- - - Roman Narrates- - -

On the Lord's day, the sun hangs in the blue sky. All is peaceful in the grim streets of Baltimore City.

I escort my grandmother into Grace Simmons Baptist Church.

'Roman, are you okay?' she asked me.

'I'm fine grandma,' I lied. Even my grandmother could see through my fake pleasantries.

While I help my grandmother walk up the church's front marble stairs, my heart cracks from sadness.

The last time I was in church was a year ago. I was here with my secret love, Mr. Donald Jones.

Just thinking his name makes my voluptuous black ass moist for his 11' black dick.

My skinny tan body trembles to feel his masculine touch.

Unfortunately, our relationship ended because of our age. Donald is 63 and I am 25.

I had no problems with our age differences; yet, Donald never believed that my love was real.

Ironically, as we enter the church, we are greeted by Donald and his son Donald Jones Jr (DJ).

'Good morning, Donald and DJ' my grandmother smiled.

'Hello Ma'am,' DJ responded

'Hello Helen,' Donald said in his smooth baritone voice.

My brown eyes stare at Donald's handsome brown skin, light gray eyes, bald shaven head, and tight athletic build. He is handsomely dressed in a black suit, blue shirt with a red tie, and black shoes.

Even though Donald was 5'8 compared to my 6'1, he had a much stronger upper body, which was apparent in his welcoming handshake.

'Good morning, Roman,' he said.

'Hello Donald.'

My calling him by his first name causes a hurt glance to appear in his eyes.

He always loved to hear me call him Mr. Jones. Truthfully, I loved calling him by his formal name.

It clearly defined my role as his submissive bitch. A role that I enjoyed beyond words. But that's over.

'Sigh.' God, I miss him.

- - - Mr. Jones narrates- - -

'Sigh' I exhaled as Roman walks his grandmother into the sanctuary.

Seeing Roman's tan skin, thin frame, baby face, brown eyes, and full lips makes my 11' black cock rock hard.

'Hey dad, are you ok?' my son asked.

'I'm fine, son.'

'No you're not. You miss Roman.'

My son is the only one who knows about our love. He and Roman have been friends since childhood.

'Dad, you have to talk with Roman.'

'Why?' I ask dumbfounded.

'Dad, You know that you love Roman.'

My son and I sit in the balcony, which is placed in the rear of the church. A cherry oak rail halfway hides our view from the congregation sitting below. Up here, no one can hear us.

'Roman loves you, too. When mom died, Roman was there for you. Loving you.'

'DJ, a guy Roman's age, your age, should not be saddled with an old man.'

While I appreciate DJ's accepting Roman and I relationship, I wish that he could see my point of view.

'Do you know that he has not seen anyone since your breaking up?'

'Really?' I asked in shock.

'Yes. Dad, he loves you. He has always loved you. Please don't miss out on this happiness.'

'Sigh' DJ is right. Roman has always loved me.


I remember when Roman was 16. He and DJ were playing video games in my home.

While I was taking a piss in the bathroom, Roman accidentally walked in on me.

'Oh...umm...oh,' Roman muttered.

I could tell that his innocent brown eyes were shocked to see an 11' black dick.

As I took my man size piss, Roman's brown continued to study my cock.

Roman appeared awestruck by my dick's thick head and coke bottle shaped body.

When I saw his mouth hung open in a O, I knew that he was sprung by my black monster.

After my pissing ceased, DJ yelled from another room, 'Roman.'

'My son is calling you,' I said while massaging my manhood.

'I guess I gotta go,' Roman whispered.

I could tell that Roman was tempted to taste my black dick.

'Roman!' DJ bellowed.

'Looks that way,' I said flirting with Roman by pointing my massive cock in his direction.

Roman slowly walked out of the bathroom and never looked back.

But, I knew that he wanted me, just as much as I wanted him.


I miss Roman. Not even my deceased wife could satisfy me like he does.

'But that's over, now,' I whispered to the air as Reverend Wheeler steps onto the pulpit

- - - - - - -

Roman: Donald and I began our relationship in this church. I was walking towards the single restroom in the church's basement. When I saw the door closed, I assumed that no one was in the room.

Mr. Jones: Surprise! There was Roman standing by the restroom door while I was taking a piss.

Roman: My first thought was to leave, but then he did the unexpected.

Mr. Jones: I smiled at him and held my stiff dick appetizingly.

Roman: As my 7.5' black dick started to rise in my pants, my knees started to buckle.

Mr. Jones: He closed the bathroom door and while the church congregation prayed and worshiped.

Roman: I was on my knees begging Mr. Jones...I mean Donald for a taste of his 11' black dick. Mr. Jones: That's when I knew that Roman was the one for me.

Roman: Because no one else could ever fuck me so right.

----Mr. Jones narrates---

My hazel eyes are shocked to see Roman standing next to my balcony seat.

'Um, I should probably go,' my son said. 'Dad, remember what we talked about.'

While I am excited to see Roman standing near me, I ignore him.

'So good to see you Roman,' I dismissively said.

Roman sits down beside me, 'Cut the bull shit, Donald.'

I was in disbelief. Roman has never talked to me with such anger before.

'Roman, what is wrong with you?' I asked.

'You are what's wrong,' Roman quietly said. 'I am tired of this game that we are playing.'

Our eyes locked in a spiritual gaze.

'I love you, Mr. Jones. We can make this work.'

He called me, Mr. Jones-I celebrated inside. I look away from his pretty brown eyes.

