Jason's high school years were officially behind him; he was now a high school graduate. When I asked him what he wanted for graduation, he provided me with a long list of things: trips, money, car, and electronics. I told him I would work on the list and see what I could do.

One of the partners at work owned a beach house in an older part of the beaches off 30-A between Destin and Panama City Beach, FL. We both had seniors and I assumed they would be headed to the beach to celebrate his daughter's graduation. That wasn't good enough for his kids. His daughter almost demanded to be taken on a Caribbean cruise. Her friends would be going too and "they" would share one room and the parents and other kids would share whatever. I'm so glad Jason wasn't raised like that. Since he wasn't using the beach house, he offered it to me. All I had to do was pay the cleaning fee. I leaped at the chance for a free week at the beach.

I told Jason this would be part of his graduation present. He seemed excited but not enthusiastic. It seems all of his friends had made plans much earlier and didn't have anyone to go with him. I thought it would be fun just to have a Father/Son week before he heads off to college at the end of the summer. Reluctantly, he agreed it would be fun, too. After a day or so, he told me why he didn't want to go to the beach.

Jason matured early. He was one of the few guys at school that was shaving every day and was really hairy. By really hairy, I'm talking from the top of his feet to the top of his head. I'm hairy too, but Jason makes me look smooth. His chest hair is so think and matted; it's hard to see his skin underneath. His ass is completely covered and it crept up his back. It began as patches near his shoulder blades but eventually filled in his back completely. I know the other guys joked and poked fun of his body hair but I tried to explain they were just jealous. I really think he has more hair on his back than I have on my body.

Jason came to me and said he was embarrassed to take his shirt off in front of other people because of all his chest and back hair. I told him there were a few of options we could do-trim, shave or wax came to mind. We both agreed he would look abnormal totally smooth and thought it best to try trimming first except for his back. His back would have to be shaved or waxed. It would be painful to wax that much hair off his back. If shaving would last a week or two, then waxing may not have to be done.

As I was shopping for our trip, I picked up some hair clippers with guards. They ranged from very close to what looked like over an inch. Surely we could find something that worked with them. I also picked up some new razor blades so we would have enough. On Wednesday before our trip, we decided it was time to do what had to be done.

I told him since his back was going to be shaved, we would start on his front and trim it down. That way, if his back was nicked or bleeding, he wouldn't be laying on it dripping blood on his bed while we trimmed the front. He agreed. Then we decided the bathroom, not the bedroom as originally thought, would be the best place to try this-mainly because it doesn't have carpet. He went in and stripped naked. He said he didn't want the stubble in his shorts and it was no big deal since we both walk around the house naked. I took out the clippers and the longest guard to start. It didn't remove much hair at all and he said to get one that cut more off. I moved down to the next one. It removed more, but he wasn't pleased. We did this until it was getting close to the end of options. Finally he found one that he liked. It took more off than I thought he needed, but if it made him happy, I was good with it. I proceeded to trim his entire chest and stomach. I worked from the shoulder blades down. There was an issue around his nipples. I thought since the clippers had a guard on them, it wouldn't bother his nipples. I was wrong. I didn't know his nipples had gotten so big and pointy over the years since they had been covered by his hair. After I nipped the first one, I poked it down as I ran the clippers back over it to prevent cutting it again. I guess poking them made them stand up even more. It could have been the vibration of the clippers, too. His hair is very coarse, thick and wiry, but you now could see skin. And his nipples looked awesome. And he actually had the beginnings of a 6-pack. All that chest hair had been hiding a lot of good stuff. There was just enough hair left to feel it and see it but not enough to get your fingers stuck in it or pull on it. You could actually see each hair and the growth pattern rather than a chest full of hair. I've seen pictures of other guys trimmed like this but never dreamed of doing it. After I finished his stomach I turned the clippers off.

"Hey, aren't you going to do my bush, too?"

"I guess I can. You just didn't mention that area bothered you."

"But now that the top is neat and trimmed, my pubes look like they are out of control. Just don't cut anything you're not supposed to. I can deal with a nicked nipple but cutting my dick ain't gonna happen." Jason said this while rubbing both hands over his chest and abdomen.

"You want them as short as your chest hair?"

"Sure. Why not? They'll grow back if it's too short."

With that I turned the clippers back on and started trimming his pubes. I worked from the top down. I held his cock down so it wouldn't get clipped. As I moved to the sides, I moved his cock to the opposite side and noticed he was starting to get hard. I was careful as I ran the clippers down the base of his cock and out the edges of his bush pushing his cock from side to side.

"You want your balls done too?"

"Oh yea. I think I may shave them smooth. I cannot remember what it's like to have hairless balls."

I pointed his cock up to his belly button and started trimming. Then I stopped.

"If you are going to shave them, I should take the guard off and get as close to the skin as I can. It will make shaving easier."

"Alright. Just be careful."

I removed the guard and started clipping as close to the skin as I could being careful not to nick him. He was holding is cock against his belling and it was hard. Between having someone eye level at your cock, the vibration of the clippers and the thrill of someone else touching your goods, he was very excited. Plus I was tugging on his balls to help stretch the skin. When I clipped as much as I could, I brushed off the excess hair and blew on his balls.

"That felt really good. Was that the first blow job you ever gave?"

"As a matter of fact, no smart ass. It wasn't. It's just I haven't done that in years. Probably 25 years."

"I may let you practice on me. Maybe, if you ask nicely." Jason said treating me like his servant.

"I don't think so. Now turn around." I said as I smacked the side of his bubble butt.

"You know I like it rough." Jason said glancing over his shoulder before staring me down in the mirror.

