The summer after Jason graduated from High School passed quickly. He elected to go to a university about an hour from home. That was far enough to keep him from coming home nightly unless there was a problem. As part of his graduation present, I gave him my old E-Class and I bought a new SUV. He was excited to have his own car and was ready to test out his new freedom at college. He also opted to get a roommate assigned to him rather than pick someone.

His new roomie, Jed, was from just outside Atlanta so it was a 3 hour drive from home for him. They communicated over the summer and figured out who would be bringing what and when they would move it. I left everything up to Jason. He did some shopping for things we didn't have, researched his new computer and printer, sheets, comforter...all that stuff he thinks he really needs but will never use.

We loaded up his car and mine and made the hour drive. We went through the new student check in and eventually made it to the dorm. The unloading process was more cumbersome than anything else. Finally, after almost 4 hours, he stuff was in his room. As we started unpacking and setting things up, Jed and his family arrived with all his stuff. We quickly decided there wasn't enough room for Jason, myself, Jed, his parents and his sister. Jed's mom and sister decided to go shopping and left the "boys" to set things up. It didn't take all that long one everyone cleared out. We finished long before the girls got back.

Jed was nothing like his parents. His mom and dad were on the short side. Dad stood about 5' 9", thinning, dark brown hair, deep, raspy voice and stocky. Mom was just over 5', brunette, and on the chunky side. Jed was over 6', lean, tanned and dirty blonde hair. He wore shorts that showed his hairless, well developed legs. I was hoping the room would heat up and he would take his shirt off. Am I a pervert for thinking those kinds of thoughts about my son's roommate? Anyway, while making small talk I found out dad was in IT and mom was a loan processor. They didn't empress me as socialites or stuck up and put their children's education first.

We finished before the girls came. Since there wasn't any place for us to sit, we sat on our sons' beds and talked. Jed was right across from me. I kept looking to see if I could see up his shorts, but I couldn't. I think he noticed I was checking him out and it didn't bother him. Eventually, I decided to head back home. Jason was settled and I'm sure he wanted to go out and do some things away from his father since he was a college guy now. We stepped into the hallway, said our goodbyes and I teared up. I slipped him some extra cash and headed home. For the first time in a long time I was all by myself.

We talked and texted over the next couple of months. I drove down once to meet him for Sunday lunch. Other than that, I didn't want to smoother him. Fall break was coming up and I asked if he had plans. It was only two days-Monday and Tuesday after Halloween. He said he was thinking about coming home but his roommate didn't have any plans and his parents were on a cruise or something, with his sister for her fall break. I told him I would love to see him and Jed was always welcome at our home. He said he would have to check with Jed, but he would let me know. Friday morning, he sent a text saying they were coming. I was ecstatic. Since it was just me, the house was clean so there's nothing to do there. I decided I would take Monday off and spend some time with them. If they had other plans, I would catch up on some home projects before the cold weather set in. All I could do all day long was watch the clock. I made it until 3:30 and I couldn't take it anymore. I packed a few things to work on from home and left. This is something I never do-leave work early. By the time I got home, the boys were already there.

The three of us sat and talked about classes, homework, projects, rush, girls, football, dorm life and everything else you could imagine. Finally about 7:00, I suggested we go out to dinner. Jason decided on a nice restaurant since they didn't get "good food" at school. I suggested they would need to change into more suitable attire which I hoped they brought. They brought it and went to Jason's room to change. At first, I didn't really think anything about it since I'm sure they saw each other naked or in their underwear at the least. Once they came back to the living room, they had a smirky smile on their faces but due to the fact they looked like models, I thought they were just gloating.

Without reservations, it took a while to get seated. Since you don't rush good food, dinner took forever. At least it seemed like forever since I was starving. It was nice to spend some real quality time with my son and his friend without the interruption of texts, emails, and phone calls. We all enjoyed a hearty meal and the boys ate like they had never been fed in their life. After desert, we called it a night and headed home. Neither one had specific plans for tomorrow so we agreed to sleep in and play it by ear. Sleeping arrangements! I have a 3 bedroom home with the 3rd bedroom is my office and Jason's room only has a twin bed. I suggested Jason sleep with me in my room and let Jed have his room. The boys had already scattered clothes everywhere so Jason just picked up a few things and came to my room to change.

