock while trying to relax. After a good minute or so, Jason stated to ease forward. This is the part I love to see. His asshole is usually puckered and reddish blue and the hairs are very coarse and wiry. To see it slowly reveal my thick, slippery cock and have those hairs tickle the shaft and head let me know I'm right where I am supposed to be. I love giving my cock to my son as much as he loves receiving it. After he was getting more relaxed, he stated backing up harder and harder letting more and more of my cock slip from his ass each time. Just then, I started to join in by slamming into him. This makes my balls swing into his. The "knocking" of our balls adds just enough pain to be pleasurable for both of us. When Jason just blows me, he usually tugs on my balls. But since he is holding onto the shower with one hand and jerking off with the other, I have to use his balls to slap mine against.

His ass had relaxed to the point it was making those sloppy sounds. This was my clue to pull all the way out and then ram it all the way back in. A couple of times I didn't hit his asshole dead center and he winched as my dick struggled to find his hole. Even though it had to be painful, Jason loves it. Actually, I intentionally missed on purpose. I like to see his suffer just a little-to see him throw his head back and let out a moan while his back is arched tells me he really likes it.

Those sloppy sounds were getting worse. I decided he needed to tighten up his asshole so I reared back and gave his hairy ass a hard swat with my hand. He almost jumped onto the shower pole letting my dick totally escape from his asshole.

"That felt really good. Unexpected, but really good."

I grabbed hold of my dick and put it back inside my son. Once it was buried deep inside, I gave him another smack of the same intensity in the same place. I love seeing a red handprint on his furry ass. This time he just moaned and turned his head trying to see where I spanked him. I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled back towards me making him to face forwards. I didn't want him to see when I was going to spank him or with which hand. I reared back with my other hand and give him another hard spank. Just as his asshole tightened up, I plowed him extra hard and deep.

"If you keep doing that, I'm gonna cum before you do."

Jason has been taught that I am supposed to cum first and only after I cum is he allowed to. Since I was getting close to the point of no return, I began concentrating on his ass. I love the sight of a hairy, firm ass especially with my dick inside it. With my eyes focused on what was important, I began plowing him with everything I had. Then I heard.

"What's going on in here?"

Michael was standing in the shower entrance staring at me with my dick deeply planted in my son's ass. Shit, we were busted.

"It's not what you think. I can explain."

"I don't care about your explanations. All I want to know is can I join in? I knew something had to be going on between you two." Michael stated with a smirk on his face.

Whew, what a relief. I was picturing handcuffs, jail, unemployment... The scare did a number on my dick. It went limp but it was still hidden his Jason's ass. I guess letting him join in would be better than going to jail.

"Jason has been taught that I am the only person allowed to fuck him. But, if that's what you want, I will share him with you."

"Naw, hairy dudes don't do much for me. But I bet he can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch."

Michael turned to Jason. "You like sucking cock, boy?"

"Yes sir"

"You want a six day load in your mouth?"

"Yes sir. Please let me suck your cock."

"I don't want to get my uniform wet. Hold on while I get out of it. I'll be right back."

Michael turned and went stepped out of the showers. In about 30 seconds, he returned stroking his cock making a bee-line straight to Jason.

Michael was about 35 years old and had the body of a 60 year old. No muscle tone, hairy nipples and a patch of hair right in the middle of his chest, the beginnings of a beer gut with a light dusting of hair, an overgrown patch of pubes, and what appeared to be about a 5 inch cock. His balls were already tight against the base. His skin was pasty white except for the wife beater tan line of his arms and neck. His legs were skinny, white and almost hairless. This was definitely not my type of guy nor did I think it would be Jason's either. I'm sure the only thing Jason was interested was that 6 day load from those balls.

Jason dropped to his knees since Michael stands about 5' 10". This way, Jason could suck his cock easier and I could get on my knees and fuck him from behind. Jason had no problems sucking his short dick. He did his normal routine of deep throating it then letting it slid out of his mouth while giving it plenty of tongue action and finally sucking the head letting it vibrate between his lips. My guess is Michael wasn't into guys because he stood there with his arms to his side with his eyes closed. My ex-wife was a good cock sucker, but was an amateur compared to Jason. Unless Michael won the lottery with his wife, she probably a beginner compared to Jason.

I was really getting into this 3-way even though Michael wasn't doing anything but standing there. Just knowing Jason was sucking a cock while I fucked him turned me on. My cock was hard again in no time I placed it as deep as I could up is ass. I must have been hitting the right spot because Jason's ass was squirming like he was going to cum. He knew better than to shoot his load first so I eased my cock out until the head was the only part in him. I gripped the base firmly to trap the blood and make the head bigger. I pulled it all the way out then slowly put the head in him. I would leave it there for just a few seconds then start over again-pulling it out then putting it in.