The clippers didn't have a guard and I started at the top of Jason's back removing any signs of hair. It took a while, but I made my way down to his tan line. I made a swipe across the tan line at his waist and turned the clippers off to examine my work."

"Aren't you going to do my ass?"

"Nope. I like it just the way it is. Besides, who's going to looking at you bare naked ass?"

"You just don't know, do ya dad. You just don't know."

"Let me touch up the back of your arms."

Jason dropped his arms to his sides. I clipped the back side of his biceps and noticed a patch of underarm hair sticking out.

"I need to get your armpits too but let me put the guard back on."

I put the guard used to do his chest and pubes on the clippers and in two swipes, his underarms were neat and tidy.

"Wow." Jason said "I look like a totally different person."

"You should. Look at all the hair on the floor."

There was more hair on the bathroom floor than I had on my body.

"Let's shave your back in the shower. I think it would be easier than the sink."

"I'm ok with that."

I turned the shower on and pulled off my shorts. My cock is about 8 ½ inches long when it's hard and about 6 ½ to 7 inches around. It's hard to hide something that size in a pair of flimsy shorts.

Jason was checking the water and once it was warm, he pulled the curtain all the way back and stepped in. The whole time he kept rubbing his chest and pubes with his free hand. I hoped he like it. I grabbed the shaving cream and razor which I already loaded with a new blade. Jason was rinsing off his chest under the spray.

"Turn around and wet your back."

He did and then I pushed him to the end of the tub away from the shower head and stepped in. I popped the shaving cream top off and sprayed an enormous mountain of shaving cream in my hand. I lathered his back up from top to bottom and started shaving. After I had a section shaved, I rubbed my hand over it to be sure I didn't miss anything.

"That feels really good. Do you know how long it's been since I felt a hand on my skin back there?"

We made some small talk as I finished up his back. When it was finished, I took the opportunity to run both hands over it, around it, up and down and sideways. I was already turned on, but this was pushing me to the edge.

"I don't know about you, but this is turning me on." I whispered in Jason's ear as I stood up letting my dick poke him in the ass cheek.

Jason turned around and pushed me back under the spray. He dropped to his knees and swallowed my dick to the base without any effort. As he pulled back from my cock, he swirled his tongue around the shaft and eventually the head, paying close attention to the sensitive underside where the shaft meets the head. He put just the head back in his mouth and sucked on it almost the point of lightly biting it. That did it. My balls pulled up to the base of my cock and started unloading.

"Oh shit, here it comes. Don't spill it boy."

Jason never misses a drop of cum. It was something he craved. He started stroking my cock with his hand and holding just the head inside his mouth. I blasted about 7 good shots of cum into his hot mouth before he slowed down the stroking movements. He swallowed his present and deep throated my cock. I looked down at him and saw his was jacking his cock faster than the speed of light. He knew I was to cum first-it was always that way. I grabbed the back of his head and forced him to take my softening cock down his throat. One it was deeply planted, I gave him a little hip thrust just to see if I could get any deeper. I was holding him in place when he attempted to back away from my cock. Oh no, he wasn't taking my cock from his mouth.

Then he let out that blast of air in a quick puff. That was his signal he was cumming. As he tried to inhale, the head of my dick flopped back and forth vibrating in his throat sending shivers down my spine making my legs weaker than they already were. I locked my knees and thrust my cock down his throat while pulling his lips to my pubes. I could tell from his slower, rhythmic shoulder movement his was pumping his load onto the bottom of the bathtub. I backed up just enough to allow air down his throat but kept my cock in his mouth until he stopped jerking off.

"Looks like I wasn't the only one turned on. I'd say you enjoyed that as much as I did."

"I always enjoy taking your load. Like, nothing else compares to it. Do you think you can shave my balls and get hard again?"

"We'll have to see, won't we? Stand up and let me kneel down."

We swapped places. I grabbed the shaving cream and got another hand full. Not knowing how to lather up one's balls, I simply grabbed them with the shaving cream hand and started caressing. I could feel the little stubby hairs at the base of his cock. Wanting to get them covered, I stroked his cock with some shaving cream too.

"Careful. It's still sensitive."

"I'm not trying to turn you on. I'm just trying to get shaving cream everywhere it needs to be."

"I don't think you need to shave my dick, dad. Go on, admit it. You like playing with my cock don't you."

With my hand and fingers covered in shaving cream, I snuck a finger between his butt checks.

"Your cock is nice, but this is what I really like."

And then I shoved a finger in his asshole. It had a different feeling this time. After rubbing his trimmed chest and smooth back, his hairy asshole felt manlier than ever.

"I like that too but why don't you wait until you finish shaving my balls before we do that."

"OK, I can wait. Are you sure you can?"

I slide my finger out and then back in, giving him a little bit more.

"If you stop, I can wait. But if you keep doing that, you are going to have to finish what you start."

"Ok, I'll stop." I said pulling my finger out of his ass. His cock was already getting semi-hard again.

I picked up the razor and started towards the base of his cock.

"Dad, please don't cut me. Whatever you do, please don't cut me."

Having never done this before, I was nervous as hell. I placed the razor near the base of his cock on the top and made the first swipe towards his pubes. Jason didn't scream. I kept doing this until the top side of his cock was smooth. I did trim the pubes back just a little bit. Then I turned towards the bottom side and his balls. I pulled the skin taught and had Jason hold his cock out of the way. After the first stroke, I became more confident. Then the next stroke. And another. After what seemed like an eternity later, I was done. Just like with his back, I started rubbing the skin to check for any missed places why trying not to squeeze his balls too tight. There was one place I missed on the bottom side. I pulled the skin tight and upward. One stroke later and his balls were smooth. Jason seemed relieved he wasn't bleeding and all of his body parts were still attached.