Jason seemed a little uncomfortable changing in front of me this time. After the special bond we shared for many years, I began to wonder what could have happened. I hung up my suit and pulled out a pair of shorts from the dresser for in the morning. The socks, underwear, and under shirt went into the dirty clothes hamper. I was going to sleep like I have for my entire adult life-naked. I pulled the sheets back and got in bed. Jason was still wearing his shirt, slacks and socks.

"You want me to turn the light out now?" Jason asked.

"Once you get undressed you can. It's not like I haven't seen you naked before, son." I replied.

"Yea, but you haven't seen me like this."

"Like what? Did you get a tattoo?"

"No, I wouldn't do anything like that, but promise you won't get mad at me."

"Why would I get mad at you? I don't understand."

Jason finished unbuttoning his shirt with his back to me. He pulled it from his shoulders and let it slide down his arms to the floor. He was unbuckling his belt and then undid his slacks. They fell to the floor reveling his bubble butt. It looked bigger than before-maybe from working out at the fitness center. My dick stated to get chubbie. Then he turned around.

"You said you wouldn't get mad. What do you think?"

"You decided to freeball? Oh, wow! Did you shave your whole body?" I asked.

"No, I had it waxed. Except for my balls. I shaved them. I did my back, too." He said turning back around. "I also did my legs, arms, butt, underarms-everything. I'm as smooth as a baby's bottom."

"I thought you liked your hair. What made you want to get rid of it?"

"Jed waxes too. And when I asked him to help me shave my back, he suggested I have it waxed. Then when I saw how much it cost at a salon to have it done, he said he would do it and help me with the other areas I couldn't get to if I would help him do his. So we started waxing each other. You know, most of the guys that work out at the fitness center wax, too. There are only a couple of guys that are hairy-not that it's a bad thing. Like, you would look weird without a chest full of hair, but my hair wasn't like yours. It was uncontrollable. If mine was like yours, I could have dealt with it. Are you mad at me for getting rid of it? I know you liked my furry ass."

"I'm not mad. After all, it's your body. And college is all about finding out what makes you happy-trying new things, experimenting, living on the edge. So, if you are happy, I'm happy. I just hope before you do something permanent, you would discuss it with me first. To me, this is just like cutting your hair short or changing the color. I can all be fixed with time-if you don't like it. I actually think it makes your muscles stand out even more. It really looks like you've been hitting the gym a lot."

"I have been hitting the gym. I really want to get an awesome bod before next summer so when I go to the beach, everyone will stare at me. I like getting attention like that."

"Well, you certainly have my attention right now."

Jason moved towards his side of the bed and pulled the sheets back-further than he had to-exposing the left side of my body.

"Looks like somebody likes what he sees." Jason said as he grabbed hold of my dick that was about half hard.

Before I could even mutter a single sound, Jason deep throated my semi hard cock down his throat and began swallowing. My cock is about 6 inches soft but only grows to 8 inches hard. What it does do it grow in circumference-big enough so your fingers don't meet. His pulsating throat muscles were squeezing blood to my head causing my chubbie to grow to its full potential. He didn't let up. He sucked with such force-more than he ever had before. He started bobbing up and down on it allowing his excess drool to flow down my balls. With my dick slick from his spit, he started stroking it and kept just the last few inches in his mouth.

" don't like deep throating it anymore?"

Jason pulled his mouth away from my cock but kept stroking. "Like, I figured you haven't had a 'real' blow job since I went to school, so I thought you wouldn't last very long. I've been wanting to taste your cum for months. I'll let you fuck me, you know, as long as you cum in my mouth. You wanna fuck me?"

"Damn right I want to fuck you. I'm going to give that ass a pounding like you've never had. And I will gladly shoot my load in your mouth as long as you beg for it. I know you've been wanting to take it as much as I've been wanting to give it. No turn that ass my way so I can fuck you."

Jason let go of my cock and spit a huge wad into his hand. Has he turned around to put his ass towards me, he already had two fingers up his hole getting it ready for me.

"Don't stretch it out too much. I want you to feel what you've been missing."