"Damn, your boy is good at sucking cock. He's about to get a mouthful."

I had slowed down enough that I wasn't on the verge of cumming anymore. I had to catch up. While gripping the base, I started to ram my cock all the way in Jason's ass and then rip it out. I was picking up speed while his asshole started blooming like a flower. It wouldn't close after I pulled out and I didn't give it a chance to twitch before putting it back in. I knew this kind of abuse to his ass would bring him close to cumming, too.

"Oh fuck, boy. Here it comes." Michael said.

Michael pulled his cock out of Jason's mouth and started jerking it. Jason tried putting it back in his mouth only to be knocked in the lips by Michael's hand. His dick was not long enough for a hand to wrap around it and put it in a mouth. Michael locked his elbow and had his palm firmly planted on Jason's forehead. Michael wasn't taking the hint that Jason really liked cum and wanted to make sure he got every drop. Jason tried to break the lock and devour Michael's cock but couldn't. Michael started shooting his load. The first blast missed Jason's mouth, went over his head and landed between his shoulder blades. Blast number two landed in Jason's hair. That's when Jason knocked his elbow so he could latch on to Michael's cock. He had missed two shots but wasn't going to miss any more. Michael was squirming and hissing-this kind of hiss you make when someone touches the head of your right after you cum. Jason went further down the shaft letting Michael's head rest near the back of this mouth. Watching Jason fight for this load put me right to the edge. With one last pounding, my balls drew up and started unloading deep in Jason's hairy ass. I didn't have a 6 day load, but I was unloading just as much as Michael. I held my dick balls deep in Jason's ass until my dick quit shooting. I felt at least 10 good shots of cum unloaded in him. Then I started withdrawing until I was about to see the head then I slowly eased it back in. I didn't want anything to leak out before he had a chance to cum. I could tell Michael was about to pull his cock out of Jason's mouth. He looked like the type to cum and run but since Jason hadn't cum yet, I thought he could use sum assistance. My dick was still hard so when I was almost out of Jason's ass, I gave him a good, firm swat with my hand. His asshole closed pushing my dick out of the way. I grabbed hold of it and forcefully put it back in. You could hear Jason moan while still sucking Michael's dick. Then I gave him swat number 2-just a little bit harder but in the same spot. That did it. Jason was blowing air out of his mouth trying to keep Michael's soft dick in it. Then the asshole spasms began. His flowering bud was clamping down on my shaft milking every last drop of cum from me. Tilting my head to the side, I could see his furry taint pulsate with his spasms.

Michael turned on the shower head closest to him just so it dribbled water. He cupped his hand under the stream and washed his dick. I could guarantee there wasn't any cum left on or near his cock. He took a couple more handfuls and shut the water off.

"Y'all really need to get going. It's way past closing time and I don't want to get in trouble for letting you stay." After that, he turned and walked back to the dressing area.

"Wash your hair really quick. You've got a shot or two of cum in it. And you've got some on your back."

"And I've got sum running down my legs thanks to you." Jason said standing up.

Jason ducked his head under my shower and reached for the shampoo. While he washed his hair, I got a handful of body wash and began washing his back and ass. There was a river of cum flowing out of his ass down his left leg. I knew it felt like a big load but it was hard to believe this all came from me. I got more body wash and stated washing his legs. Even though his leg hairs were wet and lying down, they had a bristly feel to them. Not soft like mine, but course and stiff. Once I finished his legs, I stood up and used my soapy hands to wash my dick. It was still sensitive but I enjoyed squeezing it and caressing it. Jason turned with his back to the spray to wash off his back and legs.

"If you keep playing with it, it won't go down. Isn't that what you tell me all the time?" Jason said smiling at me with a shit eating grin.

"Just shut up and rinse off. We gotta go."

I made my way to get my towel when I heard the shower shut off. Jason showed up beside me drying off at the benches by our lockers. I opened my locker and grabbed my work clothes. I just threw on my shirt and pulled up my slacks. Then I sat down to put on my socks and shoes.

"You going commando? Decided to give freeballing a chance?"

"We need to get out of here before someone else sees us in here. This is where I work and I don't want to get into trouble. Just get dressed and let's go, please."