I moved out of the spray so Jason could wash off the shaving cream from his balls and dick. As I pulled the shower curtain back to step out, Jason said, "Hey, I thought you were going to play with my ass after you finished shaving me. Were you lying?"

"I wasn't lying; I don't think I can do anything right now. Can you give me a few minutes before we start round 2?"

I stepped out and started drying off trying to avoid the piles of hair on the floor. The shower stopped and the curtain opened. I looked up at the mirror and saw Jason. Before shaving and trimming, he looked like a young man. Now, he was transformed into a man. It was amazing that removing all that hair made him looked more mature. Now, I was more excited than ever to spend a week with him at the beach.

We packed our clothes, did some pre-shoppping, and loaded the car on Friday night. It's only a 4 and a half hour drive to the beach and we couldn't check in until 4:00, but I was ready to go. We decided to sleep in and whenever we woke up, we would go, but no setting the alarm clock. Of course I was up at 5:15 ready to go. It had been a few years since I had a real vacation. Football, baseball or work always got in the way. I was so eager to begin this vacation I couldn't sleep. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't. I just laid there and stared at the ceiling.

Finally, Jason woke up about 9:30. He lounged around naked with his semi-hard cock flopping here and there. He grabbed some breakfast and plopped down on the sofa to eat and flicked the TV on. House rules are if you don't want to wear any clothes, you don't have to just as long as there's no company. It's been that way since he was 4 years old and caught me sleeping naked.

"I'm getting ready to hit the shower so we can head to the beach. You want in first?"

"No, I'm cool. You can go first." Jason replied. "I was thinking about something. This is our first real vacation in a long time. And I'm finished with high school. This is supposed to be relaxing and free from worries. No rushing, no hurries, just relaxing and have fun, right? Free from stress, free from homework, free from work, free from phones. So, I say we should freeball this week. It's just part of being free. What do you think?"

"I plan on spending most of my time on the beach while we are there. And I don't usually wear underwear under my swimsuit. And when we lounge around the house, we're naked, so I guess we can give it a try."

"No, we either go all the way or none. There's no trying."

"Ok, if that's what you want, then we'll do it."

"Cool. But I want to check your suitcase before we leave to make sure you didn't pack any. And you cannot wear any from this point on-until we get back to the house next weekend."

I got up and went to my packed suitcase, hoisted it to the bed and opened it. I removed all the underwear. Jason stood in the doorway looking. He walked over and began moving stuff around.

"I took them out. Don't you trust me?"

About that time I saw him pull something out.

"What about this?" Jason ask holding up my jockstrap.

"I forgot about that. I packed a pair of white shorts and I thought I'd need them for those and then if we went running...."

"It's staying here with your underwear." He said tossing it on my bed.

"If you had balls like mine that hand down 6 inches, you would at least let me wear my jockstrap while we run."

"It's all the way or nothing."

I guess it was going to be all the way. I put my underwear and jockstrap in my dresser draw and closed up the suitcase. Freeballing was happening this week whether I liked it or not. The shower turned on as Jason yelled he was getting in first. This vacation wasn't starting out like I planned.

We finally packed those last few items and hit the road. About half way there, we stopped for lunch--just a small mom and pop place on the side of the road. It was later than what I would consider the normal lunch hour rush, but since there was a steady stream of traffic heading north, I assume the people leaving the beach we as hungry as those headed to the beach. It was busy but there wasn't a wait for a table. I felt awkward walking in knowing people could see the outline of my 6 inch soft cock through my shorts. The shorts were long enough to prevent it from peeking out, but I felt everyone was looking. Jason on the other hand was showing off. He had on a button up Columbia shirt practically unbuttoned to his bellybutton, some tight cotton shorts and flip flops. His soft dick wasn't as big as mine, but his 3"-4" was clearly visible under the tails of his shirt. He also loved showing off his trimmed chest. He really is a good looking young man with dark brown hair, strong jaw line, muscled, tanned and a little bit cocky. Together, I think we make a great father/son combination capable of turning both male and female heads.

We ordered, took our time eating then paid the bill. As we stood up to leave, it was very obvious that Jason had a boner. It pointed to his right side and was sticking out about 4 inches from his shorts. Even his shirt tail couldn't hide it. I motioned to him to "adjust" himself and all he did was smile back at me with that cocky, shit-eating-grin. There wasn't anyone in this place that knew us nor was there anyone I was trying to impress but having your son walk around with a boner tenting in his shorts while acting like nothing is wrong wasn't my idea of how to handle this. Rather than making a fuss, I just smiled back at him and we walked out. As we pasted the windows in the front going to our car, several customers were making gestures about his hardon. I guess more people saw it than I thought.

"You know they are talking about your hardon, don't you?"

"Yea, I was rubbing my cock through my shorts while we were eating and it like, kinda got outta hand. I knew I couldn't hide it in these shorts so I figured what the hell. Maybe I just made someone's day? Hey, I can see the outline of your cock through your shorts."

"There's a big difference between seeing the outline of a soft cock and the tenting of a full blown erection. With mine, you have to stare just a little to see it. With yours, it's directing traffic to clear the way. I wonder if they would have let us eat there if you walked in like that?"

We made small talk for the rest of the trip. We talked about college, frats, girls, drinking, sports and everything else. The conversation came Jason even mentioned he wanted to go deep sea fishing, parasailing and rent a wave runner. I wanted it to be a fun trip but I hate it when every minute is planned. Also, I didn't have a clue if the weather would cooperate. I thought it best if we checked the weather forecast and then played it by ear. After all, we had a week to accomplish everything.