I was on my knees moving up to his ass almost ready to put my cock in his hairless asshole when I had to look at it. It looked different, but I wasn't sure how. Maybe it was the lack fur around that puckered hole that made it look different. Nevertheless, I placed the head of my 8 inch cock against it and, without much effort, eased all of it into his ass. I heard Jason let out a deep, rough moan.

"You've been missing your daddy's cock haven't you boy?"

"Oh yes daddy. I need you to fuck me-fuck me hard. But I want you to cum in my mouth. Please daddy, cum in my mouth. It's been months since I tasted your cum."

Not only did his ass look different, it felt different. I don't think my dick had shrunk in the 3 months since he went to college, but usually, it felt like I would tear him up when I was balls deep in there. Especially on the first thrust. Now, it felt looser and not near as tight. It didn't stop me though. I was still going to fuck my boy. Three months without anything other than my fist. I was going to fuck him with every last drop of raw father/son sex I had in my body.

I pulled all the way back out so just my mushroom head was left in his asshole and slammed the rest of it back in there. When I did this, my balls slapped his balls causing a painful pleasure that I enjoy. I also gave his ass a smack hoping he would clamp down on my dick deeply planted inside him. That didn't happen. His ass did feel firmer than before though. Then I started to pile drive him--pulling as far out as I could and rapidly ram it home. My hips were slamming into his ass making that spanking noise and my balls were bouncing everywhere. While I missed the feeling of my pubes mixing with his ass hair, nothing could beat the feeling of my cock planted in my boys ass.

"If you keep that up, you won't last very long." Jason said cockily.

"But if I hurry up and cum now, I can give it to you again in a little while."

"You're right. I'll take it as often as you can give it, dad."

"Are you ready for a mouthful of my cum?"

Jason leaped off my cock and spun around with his mouth open wide. I was stroking my cock with a tight grip while Jason was anxiously awaiting his reward.

"Get ready boy-here it comes."

With that I started blasting away. I aimed the first shot at his mouth but hit his cheek instead. Not wanting to waste a drop, Jason put my dick head in his mouth and began swirling his tongue around it. My body was about to explode into millions of pieces as I haven't experienced this feeling in months. I couldn't talk to tell him to slow down and I couldn't move to escape his tongue. I was trapped in heaven pumping blast after blast into his mouth. After 10-12 good shots of my cum filled his mouth, he eased off of my cock to swallow. I welcomed the relief but still stroked my cock staying away from its head. The first shot of cum was still on his cheek. I took my index finger and moved it to his mouth. His tongue lapped every drop from my finger before he closed his mouth and sucked on it while looking me in the eye.

"You really did need some of your daddy's cum, didn't you? Aren't you going to cum?"

"I thought I would lay on my back and you could just put your cock down my throat while I jerked off. You good with that?"

"If that's what you want, sure."

I got off the bed while Jason got on his back with his head at the corner of the bed. I moved to the corner and grabbed my still hard cock giving it a stroke or two.

"You think you can feed me another load?"

"I know I can, the question is when. I'm not 18 anymore."

Jason arched his neck and I guided my cock down his throat. I love the sound it makes as it pushes all the air from the passage way-kind of a slurp/swoosh sound. Jason had already spit a wad into his hand to lube up his cock which he was jerking. Jason makes a slight wiggle of his head when he needs me to pull out so he can breathe. At first, I forgot all about this. Then I thought he was going to pass out from not breathing so I pulled out a little. He moaned for me not to do that, so I pushed it back in. The feeling of his throat muscles encircling my cock and pulling the blood to the head of my dick was stirring that feeling of lust again. I began slight thrusts to see how deep I could sink my cock down his throat. Then I felt the wiggle. I gave him one more little thrust and slowly pulled all the way out. Jason was panting trying to catch his breath.

"Take a deep breathe boy."

He did and as soon as he stopped inhaling, I slid my cock back down this throat and then giving him those small thrusts. From the sound of it, his cock was drying up. It wasn't making that familiar sound of a well lubed cock being jerked off. So, I worked up a mouthful of spit and leaned over using one hand to brace me. I got really close to his cock, pulled his hand away from his cock and spit my mouthful of jerkoff juice onto the head of his dick. He immediately smeared it around and started back jerking. I eased back up so I was squatting above his head. I swear you could see my cock down his throat. I moved my hand to his chin and then, while pressing down on his neck, could feel my hand on my dick through his neck.