Jason pulled his jeans on without any underwear either. He left them low enough his cock and balls were hanging out. He reached in and pulled out his t-shirt and struggled to pull in over his still wet skin. He sat down, cock and balls still out, and put on his sneakers without unlacing them. I had gathered all my belongings and was standing over Jason giving in an impatient look. Once he stood up, he tucked his goods into his jeans, zipped them up and finally buttoned the button.

"If you're freeballin', so am I. Only difference, my jeans will hide my dick but your pants are really showing yours off. Look at it!"

"Shut up and let's go."

He picked up his stuff and we headed out. As we passed the mirror, I did check myself out. It looked like I had a zucchini down my pants and it was swinging with every step I took. My dick is about 6 inches long soft and the girth is impressive too. Even through the workout area, I checked myself out in the mirrors. The more I looked, the chubbier my dick got. I couldn't believe my dick could get so excited so quick after sex. Jason began to notice me checking myself out in the mirrors.

"Like what you see? I may have to get me some pants like yours and freeball, too."

We made it to the car and threw of stuff in the trunk. I didn't give Jason the chance to drive as I walked to the driver's side. Once we were both inside and buckled, I turned to him.

"That was pretty fun in there with a 3rd person. I wish he had been better looking, but it was still fun."

"I wanted to take his 6 day load in my mouth, but he had to pull out and waste it."

"You ever done anything like that before?"

"Just with some of the guys from the neighborhood when we were younger. Nothing with guys from school or teammates or anything. I wouldn't mind doing it again. But if there is a next time, we need to find a place where we won't be disturbed. I'm not sure about a foursome."

The inside lights were still on in the car since I hadn't put the key in the ignition to start it. Jason reached over the console and put his hand on my dick which was stretched across my right thigh.

"I'm not sure if I can wait until we get home to suck on this." He said as give my dick a squeeze. "Why don't you take it out and let me suck on it while you drive home."

I put the key in the ignition and turned the car on so the interior lights would go off. It was only 3 miles to the house so I gave in to his request and pulled my stiffening cock out. To give him some extra room, I pulled the seat as far back as it would go and raised the steering wheel to its highest position. The upper part of the zipper was cutting into my dick, so I unbuckled my belt and undid the button giving Jason full access to my cock. He decided this wasn't enough room so he tugged at my slacks to pull them down another couple of inches just so he could get to my balls.

Before I could get the car into reverse, Jason engulfed my cock and started swallowing allowing his throat muscles to squeeze the blood to the head of my cock. I started driving towards the exit and passed under a couple of light posts. Since the parking lot was empty, I wasn't concerned about hitting another car while I looked down to see Jason devouring my cock and massaging my balls. Before I could get to the exit, I was completely, totally hard as a rock.

The streets had a few cars on them but not many. I drove slower than the posted speed limit and stayed in the right lane. Every street light we passed gave enough light for a brief second to see what Jason was doing. I could tell from the pressure on my pubes he was as far down on my dick as he could go. When he pulled up to play with the head of my cock, he would bump the steering wheel. Besides barely reaching the gas pedal, this was another reason I drove slowly. I didn't want him to knock the steering wheel and cause a wreck.

Just as I was about to reach the last of the two intersections, the traffic light turned to red. I drove slow enough that I thought it would turn green before I got there. Nope-didn't happen. I pulled up and stopped at the white line. No one was around. Then an SUV pulled up to my left with what appeared to be high school kids in the front and back. The guy in the front passenger seat noticed what was going on between my legs and told everyone in the car. The backseat passenger rolled his window down to get a better look through the tinted windows. I heard hoots and hollers. "That's it dude. Way to get you cock sucked while driving. Hey, can she ride with me next?" I told Jason to keep his head down. The light turned green and we drove off. They stayed beside me until I turned on our street a few blocks down. I could be turning into an exhibitionist because getting a blow job while someone was watching made my dick harder.

There were not as many street lights in our neighborhood so I wasn't able to watch Jason enjoy his seconding helping of cock but I could feel it. He tongue was working wonders on my shaft and the sensitive underside of my cock where the head meets the shaft. It was only 3 miles but I didn't think I would make it home before I blew my load. I managed to turn into the driveway and pulled up to the garage. The garage is full of old workout equipment so we cannot park in it. Once the car was in park, I reclined the seat and pulled up my shirt. Jason's drool was soaking my pubes and I was worried about him getting my shirt wet for some reason. He was working my cock like mad. He definitely was trying to get another load. I unbuttoned my shirt and began to rub my nipples. I'm not into pain but rubbing turned to light pinching very quickly. Along with my nipple play, Jason began slurping louder than usual and he was producing more spit than normal. I could feel the excess spit flow down past my balls towards my asshole. As he tugged on my balls just a little harder I reached the point of no return.