Traffic down 331 was packed, but flowed at a good, steady pace. I was excepting to arrive well after check in but we made it ahead of schedule. As we drove up to the beach house, it looked like an old brick home surrounded by trees and brush. We couldn't see any of the neighbors, partially because one side was a national forest. We couldn't tell about the other side yet. As we drove around back to park, a new addition had been added, mainly glass, and a pool. How nice to have a private pool at the beach. We parked and took our bags to the door. The locks were automated with a code, but the note on the door said it would not open until 4:00. I thought we could go shopping for food but Jason wanted to get into the pool. I said we could see what was inside and shop later. I opened my bag to get my swimsuit out, but Jason had other plans.

Before I could even tell him to get changed, he was stripped bare ass naked and jumped in the pool. I walked to the edge of the pool and waited for him to surface.

"You have swim trunks in your suitcase. You don't have to skinny dip in broad daylight."

"I know, but who's going to see me? Just look around. There's no one close--even on the beach."

He had a point. It was about 50 yards to the beach and it was deserted. Trees and brush blocked both sides and the house blocked the street view. Screw it, I was going skinny dipping too. I kicked off my flip flops, threw my shirt over a chair and dropped my shorts and jumped in. The water was a little cool, but not bad. It was refreshing and invigorating at the same time.

We just floated and splashed around when Jason started getting frisky.

"Hey, you want to wrestle?" Jason asked.

"No, I'm good right now-just want to relax."

"Awe, come on. You're just scared I'm gonna dominate you and you can't take it."

Jason began swimming towards me. I started backing up to the steps. I really wasn't scared; I just didn't want to wrestle in the pool. The pool wasn't that big but I made it up the steps before he could make me wrestle him. I pulled up a chair and sat down by the pool.

"Why are you scared to wrestle me? I'm not going to hurt you. It's just for fun. Isn't that what vacations are all about? Fun?"

"I didn't sleep much last night-I got up at 5:15 like normal. And I didn't go to bed until close to midnight. Maybe after I get some sleep, we'll wrestle. Then I'll have a fighting chance. But for now, let me relax and enjoy the sun."

Jason moved up to the steps and sat on the top. His butt was covered by about 3 inches of water so he really wasn't in the water since more of him was out than in. The sky was cloudless and the sun was beating down on his wet, shimmering body. I didn't have my shades on but I needed them to help with the glare. I could tell that he was playing with his dick. Not jerking off, just holding it, stretching it out and pulling on his balls. Just watching him was putting me in the mood. Maybe I should wrestle him so I could accidently grab him and he could grab me.

I was actually staring at him when he looked at me. My dick jumped once or twice and of course it did it when he was looking. I couldn't help it. The sun felt good on my naked body, my son looked awesome and the combination of the two was causing my dick to harden.

"You thinking about what would have happened if you wrestled me, aren't ya? I know you are. That's what's makin' your dick hard. Well, I have a solution for that." Jason said as he started walking towards me.

He knelt down between my legs and put his hands on my knees. While looking me in the eyes, he gobbled my dick into his mouth. Fuck that felt good. It was hot outside, but his hot, moist mouth got me rock hard in no time at all. Now I had all 8 inches of cock down his throat. Jason doesn't have a gag reflex and can easily take my cock to the base. It has taken years of practice but he has mastered that skill. He starts off slow going from his nose in my pubes to licking the piss slit on my head. I love it when he keeps just the head of my dick in his mouth and sucks so it vibrates between his lips. He start by sucking just the head and sped up his head bobbing but continued to go all the way down. I felt one of his hands leave my knee and grasp my balls. They had warmed up in the sun but were still drawn up more than normal due to the cooler water. He had a firm grip on them and started to squeeze. Just hard enough to show some pressure but not hard enough to hurt. This was happening while he was bobbing up and down on my cock faster and faster. Then he started pulling on my balls. Just as I was about to reach the point of no return, he pulled his mouth from my cock and asked me if I wanted to fuck him.

"I do want to fuck you, but if you keep doing what you are doing, I will blow my load before I get to."

He dropped my balls and let my cock flop against my hairy belly. It was slick with spit which was beginning to run down my balls. Jason tends to drool excessively when he gives a blow job. Jason stood up and reached behind him. I thought he was lubing up his ass. The next thing I see is his face wincing as he is squatting next to me. His hand was close to his butt and I thought he was just playing with his ass. As he moves his hand from behind him, I see it. A buttplug. His large buttplug. As he bends over to put it on the ground, I hear a splat. I look and there is a gob of ass juice on the concrete.

"How long have you had that in there?" I asked.

"I put it in before we left. I thought that way, if we wanted to have some fun on the way down here, I'd be ready. And the bumps from the road made the trip more 'enjoyable' if you know what I mean."

He spit into his hand and started to lube his asshole from some fresh juice. As he does this, he gives my cock a little extra spit by taking it down his throat a couple more times. He turns around and places my legs between his and aims his asshole towards my dick. I pointed my dick at his awaiting asshole and helped guide him down on to it. He sat all the way down in one slow motion. The feeling of warm satin engulfed my dick and threw me closer to the edge than before. The view was also fantastic. Jason's tan lines just above his hairy ass crack and mid-thigh showed the difference between olive brown and stark white and his round white bubble butt covered in a generous helping of hair swallowing my cock into his awaiting hole was beautiful. Jason did a little swirl motion with his ass letting my cock knock against the walls of his caverned ass. Jason leaned forward and lifted off my cock letting it flop against my belly again. I pointed back towards his asshole and he sat down on it. He began squeezing his asshole as tight as he could since he wore a large buttplug for several hours before we began. I could tell the difference and my dick could too. Just when I thought he was going to pull the head of my dick off my squeezing it as he pulled off of it, he would relax as he sat on it. He had been riding on my cock for several minutes when something startled me.