"Fuck that's hot, son. You can see where my cock is down your throat!"

Jason wiggled again so I pulled out.

"You better get a bigger breath than that if you want me to cum again. I'm not going to keep pulling my cock out just so you can breathe. You need to make me cum again. Understand? Now take a big, deep breath." I'd been forceful with him before and I knew he liked it.

He did as he was told and I rammed my cock back down his throat. This time I decided to fuck his throat like I fucked his ass. I pulled out leaving an inch or so in his mouth and then slammed every last millimeter I could down his throat. He moaned with delight. I was in heaven watching him jerk off and able to see my cock fill out this throat. At this pace, I knew a second load was about to escape by balls.

"Alright boy, here comes another load. Get ready to catch it in your mouth."

I was able to give him two more thrusts before I felt another wiggle. I pulled all the way out and began jacking my spit covered cock aiming it right at his open mouth.

"Here is comes. Uhhhhhh"

I put just the head back in his mouth. Rather than his tongue rubbing the underside of my cock, he was tickling the head as I unloaded my cum. He was still jerking fast and furious. Then his arm motions became more robotic and slower. He was getting ready to shoot his load.

"Come on boy, let me see you shoot your load allover that smooth chest of yours. Don't make me wait for it, show it to me NOW."

I gave him a small love tap across his left cheek and nose. I didn't mean to hit him in the nose, but I did. Almost instantly, he started bleeding.

"See what you made me do. Shoot that load before I really have to hurt you. Shoot it NOW, boy. You better do it NOW or I'm really gonna hurt you."

Jason was still nursing the cum from my cock while the trickle of blood ran down his upper lip to his cheek and then down to his neck. His arm slowed down to almost nothing. One stroke up and then back down. Wait a few seconds then up and back down. His grip though was causing the end of his dick to turn purplish red. Before he could take another stroke, his dick turned into a cum fountain. His grip was just as tight as when he was stroking, but the cum was shooting from him like fireworks. The first shot went about 3 feet high and landed on his right shoulder. The next few blasts weren't quite that high, but landed in the center of his smooth chest. Each blast after that wasn't as high and the previous one and landed a few inches further down his body. The last two blasts just oozed over the purplish red head of his cock and down his fingers before resting where his pubes had been. Now his hairless torso was literally covered with his own cum.

"Damn, boy. When's the last time you fired that cannon of yours?"

"This morning. It's the only way I can make my morning wood go down. Plus, Jed likes protein for breakfast."

I went to my half bath and got Jason a wet washcloth and towel to clean him up. When I got back, he was scooping up the cum from his body with his hand and licking it clean.

"Looks like you don't need these after all except to wipe up your nose."

"I do. I can't get it all the cum up with my hand. But I can get most of it!" he said smiling.

"You still love cum don't you? I guess there are some things you will never outgrow."

"I hope not!"

After he was clean up, we snuggled into my bed together and talked about his college life. His grades were great-all A's and B's, he did a good job budgeting his money and not blowing every penny as soon as he got it, he joined a few clubs to help make friends and then we moved on to his love life.

With a little hesitation, he said that he and Jed were becoming a couple. It all started when Jed broke his calculator and needed to borrow Jason's for some calculus homework. It wasn't on the desk or in a desk drawer, so he looked through some of Jason's plastic tubs under his bed. That's when Jed found Jason's collection of dildos. When Jason returned back to the dorm, Jed asked Jason if his girlfriend like to play around with them and Jason said he didn't have a girlfriend-they were for him. This is when Jason admitted to Jed that he was gay. Jed said he was cool with that and he was gay, too. After that, things just started to progress.

"You know, Jed likes to have his butthole played with more as much as I do. And, he is able to take my fist."

"I find it hard to believe that anyone likes to have their butthole played with more than you do, son. You put your fist up his ass? Didn't that rip his asshole apart?"

"I did get my fist in him, but he didn't bleed. He's been taking gradually larger dildos over time to stretch him so he could take a fist without ripping him apart. And guess what."

"I'm almost scared to ask."