"Here it comes. Are you ready?"

Jason started sucking just the head and pulling on my balls. He was about to receive his second load in his mouth of the evening. I unleashed a load that would be double what Michael had produced in 6 days. My dick started jumping and flexing. Jason was poised to receive everything I delivered. About half way through my orgasm, I heard that familiar sound of his gasping and exhaling on my cock. He was cumming. He had been beating off inside his jeans while blowing me. My dick stopped twitching and Jason went all the way down. This is his way of cleaning up any cum that may have trickled down the shaft. He released the hold on my balls and left the fall against the seat of the car. It felt like they landed in a pool of spit. They did land in a pool of spit! Jason usually uses the excess spit to lube his cock and asshole. Since he was leaning over the console, his spit accumulated between my legs. Good thing he pulled my pants down when it did or they would have a huge stain that resembled cum on them. That would have been embarrassing at the cleaners.

Jason released my cock with a pop and swallowed the last few drops collected in his mouth.

"You really like the taste of cum, don't you son."

"I do. Especially yours. It's a salty-sweet combination that drives me wild. I really can't get enough. You want to feed me another load?"

"Not right now-I don't think I can. And the front yard isn't the place either."

"Aw come on. It's dark. No one will see. Let me suck on it. I KNOW I can make it hard again."

"I think I'm good for now, but thanks for thinking about it. Why did we put our bags in the trunk? I could use a towel or our t-shirts to mop up your 10 gallons of spit."

The neighbors motion sensor spot light came on. It's pointed at their driveway but lights up their entire front yard. Of all the times for it to come on...

"I could use a towel too. I shot the mother load in jeans. Just look at it."

Wow, he was right. From the size of the wet spot, it looks like he shot his load and mine in his jeans.

"This feels creepy. I'm taking my jeans off." Jason kicked off his sneakers and proceeded to pull his jeans down while sitting in the front seat before I could say anything.

"You'd better take your pants off too or you'll have spit all over them. The front door is just over there. No one will see us. Come one."

With that he opened the door, stepped out and grabbed his sneakers and jeans. He used a leg from his jeans to wipe up some of the cum from his hip and thigh. Once he was clean, he walked to the trunk to get his gym bag.

I kicked off my shoes and pulled my slacks off. I stepped out of the car with my shirt unbuttoned, no pants and socks on. I took off my socks and wiped the spit off the car seat. As I reached in and picked up my shoes my hairy ass was pointed towards the neighbors light, I felt a drop of spit land on my foot. Damn that boy needs to stop drooling so much when he sucks cock. I closed the car door and locked it. Then I just strolled around the car and up to the front door with my cock flopping from side to side. Jason was watching me as if nothing was different from any other night.

Saturday morning came and I woke up earlier than I wanted to. One day to sleep in and I'm up-just my luck. I fixed a cup of coffee, plopped down on the couch and started channel surfing. For many years now, we had an agreement that if Jason and I were home alone, we didn't have to wear clothes. Since I sleep naked, I just remained that way. I didn't even bother to cover up on the couch. After an hour or so, Jason staggered into the family room and sat on the other end of the couch. He had just woken up and still had his morning wood.

"Dad, I've been thinking about something you said a few days ago and it's been bothering me. Can we talk about it?"

Clueless to what it was I said, "Sure. Go ahead and get it off your chest."

"When we were at your fitness center, you said you were the only one allowed to fuck me. Is that true?"

"Well, I just thought it was something you liked and that we did together-just you and me. Is there someone else you want to be with and let them do that to you?"

"No. I like doing it with you, but someone else fucked me. Well, it might have been more rape than sex, but someone else did it."

The word rape got my heart pumping and sent my rage to the boiling point. "Who raped you?"

"It was Coach Hobart-the receiver coach. But it was kinda my fault too. But then it kept happening and I didn't know how to make it stop. He was..."

"Stop right there. Slow down, take a breath and start from the beginning. Tell me everything that happened. I'm not going to get mad at you-it's not your fault. Just tell me what happened."

"It happened right about the time school started. I know it was a Monday because you worked on Sunday at the office, I had some of homework and I didn't get the laundry done. I was going to do it, but I forgot. And my jock was in the dirty clothes."

"Hold on. Slow down. I think you are missing some of the important details. Just slow down and tell me everything. I'm not going to be mad at you. Just slow down."

"When I got to practice on Monday, I didn't have my jock. My boxers were too long for my shorts and I wasn't going to ask the other guys to borrow one, so I freeballed at practice. It was just shorts with helmets so we weren't tackling. But Coach Hobart called me over. He grabbed me by my facemask and pulled me to his face. He said I wasn't properly dressed and if I ever came back to practice not properly dressed again, my ass would be his."