"Mack. Is that you?" I heard over my shoulder.

Jason leaped from sitting on my lap to the pool. The sensation of him clamping his asshole around my cock and being scared shot straight to my dick and made me shoot my load. I attempted to stand up, but my cock was still shooting its load over my chest and stomach. I also wanted to find my shorts or shirt-anything to conceal my shooting cock, but I couldn't find them. Seconds later I finally stood up on wobbly legs; my hairy chest and stomach was coated with an ample helping of cum. I also have an olive complexion and dark hair which makes the white cum stand out. It also didn't help that my 8 inch dick was pointed straight out and lightly jumping. I turned around to see a tanned, shirtless gentleman about my age staring at my cock.

"I thought you were Mack-he owns this place." The stranger said.

"I work with Mack, but he's on a cruise with his family. He let me use the place this week for my son's graduation present."

"That was your son riding that big cock of yours?"

"Uh, well, sorta. It's kinda hard to explain."

"Have you been here to Mack's management meetings?

"No. I was invited but something came up and I couldn't make it."

"Mack only invites certain people to attend his management meetings. Certain people. And from the looks of it, you are one of those certain people. Your son could be one of those certain people, too. I'm one of them. Not everyone is invited-just those who Mack knows they meet the criteria of certain people. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"No, not really."

"Mack likes to fool around with guys. Usually guys with nice bodies, hairy and younger than he is. He meets them through work, church, anywhere-he has lots of connections. Once he's sure they play on his team, he invites them to come here to his management meetings and then spends the week fooling around with them. Sometimes it's one on one. Sometimes there's a group of 20. Just depends on who can come. When they leave, they act like nothing ever happened. It's never mentioned again. Or at least not until the next meeting. Now do you get it?"

"So you're saying Mack is gay?"

"No, I'm saying that Mack likes to fool around with guys on the side. He's happily married with 3 kids. Everybody has deep hidden desires that need to be fulfilled. Sometimes, the partner you are with cannot fulfill them and you have to look elsewhere. And that's what he does in his management meetings. You really should try to attend one of them. I do."

"Are you married?"

"Yep-32 years strong. Right now the wife is taking the girls shopping. Atlanta and then New York, I think. They'll be back next Sunday. I enjoy the break from her and also enjoy the playtime."

"Does your wife know you fool around on the side?"

"Absolutely not. The meetings are private and confidential. Mack scrutinizes the participants to ensure it stays this way. But, what you do after the meetings is your business. I've met several guys over the years that vacation down here. Occasionally, they will take a prospective client out for a game of golf, dinner, drinks, deep sea fishing-whatever it takes to get away for a few hours and have some quality time with a friend. And I could be a potential client. I didn't introduce myself. I'm Preston, Mack's neighbor."

"I'm Gray and this is my son Jason. You care to join us in a swim? The doors don't unlock until 4:00 so we just jumped in."

"Thanks, but I actually have to meet someone in about 30 minutes. I may take you up on the offer later in the week, if it still stands. I have neighbors all around me and it's hard to lie out naked on the public beach. I like to keep that all over tan."

"You are welcome anytime."

With that, our new neighbor walked back around the house and disappeared. He was actually attractive and in good shape for someone married 32 years. I got in the pool to wash the cum from my chest and stomach hairs. Jason was upset he didn't get my load and was still hard as a rock. I coaxed him to lay on the edge of the pool and jerk off while I played with his ass. I knew it wouldn't take long for him to finish up, and it didn't. He was jerking like a wild man while I played with his stretched out hole. When I felt his asshole grab my two fingers and suck them in, I knew he was unloading some cum. Then the pulsating began. His first shot cleared his shoulders and landed on the concrete next to his head. The next couple of shots landed from the middle of his trimmed chest down to his upper stomach. The last few dribbled over his fingers and oozed down to his pubes. Finally, his asshole stopped twitching.

"Feel better, son?"

"I think that will hold me for an hour or so. Are you good?"

"Oh yea. Being surprised like that kinda spooks me and shoots the mood. I think he'll be cool and will maybe join in, but I don't like people walking up on us. We've got to be more careful. And, if we don't get our pale white asses out of the sun, we won't be able to sit down for a few days. My ass hasn't seen daylight in years, let alone this bright sun and the reflections from the water. Let's get dressed and go shopping for some food and stuff. I can already tell you are going to need some sunscreen for that ass of yours. In fact, I bet you never even get your swimsuit wet from the pool water-maybe the beach, but not the pool."

"You're right. By the time we leave here, I'm going to have an all over tan. This is going to be awesome. I kinda didn't want to come, but now I'm stoked we did. Thanks for bring me, dad."

"You're welcome and I hope you enjoy this week. Now get out and drip dry so we can go shopping."

We ran to the local Publix and purchased some food for snacking and breakfast since we planned on eating out at night. We also hit the liquor store next door and decided to pick up a Pizza By the Sea for dinner and headed back to the house. We unloaded the groceries and put them away. Jason decided to stay with me in the master bedroom so we unpacked our bags. The evening breeze was nice so we ate outside by the pool. After dinner we decided to stroll down the beach at sunset. We chose the direction away from the state park and towards the other houses. Several people were out taking pictures. By the time we returned to the beach house, the sun had set, birds and seagulls devoured the rest of the pizza so we hit the pool, naked of course. After a peaceful swim, we lounged around outside to dry off and called it a night.