"I've been doing the same thing. I worked my way up to the largest dildo I have, then added a finger, then two, then went to two smaller ones at the same time and over the past three months, I can almost get Jed's fist in me. When you first started fucking me, I thought you could tell that I was looser than I was when I went to school."

"I noticed it didn't feel the same as before but I just attributed it to the visual change."

What? What did you just say?"

"I said it felt different, but I thought it was because you shave your ass. Meaning it looked different so I thought it could feel different. Aren't they teaching you anything in college other than how to take a fist up your ass?"

"Yes, lots of things, but I'm tired. Do you mind if we continue this in the morning?"

"Alright, in the morning, but I'm holding you to it. Goodnight."

And with that I gave his a goodnight kiss like I did when he was 5 and tucked him in my bed. I joined him and had the best night's sleep in months. I really missed having my son sleep with me.

The next morning I woke up before everyone else-at least I thought I did. I did my morning routine, bathroom, contacts, shorts since we had a visitor, and headed for the coffee. When I turned the corner of the kitchen, I got a shock of my life. There, looking in the fridge was Jed naked as the day we was born. I think I startled him as he was bending over to see what was on the back of the shelves.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I thought you were still asleep."

"That's cool. I was just hungry and looking to see what you had. Oh, Jason said clothes were optional and since I sleep nude...I hope it's OK with you. Isn't it?"

"It was just a little shocking to see my son's boyfriend naked in my kitchen first thing this morning. But if you're OK with it, so am I. Would you like some pancakes for breakfast? Maybe by the time they are ready, Jason will be up."

"Pancakes sound awesome. Can I help?"

"I'm good. You can sit at the bar and talk if you want."

Jed parked his naked ass on the barstool and we chatted while I made breakfast. Jed shaved his body completely and what a body he had. He stood about 6' with long, shaggy, wavy brown hair that hung in his eyes most of the time. Besides that and his eyebrows, he was completely hairless. I couldn't see any stubble anywhere and believe me I looked every chance I got. He was more muscled than Jason with a much broader chest and washboard abs to die for. His thighs were bulging as his calves, forearms and butt. No tan lines but I did see the little crescent moons of white skin under his butt cheeks where his butt meets his legs when he was bending over in the fridge so I assumed it was a tanning bed tan, not nude sunbathing. Also, it was too cold to get a tan like his at this time of the year.

We made small talk while I cooked and told him that Jason told me all about him last night. Jed thought I was going to be upset about Jason being gay but I assured him I wasn't-all I wanted was for Jason to be happy. Jed confessed that Jason confided in him about our relationship and he was "cool" with that. Jed said that his father, that I met only once, was a very driving, stubborn man that would not accept him for what he is so he plans to stay "in the closet" with his family. I told him I would not let the cat out of the bag.

Breakfast was done and I yelled for Jason to join us. He staggered down the hall still sleepy eyed with his morning wood pointing the way. He flopped down on a barstool next to Jed and put his chin in his hands with his elbows on the bar. I turned around to get plates and the syrup from the other side of the kitchen but when I came back, Jed was gone. I dished up the pancakes and heard a familiar sound of a blowjob.

"Ahh. That feels awesome. Keep going." Jason said.

I moved around the corner and peeked towards the direction of the bar. Jed was on his knees blowing Jason while he sat on the barstool. Damn, this boy is bold! I stood and watched as Jed bobbed up and down on Jason's cock. He told me last night this was the only way to make his morning boner go down and I guess he wasn't lying. As I stood and watched, my dick began to spring to life in my shorts. I didn't put anything on under them and the flimsy cotton material wasn't going to hide my hard on. I thought about leaving them alone for a few minutes but I couldn't move. I was fascinated in the fact my son's boyfriend was giving my son a blow job in front of me. Jason didn't move. He just sat there while Jed did all the work. Finally, Jason started breathing harder and faster and I recognized it as a sign he was about to blow. Jed backed off deep throating him and began stroking his cock while keeping the head in his mouth.

"Fuck, fuck fuck. Here it comes!" Jason muttered.

And then Jed went to town devouring his cock. His hand was still jacking him off but he was slurping and lapping up the cum like it was his first meal in weeks. His head was twisting and bobbing. His tongue was moving faster than I thought possible. He was on a feeding frenzy. Jason was right that Jed loved some morning cum. This kid was devouring every last drop.