"Well, Monday I had a bunch of to study for a test on Tuesday and then we went to dinner after you go home and I forgot all about doing laundry. I asked my 6th period teacher if I could leave a few minutes early from class to see another teacher before practice. I went to the bathroom and jerked off. You know how I play with my ass when I jerk off-it helps me cum quicker. Well, after I finished, I went to the lockerroom and changed. On my way to the field Coach Hobart stopped me and made me go into his office. He got up and shut the door. Then he asked me if I was wearing a jock. Before I could answer, he told me to pull my shorts down to my ankles and stay there. I did. And then he was like, "well well well...what have we got here. Looks like someone likes to have their ass played with." He came over and started fingering my asshole. Before I knew it, he dropped his pants and was fucking me. He came pretty quickly and shot his load in my ass. Then he stepped out of his shorts and kicked me his jock and told me to wear it at practice so I did."

"When practice was over, he stopped me on the way out of the locker room and told me to give him back his jock. I pulled it from my gym bag and gave it back. I was going to take it home and wash it before I gave it back. He started talking some shit about me liking to sniff jocks and using it for a toss rag and called me a fag. When I told him he was wrong-that I wasn't into that-he told me to drop my shorts and grab my ankles. Then he raped me again while he called me a fag, faggot, and cocksucker. He kept saying how I liked him fucking me and that if I was a good faggot, he would fuck me over and over. Then about 2 or 3 days later, he was about to do the same thing before practice. He made me drop my shorts and grab my ankles in his office. He had just started raping me again when there was a knock on the door. Coach Hobart made me pull up my shorts so he would answer the door. He was trying to get his clothes on and keep his dick from sticking straight out. Coach Hills was the one knocking. He wanted to know why the door was locked and what we were doing. I didn't say anything but Coach Hobart said we were reviewing the new plays since I couldn't get them down. I remember Coach Hills glanced up and down me and Coach Hobart and then he finally said no one better lock a door in his locker room ever again. Ever. Period. After that, Hobart would make me stay after practice on the days he had to lock up. It didn't matter if I was dressed correctly or not, he still fucked me. He did it all through football season. That's one of the reason I didn't want to go out for baseball. I know he's one of the assistant coaches for them and I didn't want it to keep happening."

"Did you ever tell anyone about this?"

"No 'cause I thought they wouldn't believe me. And I thought all the guys would start calling me a fag and then really fuck with me if they found out what was happening."

I edged myself off the couch and crawled on my knees between his legs. I gave him the biggest hug imaginable. With tears in my eyes I tried to comfort him. "No one will ever treat you like this again. Do you hear me-ever. What we have between is a mutual father/son bond that allows us to share our lover for each other with each other. That's doesn't make you gay or a fag. What you did in your younger days was perfectly natural. All boys do it. I did it too. It's just part of figuring out how everything works. But what your coach did was 100% wrong and he needs to be punished. I don't want you to have to come public with any of the details but I will figure out a way to get back at him."

Jason started crying too. I know it took a lot of courage for him to tell me this. I wasn't disappointed in him in any way. I was furious at a high school coach that would or could do this over and over again.

Jason and I went back to my room and cuddled up in each other' arms for the rest of the morning. Neither of us said a word but knew exactly what the other was thinking and feeling. Finally we got up around lunch time and fixed something to eat. After that, everything was almost back to normal, or so it seemed.

"Hey, I got an idea." I said to Jason. "I want to buy you something. Something you really want. Something you've wanted for a long time but haven't got. Whataya say?"

"I really don't need anything."

"I didn't say something you NEED. I said something you want."

"Well, you know how I like to play with my butthole when I jerk off and all I really have is just my fingers. Like, I use other things too, but I really don't have a 'toy' to use when I'm by myself. I guess you could get me a toy."

"What else do you use?"

"I started with a screwdriver and worked my way up to a candle. Then I used ping pong balls. Really, I just use whatever is around that feels good and won't cut me."

"Alright, if that's what you want. That's what I'll get for you."

Now I committed to getting something I know very little about. Jason was going to hang out with friends for the afternoon so I decided I'd better go shopping. I goggled several different options and found an adult store out by the airport. I showered and dressed and made my way out there after Jason left. I really wasn't prepared for this place.

It was disgusting, dirty and filled with a bunch of old, fat men walking around with their hands in their pockets. I wasn't expecting the inside of a Gap, but not a dump either. I know I had a look on my face of sheer terror when I walked in.