My 11' dick is screaming at me to bust Roman's black ass. But I am so embarrassed, what do I say. Roman's soft tan hands pick my chin up from the floor.

'I love you, too, Roman.'

We kiss. We are so enraptured in ecstasy that we are oblivious to Reverend Wheeler's sermon.

'Church, I come to you today talking about the importance of Brotherhood and Sisterhood.'

---Roman narrates---

Sitting on the church's balcony, Mr. Jones and I passionately kiss. We care less if anyone sees us.

While I am completely naked, I unbutton Mr. Jones' blue shirt but leave his red tie on.

My soft tan hands eagerly play with Mr. Jones' salt and pepper chest hair.

'Get on the floor,' Mr. Jones ordered me and I quickly follow.

'Aw-Aw,' I whined as Mr. Jones massages my ass with his wet tongue.

Mr. Jones tongue feels so fucking good between my pussy lips.

I melt even more when he sucks my ass like its a juicy piece of fruit.

'Yeah, Mr. Jones. Yeah,' I whined.

As our strong black bodies connect, Reverend Wheeler continues with his sermon.

'Church, I present to you the story of David and Jonathan. No matter how we may feel about their relationship, we must all agree that these men prove that HOMOSOCIALITY is real.'

---Mr. Jones narrates---

'SLWP! SLWP!' was the loud sound I made as my tongue drills inside of Roman's tight shaven hole.

'Yeah, Mr. Jones. God, I missed you,' Roman cried like a bitch.

My 11' dick is ready to tap Roman's voluptuous booty. Unexpectedly, Roman turns around.

'EA!' I moaned as Roman's places his juicy brown lips on my black cock.

'I miss the way you give head, baby. No one can suck my shit better,' I praised.

I could tell that Roman missed my cock from how he deep throats my black monster.

Roman's tongue tenderly glides on my black dick as his soft hands rub my hairy nuts.

I place my hand on Roman's delicate head forcing him to suck me dry.

'Yeah, baby. You got all of me inside of your mouth. Does it taste good?'

Roman moaned, 'YES!'

'Hmmmmmmmm' was the sound Roman makes loving my two boys.

As Roman shows my dick total praise, Reverend Wheeler continues to testify.

'Homosociality defines as the non-sexual bond made between a man and his brothers and a woman and her sisters. Church we must embrace the love found in brotherhood and sisterhood.'

---Roman narrates---

'Ah! Ah!' I lowly screamed as I ride Mr. Jones' 11' black cock.

I pinch my nipples as my voluptuous black ass hypnotically bounces on my lover's large drum stick.

As I ride his black horse, Mr. Jones slaps/grabs my ass.

'Yeah! Yeah!' I cried. 'My pussy has missed you, Mr. Jones.'

I cheered Mr. Jones to drill his 11' dick deeper inside of me.

Only Mr. Jones omnipotent cock could transform my dark ass into a bright shinning pussy.

'Did you miss my dick loving you?' Mr. Jones asked.

'Ow! Mr. Jones, I missed YOU.'

'PLAP! PLAP! PLAP!' was the sound my asstwat makes bouncing on Mr. Jones' black cock.

'Ohya' I moaned as his dick was bringing me to a soft orgasm.

Mr. Jones and I loudly display our love, but no one can hear us. The reverend has their ear.

'Church, We know that there is nothing more natural-orgasmic-beautiful than Black Love. It cannot be brought in a dance club, nor can it be found on a porn video. Black Love is love-pure love.'

---Mr. Jones narrates---

Roman's back is nailed to the wall while his legs twist around my black muscular body.

'Eh! Eh! Eh!' Roman cried like a girl.

I feel the presence of God watching us as my dick grinds further into my lover's intestines.

'Thank you, Jesus,' I said.

Roman's 7.5 black cock throbs near my chest. I can feel his precum drip a pond on my 6-pack stomach. 'Ohhhh, Mr. Jones. Fuck me. Please fuck me,' Roman whimpered.

When I see the tears of pleasure form around Roman's eyes, I know that God is real.

My hazel eyes study Roman's angelic tan face.

'You look so beautiful,' I said upon seeing his frail lips shape in a O.

'From now on this is my ass only, you hear me?' I asked.

'Yes, Mr. Jones. This is your ass-and your black dick belongs only to me,' Roman said.

'Damn right!'

Our tongues lock in devotion of this moment. Smelling Roman's sweat is the perfect aphrodisiac.

Nothing can take my pleasure away, not even Roman's sharp nails digging in my chiseled back.

'EY! AY! EY! Fuck me deeper, Mr. Jones.'

'That's right, baby. Give me that ass.'

'I'm gonna cum, Mr. Jones. OhhHHH-'

To muffle my man's gentle screams, I kiss him deeply.

'EMMF' was the sound that Roman makes as bolts of cum leap from his dick into the air.

His cum is so plentiful that it lands on my left ear and my hairy chest.

'That's right, baby. Hold tight, because I am going to rock you to sleep.'

With that, my 11' black dick enveloped Roman's asstwat.

My dick grinds/pushes/grinds/pushes/grinds/pushes inside of his pussy hole.

Oh SHIT, I thought as my brown lips clung to Roman's


- - - - - - -

Roman: Laying in Mr. Jones bare black chest, I feel at peace. However, the balcony smells of raw sex. Mr. Jones: With Roman in my muscled arms, I refuse to cover our love. Thank God for second chances.

Reverend Wheeler: Church, turn to your neighbor and say, God loves you and so do I.

Roman and Mr. Jones: God loves you and so do I.



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