Once he finished and Jason finally woke up, Jed turned to me.

"You need help with that?" he asked looking at my shorts.

"Go on dad. I'll let you give him one load. He's really good at it?"

Before I could respond, Jed tugged my shorts to my ankles and impaled his hot mouth on my cock. I was surprised he didn't gag taking my thick, 8 ½ incher down his throat, but he didn't. He took it like a champ. I saw him move his hand towards my cock as he slowly removed my cock from his throat. I thought I was about to get a hand job and a little bit of sucking. Instead, he grabbed hold of my balls which hang way down there and began pulling on them. I loved having my balls pulled and squeezed especially during a blow job. He was working my cock-all of it-like no one has ever done before. His tongue action was perfect. The way he swallowed when my cock was down his throat sent waves of pleasure through my entire body. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. I thought if I didn't look, it would last longer. Wrong. About 2 to 3 minutes into it, my balls needed to release another batch of fresh sperm.

"I'm about to cum." is all I could manage to get out of my mouth before every muscle in my body constricted.

"Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh. Oooohhhhhhh. Aaaahhhhhhhhh."

Jed was giving me the same twisting and lapping as Jason received. I know this kid is 18 years old but he gives a blow job like he's had 30 years of practicing. Damn he's good. But I couldn't take any more on my sensitive head.

"Easy there. It's really sensitive."

Jed gave it one last lick and then planted it in the back of his throat just letting it sit there. I love the feeling of those last few pulses in a warm, moist place when you dick moves and nothing comes out-right before it starts to soften up. I could tell the dick spasms stopped but Jed wasn't letting go. He had a gentle suction on it and would not release it.

"You can let go now. I'm all done."

Jed slowly let my cock slip from his lips.

"Two loads before breakfast. That's the way to start the day!"

"Speaking of breakfast, we better eat before the pancakes get cold."

I reached down and pulled my shorts up. I couldn't walk around with them around my ankles.

"You don't have to put those back on. After all, we are naked and I just sucked your dick." Jed said.

He had a point. No need to cover things up when your son's boyfriend just sucked you off. I dropped the shorts to the ground, grabbed my plate and headed to the table for breakfast. We had to plan what we were going to do today. I had a few thoughts, but after what just happened, we may change plans.

We did some site seeing and had an early dinner. Neither Jed nor Jason wanted to go out and do anything that evening so we all relaxed at home and watched a movie. I wasn't extremely tired but I called it a night about 10:00. The boys were going to stay up and watch more TV. It seemed I had better channels than they had back at school. Shortly after I went to be, I heard someone come into my room and sit next to me on my side of the bed. I wasn't asleep yet, but beginning to doze off.

"Dad, you asleep yet?"

"No, not yet, but almost there. Why?"

"I thought we could do something different tonight if you're up for it."

"What exactly did you have in mind?"

"I thought we could invite Jed to sleep with us-at least for just a little while if you know what I mean."

"Is he OK with that? Have you asked him?"

"Yea, he's OK. In fact, he's been talking about wanting to do things to you all day. He really wants to sleep with you if you get my drift."

"As long as he understands this is just a onetime deal-no relationships, just fun. And he knows he cannot brag to people about what we do, too."

"He knows. We've been talking about it."

"Alright, just wake me up whenever you all are ready."

"I'll go get him right now. He's been ready all day!"

I turned my bedside lamp on low-just so we had a little light to see where to put things and where to find things. As soon as I rolled back into my spot on the bed, there appeared Jason and then Jed through my door. Both were naked and Jed was already hard. He was sporting about a 7 incher that curves slightly upward. He was definitely excited about what was about to happen.