The guy behind the counter asked me for my ID and after showing it to him, he said, "Enjoy your stay at Fantasy World." Trust me, I wanted to find what I needed and get the hell out of there. All I could think of is what is someone I know is in here or sees me leaving here. I guess if they were inside, they would be doing the same thing I was so we both would be cool about it. Then I reasoned that if they drove all the way out here, they were probably looking for the same thing I was-or close to it. Either way, I was probably safe.

I meandered through the store amazed at all the stuff they had for sale. Eventually, I found the dildo section which I thought I would just grab one and go not realizing the variety of sizes, shapes and colors. In my mind, I was trying to figure out what would be comfortable for Jason to play with. Thinking a dildo would be a good play toy, but a butt plug would free up both hands so I decided to get both. I picked a flesh colored dildo about the size of my cock. Then I thought I should go smaller to make it easier to get started. Then I remember he had some things at home he could use and I started thinking bigger would be better. But what if I got something too big? I finally came back to my first decision of flesh colored my size.

Then I started looking for a butt plug. I didn't know they started from finger sized all the way up to traffic cones. Curved, straight, with pointy things attached or without, inflatable or fixed, rippled or smooth, long or short...this was not the place I was going to ask the clerk for assistance. I already felt like he was staring at me along with half of the patrons. I looked up and down the wall at all the selections and decided to stick with the flesh colored, smooth on about the size of my cock, again. That had to be a safe decision. I snatched the package from the wall and walked back to the counter with both hands full. There were 2 other people in line getting a prepaid video card for the arcade. When it was my turn to checkout, I nervously placed my items on the counter while looking around to see who was watching me. The clerk stated the items were non-returnable and asked if I had any questions he could answer. I told him I was good and ready to pay. Once he rang me up, I handed him my credit card. He seems shocked. I guess people don't pay with a credit card at those types of places. I took my black bag and left.

When I got home, I unpacked my items and placed them on Jason's bed. He was still out and about with his friends. He knows the rules. Be in by curfew or call well ahead of time. It was still early so I wasn't concerned. I decided to get comfortable and threw on some old sweat pants and a long sleeve t-shirt with a pair of wool socks and turned on the TV. Shortly after dinner time Jason came home. I offered to make him something to eat but he said they got something earlier and he wasn't hungry. He went down the hall to his room and I stayed in the family room. I was expecting him to come out and say something about his presents on his bed, but he didn't. I heard his door open and the bathroom door close. Then the bathroom door open and his door close. Still no sight of Jason. I finished watching Cops and was looking for a movie that was worth watching. I guess about 9:30, I gave up trying to find something to watch and headed for bed. Jason's door was still closed which wasn't unusual. I left my door open, got undressed and snuggled into my bed.

Just a few minutes later I heard Jason at the door.

"Dad, you still awake?"

"Yah. I just layed down. What is it?"

"I wanted to say thank you for my toys. I saw them on my bed. But there's a problem with one of them."

I thought to my self-shoot the dildo too big. I knew I should have gone smaller.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I cannot get the butt plug to stay in. I was playing with the dildo first and thought I would finish up with the butt plug. It slid in very easily, but it won't stay in. Like, I guess I stretched myself too far open with the dildo. Do you think they come in a bigger size?"

"They come in all sizes and shapes. I almost got the one smaller than that one. You know I'm not good at sizes."

"They really have different ones? Like what did they have?"

"They had so many, it's hard to describe them all. But you know what, you're 18. You can legally go in to a store like that. Want me to take you out there and let you pick it out?"

"Hell yea. That would be awesome. When do they close?"

"I think they are open 24 hours a day. I take it you want to go right now?"

"If you want to. I mean, I can wait if you don't want to go now."

"Let me put my sweats back on and I'll be ready. You need to make sure you have your license with you. They check them at the door."

Jason was out of my room in a flash. I swear he was dressed and waiting by the door before I could put my sweats and shirt back on. By the time we got to the store, it was close to 10:30, maybe 11:00 and the parking lot was packed. Jason sensed my hesitation and said it would be OK to come back later. I told him what we were doing was not illegal and I didn't care who say me or us when in fact I really did.

Once we were inside the store and our ID's were checked, Jason wanted to see everything. He was fascinated by the fetish section-whips, chains, leather and harnesses. He also paused at the cockring section. I came up beside him and asked him if he wanted one. He said he didn't need one, but that I would look hot wearing one. I told him to pick out the one he wanted me to wear. He couldn't decide between metal or leather. And should the metal be thick or thin. Then he saw some rubber ones that covered the base of your balls too. Eventually he settled on leather that had snaps all the way around it so it would be sure to fit. Next stop was the dildo section.