I woke up early the next morning to Jason sucking my dick. Evidently, I had been poking him with it all night long and this was his way of solving the problem. He was lying across my stomach doing what he does best-sucking cock. I couldn't see what was happening so I scooted up to the headboard with the pillows behind my back and head. Jason shifted between my legs but didn't miss a beat. I love the way he deep throats my dick and squeezes my balls. The ultimate is when he does both of those while looking up at me. He looks beautiful with my cock down his throat.

Jason was going to town. I knew it would take me a little longer since I needed to pee, but thought I would enjoy it more if it took longer. He was doing his normal routine of pushing his nose deep into my pubes and swallowing so his throat muscles would constrict from the shaft down to the head. Those little pulsations help fill my head with blood and make my cock rock hard. Then he runs his tongue all over the shaft as he pulls my cock from his throat. Just as his lips clear the ridge of my head, he opens his mouth a little wider and sucks like a vacuum causing my head to vibrate between his lips. Then he plunges my cock back down his throat. He has perfected his technique. While he is doing this, he also squeezes and pulls on my low hanging balls. Normally, this is how I like to cum-Jason blowing my cock and tugging on my balls. Today, I had a different idea.

"Turn over and get on your back." I told Jason.

He flipped over and scooted his head towards the edge of the bed so I could face fuck him.

"No, no, no. Get in the middle of the bed."

Jason scooted back to the middle of the bed.

"I want you to suck on my balls while I shoot my load over your chest."

"Please feed me your load. I didn't get that one from the other day either. Please. I need it."

I gave his cheek a smack-not too hard, but hard enough so he knew I was serious.

"Shut up and do what you're told. Suck my balls."

I placed my feet beside his ears and squatted down. My aim wasn't quite right and Jason moved to position his mouth under my balls. All he had to do was open his mouth and my balls dropped in.

"That's it. Suck 'em. Come on and suck 'em"

He scooted down a couple more inches so he could add some tension by pulling on them too. I started stroking my dick still covered in his spit. Jason was jacking his own cock but I could tell from the sound, it was drying out.

"Give me your hand."

Jason raised his hand from his cock to just inside my knee. I scraped the inside of my cheeks with my teeth to gather all the saliva I could and spit it into the palm of his hand."

"There-jerk off with my spit."

It was but another 5 strokes and Jason started blowing his load all over his stomach and pubes. He hadn't slowed down any even though his was almost through shooting. I raised up just enough to get my hand to his face and smacked his cheek again. This time was harder and more forceful than before.

"You know not to cum until I do. How many times have I told you that. I cum first." And I gave him another smack.

"Swallow my balls. I know you can swallow them. Come on-swallow them NOW."

I was jerking like crazy and Jason was pulling my balls farther than they would normally go. He was going to swallow them or die trying. I didn't think he could swallow them, but it felt fantastic to have him try.

"If you don't swallow 'em, I'm gonna shoot my load on your chest. The only way you will get my load is to swallow my balls, damnit. Do you understand me?" I punched him on his right pec as I said that.

Jason was moving closer-so there was enough slack in my balls to swallow them. I felt his nose rub against my asshole and tickle the hairs around it and that's all it took. I raised up from my squatting position and pointed my cock at his mouth.

"You want my load boy? Get ready. Open wide, boy. Here it comes."

Jason's mouth was wide open. I also saw he was jerking very fast-faster than I was. Then came that moment of pure heaven when I started shooting my load. Jason raised up on one elbow in order for his mouth to meet my cock. I almost busted his lip with my fist, but once I felt his warm mouth, I let him take over. He wasn't going to spill a drop of my sweet nectar. He was using his neck muscles to move his mouth over the head of my cock and about an inch down my shaft.

"That's it boy. Take it all. Drain my balls, son. Awww that feels good. Keep going."

As I pumped my cum from my balls, Jason took it into his mouth. After I was finished shooting 7 or 8 good shots of cum into his mouth, Jason started nursing my cock. I couldn't take it. My head was too tender for his tongue and the roof of his mouth. I stretched out one leg, braced myself with my arms above him and forced my cock down his throat. He got the hint my head was sensitive. He was still nursing my cock until he ran out of air. I eased it almost out of his mouth allowing him to catch his breath and then planted it back in this throat. That's when he started firing load number two. As I looked towards his cock, I was shot in the face with his first blast. I flinched and moved to my left so the next one didn't get me. Jason started gasping so I pulled my cock out just enough for him to breath and then pushed it in again. His jerking motions were slowing down as he just let my softening cock sit in his mouth. Finally, I rolled from above him onto my side. Jason was now fondling is cock as it began shrinking back to normal size.

"Damn son, two loads in less than 5 minutes. Were you horny or what?"

"Like, I didn't mean to cum first, but when you got aggressive with me, it REALLY turned me on. If you slapped me a few more times, I could probably get a third one out." Jason said trying to get his cock hard again by pinching it then pulling the blood to the head.

"Two's plenty for now. I hope I didn't hurt you. I didn't mean to if I did."

"You didn't hurt me or even come close. I know you love me, but slapping me around and making me do things brought this to a whole new level. I kinda like being dominated by you. Next time, you'll have to get a little bit rougher. Think you can handle that?"

"Oh I'm sure I can. The real question is can you handle it?"

I flopped down on the bed exhausted and satisfied. Jason crawled up beside me, placed his head on my chest and threw one of his legs over mine. I wrapped my arm around him and we both drifted back to sleep.