Jed went to one side of the bed and Jason went to the other. Both crawled in at the same time. Ed moved straight to my cock and began sucking it while fondling my balls. Almost instantly, I was rock hard. He would alternate between sucking my cock and licking my balls. Jason was nursing on my right nipple. Licking, sucking and lightly biting it. I cannot remember the last time I was with two guys at the same time. Since my nipples are connected to my cock, one or the other needed to slow down or I was about to reach the point of no return. As I mentioned this, Jed moved down the bed and got between my legs. I was lightly stroking my cock while attempting to put both of my nuts in his greedy mouth. With some assistance from his free hand, he popped both of them in his mouth at the same time. I felt a little bit of pain but it quickly turned to pleasure as he sucked and pulled on them. Every once in a while, he would release my balls and give my dick a lick or suck-just enough to keep it hard but not enough to make me want or need to cum. Then he would return to my balls. Jason was alternating between my nipples and my neck and ears. He would twist one nipple with his hand while sucking on the other. Then move to nibbling my neck and ears while tweaking both nipples. I loved every second of these two college hunks playing with my body.

When Jason moved to kiss me on the mouth, Jed pushed my legs up to my chest and began eating my hairy asshole. For someone that shaves his entire body, my hairy ass didn't seem to bother him. He was sucking on it, tongue fucking me and going to town licking it. Sometimes I enjoy playing with my asshole as I jerk off, but this felt like nothing I have done to myself ever. I tensed up at first but as I began to relax, the pleasure began to intensify. And as I relaxed, Jed was able to insert his tongue further up my ass creating even more pleasure. After a few minutes I thought to myself he was doing this to lube up my ass and fuck me. I saw the size of his cock and the thickness and knew it would hurt. I tensed up and clamped my asshole on his tongue which was inserted in me as far as he could get it. My tensing up must have pulled his tongue and he flinched-backing away from me.

"What happened? Did I hurt you?" Jed asked.

"No, it felt great. I just thought you might want to fuck me after you got me loosened and lubed. And I do not really want to get fucked. Nothing against you, but it's just not my thing."

"I understand and I'm just the opposite. I don't like to fuck-I love to get fucked. I just thought you would like what I was doing." Jed replied.

"Oh I like it alright. Now that I know you aren't going to fuck me, I think I can relax and really enjoy it."

And with that, Jed lowered his head and started eating my ass out all over again. Only this time he would rub his finger around my asshole making me push it out more allowing his tongue to go deeper.

While Jed was devoted to my asshole and Jason and I were making out, I snuck a finger or two around Jason's bubble butt and played with his asshole. I could tell he had done the prep work for a fun evening. Just as I was about to wonder what was coming next, Jason blurted out, "I cannot take this anymore. I want your cock inside me." I was unsure if he was talking to me or Jed. I got my answer when he pushed my legs down, swung his leg over me and sat on my cock. Jed stayed between my legs licking and sucking my balls. At least he stayed there until Jason started rocking back and forth causing me to bump into Jed several times. He took the hint and move to the front of Jason and began sucking his cock. I decided to play with Jed's ass like I was doing with Jason's. He had also done his prep work and two fingers slipped right in him. After a few minutes of me playing with Jed's ass and Jason riding my cock, Jed said he wanted to switch positions.

Jason raised up off my cock and slip to my right. Jed move from my left and sat on my cock. Sat probably isn't the right work. There was no gentle movement, easing down on it or slowly engulfing it. He impaled himself on it with one motion. Then he let out a sigh of relief and groan at the same time. It took in about 10 seconds to get used to it and then he rode it like a wild stallion. Jason tried to suck his dick but his movements were too varied for him to figure out any pattern of motion. Jed's ass began making those familiar slurping sounds of a well-used man pussy. That was the only noise in the room besides my heavy breathing.

Then Jed reached under his leg and I felt his hand brush against my balls as they sprang upward. I thought he was going to grab onto them but instead, he inserted a finger in his ass-along with my dick. Then a second finger went in. This one scrapped my cock as he inserted it and he broke the silence with, "Sorry". I wasn't positive, but I think a third finger went in as well.

"Jason. Come back here and stick your dick in me too. I want all the men in your family to have their cocks up my ass at the same time."

Jason made his move behind Jed who began leaning forward towards my chest. I wasn't sure if Jed could handle both of our cocks, but then I remember Jason saying he could take a fist up his ass so I didn't try to stop him. Jason tried to find a good stop to kneel behind Jed. This led to several variations of me moving my legs this way and that, Jed sitting more upright and laying all the way down on me. Then it happened. There was enough room for Jason to ease his dick into Jed's already filled butthole. I raised my head up to watch Jason and Jed. Jason was having difficulties getting his dick in enough though Jed stretched it with is finger. Jason tried pushing harder while gripping the base of his cock. Jed must have relaxed because his facial expression said it all-he was riding two cocks at the same time. Jason and I remained motionless until Jed told us we could move. A finger puts me over the edge sometime...I can only imagine what two cocks feel like. Jed gave the word he was ready to be fucked. I tried rocking my hips while Jason fucked him which led to my dick escaping. Jason put my back in and then maneuvered his back in. I stayed almost motionless and let Jason fuck him.