Jason was acting like a 4 year old trying to spend $5 at a dollar store. He wanted one of everything but knew that wasn't going to happen. He picked out a butt plug one size larger but could not stop looking at this thing called "the centipede". I looked like a deformed snowman. I guess it is similar to a butt plug but it is broken into sections that increase in size from small to extra-large. The spaces between each round part look sufficient to keep it snuggly in place and it would allow Jason some "room to grow". I went ahead and picked it up after he put it down. I really didn't mind until I got to the checkout. Do you know how much that darn centipede costs? Let's just say I could fill up my car with gas-from empty to full-two times-for the same cost. I tried not to have a heart attack when the clerk-the same one from before-gave me the total. I just gave him my credit card and listened to the non-returnable speech again. By the time we got out of there, Jason had a boner tenting from his sweatpants. Every dude in the store was ready to drop to their knees in the middle of the store to suck him off. He wasn't paying any attention to them. He was only focused on his new toy.

When we got home, he asked me if I wanted to watch him play with his centipede. I told him sure but where did he want to do it. He said it was easier to do it on a hard surface so the family room coffee table would be better than a bed. He brought out a towel and placed it over the coffee table which is actually an old trunk. He traded his clothes for a bottle of lube from his room. When he pulled the centipede from the bag, the cockring fell out.

"Oh, I forgot you got this. Can I put it on-I mean can I put it on you?"

"If you want to."

I stood up from the couch and Jason pulled my sweats down in one swoop. He popped open the clear container and unsnapped the cockring. He tried using one hand to lift up my balls while using the other hand to get the cockring underneath them but it wasn't working.

"Let me help you." I said as I lifted my cock and balls upward. This allowed Jason to get the ring close to the base of my balls. I let go and Jason brought the ends of the cockring to the top of my cock. My overgrown bush kept getting in the way of him snapping it. And I think he was trying to snap it too tight. At least it felt like he was. I think some of my ball hair and leg hair was tucked under the cockring or caught under a snap-something-because it was pulling them one by one.

"Mind if I give it a try?"

"Sure. It's hard to tell where it goes with all the hair down there. We may have to trim your bush back just a little and maybe shave your balls."

"Hold on there. We just went from trying on a cockring to trimming my pubes and shaving my balls. Let's take things one step at a time." I got it snapped in the very last one. Another fraction of an inch and it wouldn't fit. I pulled up my sweats and started to sit back down.

"Do you have to wear them? Are you cold?"

"I'm not cold. Here, I'll take them off."

"And your shirt too?"

So I took my shirt off too. Now I was just sitting there with my heavy wool socks on watching my son lube his ass so he could insert his centipede for the first time. Life was good.

He squirted a generous amount of lube on his fingers and smeared in on his ass. Then one finger went in, came out and then two fingers went in. He gave a little moan. My dick must have had ears because when he moaned, it twitched. With the cockring on, that one twitch had my cock rock hard in the blink of an eye.

"Damn, this thing really works."

Jason turned his head towards me to see my cock standing straight up. He just gave me that smirky smile and went back to his asshole.

He was alternating between one and two fingers and was beginning to form his puckered flower. In went a third finger and a deeper, louder groan. I was truly mesmerized by the ease at which he slid all three fingers all the way up his ass. Then he went back to two fingers and then slipped three back in. He stayed with 3 for a few minutes not only pushing them in and out but twisting them around. I guess this helps loosen all the muscles around his asshole. He took his fingers our and reached for the centipede.

It had a base on it that was almost like a suction cup with a set of balls attached. It wouldn't attached to the towel spread over the table so Jason kept a grip on it. He eased the first section into his ass without any problems. The second section made it in up to its widest part before he paused. It slid out back the ridge between the two sections and he tried it again. The base was on the table and he forced the second section up his ass. He blew a couple of quick breaths out to help him acclimate to the size.

"This is bigger than I thought." Jason said lifting it off the table while holding it in is ass. "The third one is going to be a strain."

He sat the base back down on the table and tried pushing is ass down on the 3rd section. It started gradually sliding into his ass but he stopped and withdrew it. The hairs around his asshole were matted down the lube. You could tell he was straining for this last section to enter his inner sanctum.

"Let me try that again." He said squirting some lube into his hand and the smearing it around his asshole and the centipede's next section.

He pulled the second section out and greased it up too. He placed the base back on the table and forcefully thrust the 3rd section in his hairy hole. He had been stretched wider than he had before and his purple flower bud was beginning to form.