We ended up renting bikes and a paddle board. That gave us something to do at the beach beside lay out in the sun. We wanted to take a deep sea fishing trip but everything was booked for the rest of the week. I found a magnet on the fridge for a private charter boat and decided to see how much it cost. It was more expensive than I thought, but how else were we going to go? Wednesday seemed like a good day to do it-seas were supposed to be calm plus he was available. We agreed to do an all day excursion and he did cut the price. The captain said he had a smaller boat that would be better for just the two of us and himself. He explained what we needed to bring and how it would work. We agreed to meet at the harbor at 7:30.

We packed a small cooler with drinks and snacks and made our way to Destin Harbor Wednesday. We were both fired up for this part of our vacation. We found the boat, but the captain wasn't there. Something else came up and his son was filling in for him. He introduced himself as Hunter and welcomed us aboard. Hunter was about 6 feet tall, bleached blonde hair that was shoulder length and blowing in the wind. He wore a t-shirt with the sleeves, sides and most of the bottom cut off. The neck was also cut out so it was basically a tank top without as much fabric. His skin was golden brown and it looked like a very faint dusting of blonde hair around his nipples and below his shirt. He had a pair of baggy cargo shorts over his tanned, hairy legs and sneakers without socks. As soon as we got on, he suggested we put sunscreen on since we would be out there all day. We both greased up even though we were very tanned and don't burn easily.

He took us about an hour away from the harbor and we started fishing. Nothing. No bits, no nipples. Hunter took us to another place. Still nothing. That's how the morning went. We went from place to place and nothing was biting. About lunch time, Hunter said he know of a small island we could stop and eat our lunch. We weren't seasick but the rocking of the boat was getting to me just a little bit so this sounded good to me. He pulled up fairly close and dropped anchor. He said he would get the cooler for us. He also suggested we leave our shoes on the boat as well as anything else we didn't want to get wet. Hunter took off his shirt, grabbed the cooler and went down the ladder at the back of the boat. Jason kicked off his shoes, threw his shirt onto a seat and dropped his pants.

"Hold on there---I don't think this is what he meant." I told Jason.

"Hey, it's cool. Nobody's out here. Do whatever you want to do." Hunter yelled back. He was right beside the boat in the water. "I would have done the same thing but I didn't want to pressure y'all into just wearing your underwear. I'll take my shorts off once I get to the beach."

"See dad, it's no big deal."

"He is talking about wearing just underwear, not going naked. Besides, your ass is already pink from yesterday, if you expose it to the sun today, you won't be able to sit down the rest of our vacation." I told Jason.

Jason went back to our pile of stuff and picked up the sunscreen. He walked to the back of the boat and jumped into the water as I was striping down. As soon as I was naked, I followed Jason by jumping in. As we swam the short distance to the beach, Hunter was already there and dropped his shorts revealing a skimpy, bright blue thong snuggly wedged between two of the roundest ass cheeks I've ever seen. Jason has a bubble butt, but was considered flat compared to Hunter. The part of his ass showing was as tanned as the rest of his body.

Jason and I walked up the beach to an area of brush that was trimmed to form a canopy with palm fronds on the ground. Jason was sitting on his shorts in his thong.

"I thought you two were just wearing your underwear." Hunter said looking at our dicks hanging in front of him.

"Neither of us wears underwear. We go commando. I did bring some sunscreen, though." Jason said.

"We all got the same thing so it don't bother me what you wear, or don't wear. I may just take my thong off and go nekkid with y'all. If you stay under the brush, you probably won't get burnt. But if you get in the water, you better use that stuff or you will really blister your dick. Ya know, all the times I've been here, only one time has someone else ever showed up. I think we'll be OK."

Hunter eased his thong down by raising his hips. Once it was off, he tucked it in the pocket of his cargo shorts. His bush was just as blonde as the hair on his head and there were no visible tan lines. I guess he'd been here before. His dick was bout 2-3 inches and rested on a pair of nice sized balls that were tucked up nicely against his body. He didn't seem ashamed of his package and I know Jason is proud of what he has-4 inches that turns into 7, thick inches and a pair of hefty balls that hang low like mine.. Mine isn't easy to hide being its 6 inches soft and 8 hard. My balls hang lower than my soft cock.

Hunter had put his lunch in the cooler with ours. He took his stuff out and started eating. Jason and I sat down and picked out what we wanted to eat. The whole time, Hunter kept staring at my dick. I tried making small talk but the conversation would just die. I couldn't seem to keep it going. Finally I just gave up and enjoyed the quiet.

"Man, I just gotta ask. How big is your dick? I mean, how big does it get? I can't stop staring at it." Hunter said to me.

"It's a shower-not a grower. It's about 6 inches now but only grows to 8. Maybe just a little more."

"Can girls take it all? How fat does it get? Damn, it's impressive." Hunter fired back.

"Yes, girls can take all of it and there's proof." I pointed to Jason. "This is my son. I'm guessing it gets about 7 inches around. I haven't split anyone in half, yet."

"I can tell he's your son. Your dicks look alike."

"Is that how you judge people, by their dicks?"

"No, you two look alike, especially in the dick region. And you both have low hanging balls. He's not quite as hairy as you, but maybe he'll catch up one day." Hunter said referring to Jason. If he only knew Jason trimmed and shaved to look the way he does!

"I know this is gonna sound weird, but can you make your dick hard? I've never seen one that big. Everyone I know got shorted in the dick department. If I'm lucky, mine's 5 inches."

I was trying to think of an answer when Jason dropped to his knees and started sucking my dick.