Don't get me wrong. I could feet my son's cock rubbing the underside of my cock. The head of his cock was brushing against the tender spot just under the head of my cock where the head meets the shaft. Holy shit, if he keeps this up, I'm going to blow my load up his ass.

Jed was stroking his upward curved cock between our stomachs. I could feel his knuckles brush against my stomach hair. Then he spoke.

"I cannot take it anymore-I'm going to cum. Don't stop fucking me. Keep fucking me. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Here it comes. Don't fucking stooooopppppppp!"

I felt the warms blasts of his cum puddle on my stomach and his asshole spasm around our dicks. His hand wasn't slowing down. He was still jerking as fast and furious as ever. The puddle felt like it was the size of a dinner plate and still growing. How much cum does this guy have in him I thought to myself. His asshole quit twitching and his hand was slowing down but did not stop.

"Someone's dick is pounding my prostate. Fuckin' A it feels good. If you keep doing that, I think I can shoot another gallon."

This kicked Jason into overdrive. He wasn't sure if his dick was nailing his prostate and neither was I, but he was giving everything he had. Jason was rapid-fire fucking. He was pulling his cock almost all the way out then going in as far as he could as fast as he could. The feeling of my son's cock rubbing against mine and his balls slapping mine was bringing me to the edge. I'd never experienced sex with my son like this before.

"I'm about to cum, too. Don't stop Jason. Keep it up!" I muttered Jason didn't slow down one bit and I began shooting my load up Jed's hole. My cum added to the experience of Jason's dick sliding against mine. That and the fact my head was sensitive was throwing my mind into euphoria. Jason cockhead was still brushing against mine after I finished depositing my load but he didn't care. My load was leaking out of his ass and running down my balls. Jason's balls were sticking to mine because of my cum. None of this bothered him because he was focused that it was his turn to shoot his cum up Jed. He was feverously trying to bust his nut. You could tell by the fact his eyes were closed and the way his head was tilted up and to the side.

"Here comes my load. Oh fuck, here it comes!" Jason yelled.

With that he buried his cock one last time in Jed's ass and began firing his load. I could feel his cock spasm against mine and the feel of warm cum on my still sensitive cockhead. Jason remained still until he finished depositing his cum.

Jed on the other hand was still stroking his cock between us. The speed of his strokes was increasing. He was going to try to shoot off a second load. I took my hands from behind my head and grabbed Jed by the sides of his face pulling his face close to mine. His lips parted as mine did. Then our lips touched. I pulled his yet closer and began to squeeze his head trying to get him closer. My tongue parted his lips and explored his mouth. His tongue met mine as we embraced in a passionate kiss. He didn't say anything but his exhale into my mouth did the talking. He was about to shoot another load all over me. We stayed connected by our lips until he finished draining a second load in a matter of minutes from his balls. His asshole was about to squeeze my softening dick from him. Jason still was deeply planted inside Jed.

"Whoa. Hold on there dad. I said you could fuck him but you are taking this to another level."

"I was just helping him reach his second orgasm-that's all."

"That looks like more than just help to me." Jason said is a jealous tone and a bit of an attitude.

"I'm not trying to steal your boyfriend. I'm not looking for a partner and no one could ever replace you as my son. Not now, not ever. You are part of me physically, mentally and spiritually. I love you Jason and would never hurt you."

With that, Jason moved up and gave me the most passionate kiss of his life. While Jason and I were embarrassing, Jed slid out of bed and left my bedroom. Jason apologized for getting upset and I reassured him I did not want to be a distraction in his and Jed's relationship. We talked for a while and came to the conclusion that we would leave Jed out of "our" relationship. Jed fully understands that we share a special bond and knows there will be times when we need to "bond", but we would still keep our father/son relationship just that.



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