"Aww fuck that's big." Then he panted and panted. "I don't think anymore is going in tonight."

He had been squatting with his back towards me so I could enjoy the show. I love looking at his furry bubble butt, especially how the hair creep up his lower back and follows his spine. He stood up with 3 sections imbedded deep in his anal cavity and 3 more sections hanging between his legs. He turned around and walked over to me wrapping his fingers around my cock.

"Like what you see?"

Before I could answer, I started blowing my load. Cum shot all the way to the center of my chest and then around my bellybutton before it started coating my pubes. Jason dropped to his knees to enjoy the sweet nectar from my balls forgetting about what was hanging out of his ass. As he hit the ground, the 4th section penetrated his ass and he let out a cry in agony while almost pinching my cock from my body.

"Fuckkkkkk!" Jason yelled.

He wasn't even concerned about lapping up my load due to the pain created by the centipede in his ass. I was reclined, still motionless from my orgasm. Jason was completely still and quiet with a look of devastation on his face. Neither one of us moved or spoke."

"You OK, son?"

"Oh my God. I guess I was wrong. Number 4 went in there tonight. I bet tomorrow I'm going to really regret this happening. Besides impaling that thing in my ass, I shot my load too. My ass was having spasms around it. I bet I literally tore my ass to pieces. And there's cum all over the rug."

"Don't worry about the rug, we can clean it. Hold still and let me see if you are bleeding."

I sat up and moved around him being cautious not to touch him. He wasn't bleeding but his ass looked stretched beyond what I've ever seen. Even the narrow parts between the rounded sections get larger too. I touched it to see if I could twist it around to check for blood on the bottom.

Jason yelled, "Don't touch it. Don't breath on it. Don't even look at it. Just leave it alone for now.

"But son, you've got to get it out somehow. You cannot leave it in there forever. You are going to have to pull it out. I don't want to do it and hurt you. Maybe if you push like you're going to the bathroom, it will help." I said.

"Why don't we just leave it there for a few days or at least until it stops hurting!" he said with a giggle only the giggle caused his butthole to flinch.

"Oh, oh, oh...don't make me laugh."

Jason gripped the thing by the balls and started to slowly pull it out. His asshole really was stretched to the max. I think it took him about 3 minutes before he gave up.

"I cannot get it out. You are going to have to pull it, Dad."

"You know this is going to hurt, but I will try to be as gentle as I can. I will pull once you start to bare down."

I took some lube and tried to slather it on his asshole as close as I could to the centipede. Jason said to stop and let's get it over with.

He took a deep breath in, began to push his asshole out and said "Pull".

I had it by the balls with one hand and the 5th section by the other. I started to gently pull it but it didn't move.

"Pull harder, Dad. PULL IT OUT!"

So I pulled harder. The 4th section slowly emerged from his ass but I didn't stop. The 3rd section was coming so I kept going. After that, it just sort of fell out. Jason was left with an open asshole so big, I probably could have put my entire hand in it. Since it was finally out, I started to survey the damage.

"You're not bleeding, but it will be sore-no doubt about it. You want to see if you can take my fist in it?"

"No way. Maybe after I can take the whole thing, but not now."

Just for the hell of it, I gave his ass a smack with my palm. His asshole winked but didn't close.

"Hey, what'd you do that for?"

"Just trying to see if that would help it close up. Didn't work. But it felt good to me." I said rubbing the bristly hairs on his ass where I just smacked him.

Jason put his hand back there to feel around. He wasn't convinced it wasn't bleeding so he would rub, then look at his fingers. No blood. His asshole had to be the biggest, puffiest, asshole I'd ever seen. It was sticking about an inch and a half out from its normal relaxed state. It was still purplish red and if you stared long enough, you could see his pulse in several of the bumps. This was the true beginning of a rose bud. I was definitely staring to the point it was making me hard again.

"You think I can stick this in there and do some internal massaging?" I said shaking my dick at him.

"Hell no. Not right now and I doubt tomorrow either. But, since I missed your last load, you can feed me one more. And it better be a big one after what I just went through."

"You asked for it and you even picked that thing it out. I had a little common sense and bought something you could handle. Evidently, your eyes were bigger than your asshole! I think I'll be nice and give you another load though. Cannot guarantee the size, but I think I have one left in me tonight."

With that, Jason started sucking my cock and smearing cum I previously shot into my chest hair and pubes. I could tell he was jacking himself while he was blowing me. I just hope he realizes that when he comes, his asshole is going to twitch again. Let's just see how much of a man Jason really is!



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