"Holy Shit! He's suckin' your dick." Hunter nearly had a heart attack.

"Yea, and he's very good at it too."

Hunter just stood there with his jaw in the sand staring at Jason perform his oral magic. In less than 3 minutes, I was rock hard. Jason pulled his mouth away from my cock and shook it at Hunter.

"There ya go. What do you think? Impressive isn't it. First time I sucked on it, I thought I was going to choke to death. It gets easier each time. You want me to suck your dick?" Jason said to Hunter.

"I've never had a guy suck my dick before. My girlfriend tries, but I'd rather just jerk off. She ain't no good at givin' blow jobs and she won't let me fuck her until we are married."

"Go one boy. Get down there and suck his dick." I gave Jason a push so he was down on his hands and knees with his face right at Hunter's crotch.

Jason dove in and started sucking his dick. He could easily handle what little there was. His hands were sandy so I know it wasn't going to use them near a dick he was sucking. This time it was going to be all mouth.

"Gawd damn. You're sucking my dick. Son of a mother fuckin' bitch. You're actually sucking my dick. Aww fuck that feels good."

I reached over and grabbed the sunscreen and poured a glob into the palm of my hand. I used some to smear on Jason's asshole and started fingering him. I was using my thumb at first. I didn't really insert it, just pushed the thumb flat against it so it started opening up. I wanted Jason to feel it when I put my cock inside him. Once he was well lubed with sunscreen, I used the remainder on my hardening cock. I was slowing stroking it up to the head then down to the base. I loved squeezing my head between the fingers and thumb. From the sounds of Hunter, he wasn't going to be able to hold off very long.

"Get ready boy, here comes daddy's cock." I said as I moved between Jason's legs and positioned my cock at his awaiting hole.

"Fuckin' A. You gonna stick that big assed dick inside him?" Hunter asked.

"Yep, he loves getting fucked almost as much as sucking cock."

I put my head against his asshole and firmly gripped the base of my cock. With one push, I was buried balls deep in his asshole. Jason moaned but didn't move. I held my cock inside him so he could get used to it. I knew with as much ass play as he does, it wouldn't take long to adjust to my thick 8 incher. I smacked his ass with the palm of my ungreased hand.

"That's it boy. Take your daddy's cock in the ass. You like sucking cock while I fuck that ass, don't you boy."

Jason pulled off Hunter's cock and replied, "Yes sir."

I pulled my by the hair on his head with my left hand to my right side. He was looking back at me when I hit him across his cheek.

"I didn't tell you to stop suckin' his cock, did I boy? Don't take that cock out of your mouth until I tell you to. Understand me?"

Jason tried to talk but the cock in his mouth muffled his speech. If he needed domination to help him get off quickly, today was his lucky day.

I pulled my cock out of his ass. His puckered hole wasn't staying open. I swatted his ass again but this time is was much harder.

"Push your asshole out. Come on, I want to see you push it out and open up for this cock."

Jason was trying to push it out but it hadn't been worked over enough to cause it to stay open. I spanked him even harder and his asshole closed.

"Don't you fuckin' close that asshole. I said to push it out."

Before he could push it out, I rammed my cock in him and pulled it out again.

"Damn it boy, do what I tell you and push that asshole of yours out!"

He was sucking Hunter's cock and trying to push his asshole out at the same time. I saw some movement around his asshole and decided that was sufficient, rammed my cock back him and started fucking him as hard and as fast as I could. I braced hands on his shoulder blades and raised on my him hind legs. I had to be hitting his prostate with each thrust. My groin was slamming against his ass and my balls were hitting his. With each thrust, my dickhead felt like I was hitting a dead end so I'm sure Jason was feeling his.

Two minutes later, Hunter says, "I'm fixin' to bust a nut."

"Feed it to him. Jason loves cum. He'll take it."

"Fuckin' A...here it comes!" Hunter head was stretched as far back as his neck would reach when he started unloading into Jason's mouth.

Jason was bobbing up and down but slowing down. Hunter's dick head was bound to be sensitive. Finally, Jason buried his nose in Hunter's blonde pubes and stayed there allowing Hunter's dick to rest near the back of his throat. You could see Hunter's chest heaving like he just finished a marathon.

"Here's comes another load boy. I'm gonna whitewash your ass."

Two more good thrusts and I planted my cock deep in Jason's hairy ass letting it jump and spasm and shoot my load as deep in my son as possible. After the 4th blast of cum shot into Jason's ass, I could feel his asshole start constricting and relaxing. He was cumming hands free!

"That's it boy. Shoot that load and milk all that cum from my cock. Come on, you deserve it. Drain my balls along with yours. Good boy. You are such a good boy."

I eased back down to my knees behind my son with my cock still imbedded in his ass until it stopped twitching. I love the silky feeling around my cock of a freshly bred asshole.

"Holy Shit! I cannot believe what just happened. You actually fucked your son, in the ass as he sucked my cock. Damn that was hot. I thought I liked girls but you may have converted me to guys."

"My son and I have a special bond that only a father and a son understand. Occasionally, we invite someone else to share that bond with us. Today just happened to be your lucky day."

"I know you chartered the boat for the day. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to share that bond with you two before your times up." Hunter said hinting that he was getting ready for round two.

"You never know. Right now, I'm going to jump in the water and clean up a little before I eat. I'm starving." I said.

"And I need to wash the cum off my legs that's running out of my ass. He planted it deep in there, but my hole is so stretched out, I can't keep it in." Jason said as he was getting up and following me to the water.

As Hunter got up to join us in the water, I noticed his dick was beginning to get hard. Maybe round two was going to happen sooner rather than later.



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