I feel completely exhausted arriving home in Baltimore at midnight. Earlier today, I received a phone call from my dad urging me to return home from Atlanta because of my mother's failing health has placed her in the hospital. It has been a long time since I was DJ, Donald Jones Jr, single child in a successfully mobile African-American family. Walking into our home, I feel relief that the environment looks the same. There is a picture of my parents standing above the fireplace that showcases my father as a community leader. I resemble him in my appearance of a shaved head, hazel eyes, even brown complexion, and short stature. We both have the perfect build for football. When he was smaller, dad demolished opponents on the field. However, I have my mom's hips, which gives me a large bubble butt. Suddenly, I hear a loud 'erk' sound from upstairs.

'Erk! Erk!' What the hell is that noise, I think as the squeaky sound echoes throughout the house.

It sounds like the noise is coming from upstairs from my parent's bedroom.

As I open my parent's bedroom door, I ponder, what could the noise be? My mom is in the hospital and I am sure at this late hour my dad is asleep.

'What the,' I whisper in complete shock of the vision before me. I halfway close the door so that I could peak at the scene of my dad's sweaty brown body fucking a man, doggy style in the same bed as he shares with my mother.

'Ah! Fuck me, Mr. Jones. Put your horse dick deep in my black ass,' the black bottom screams. He looks remarkably familiar...

'Take it, boy! Take this dick!' dad orders while plunging his big black dick deeper in the bottom's ass.

This predicament gives me a new view of my father. Dad is somewhere in his sixties, but he has a tight muscled back, and I could also see that dad has a huge cock. It looks like a glass coke bottle, long and thick with a large round head. He has a well-developed ass that bounces as his dick glides in and out of his man bitch.

Unexpectedly, I feel incredibly turned on by this scene. My urge to touch my 8inch black cock increases watching dad pick up a paddle from the bed stand.

'I'm going to teach you how you should please an 11 inch dick, nigga,' dad said. While dad is fucking the bottom in his dark manhole, he spanks the bottom on the side of his ass. The room fills with the sounds of 'erk' from the bedsprings, the lust of these two enjoying black man's pleasure, and now the slap-slap-slap! sound of my dad spanking his man bitch on his voluptuous ass.

'Take it Roman,' dad orders.

Wait a minute, did dad just say Roman? I begin to stare more at the black bottom; besides noticing his 7.5 inches swinging from dad fucking him, I see that he resembles Roman, my boy from childhood.

Oh snap! That is Roman. My dad is fucking Roman, my best friend from childhood. With this thought, I feel the precum spew on my hand, as I intensely massage my dick. I begin to slide my hand under my shirt, so that I could touch my stiff nipples.

'Fuck him, dad,' I whisper.

Seeing this passionate display makes my asstwat ache for Khalil's dick.


Khalil Jackson taught me about the pleasure found in submitting to black men. Khalil was a 5'8 caramel complexion chiseled drink of water. We met in school, CAU, an HBCU in Atlanta. He was noticeably gay with his lisped speech, earring in both ears, spiral cornrows in a circular pattern, brown bedroom eyes, bushy Mohawk hair, round booty, and juicy brown dick sucking lips that he kept lubed with gloss. Unfortunately, our initial relationship was not positive. We were the two strongest students in our class, which I could not stand. Khalil was too self-assure. He didn't understand that he needed to submit to me because I was a hetero. I spent a large amount of time talking with my girlfriend, Lynell, about Khalil's arrogance.

'Why is this guy always on your mind,' Lynell asked when I brought up Khalil instead of fucking her.

'I just don't like that guy,' was my response.

I would enjoy every chance I had to humiliate Khalil. When the opportunities arrived, I felt dominant, almost as if I were rubbing his face in shit.

Such an opportunity presented itself when we held debate in Dr. Cole's Logic class.

'Black men are not really gay, they only engage in this behavior when they cannot find women' I said in class. The class, who were majority black women, agreed with my opinion. Khalil sat in a silent disgust of my behavior. Again, I loved to remind him that he was merely a piss drinking bitch. Soon, Khalil soon taught me that he was nobody's bitch.

After class, I sat in the school's cafe waiting for Lynell's class to end and relishing my victory over Khalil.

Surprisingly, Khalil walked over to my table holding two fountain sodas.

'Hey man,' he said in his girlish voice. 'Class was crazy today, right? Here's a soda as a peace offering.'

Not wanting to show my satisfaction of proving him inferior, I merely took the soda.

'It certainly was,' I agreed taking a large sip of soda.

'School is pretty intense. Classes are not always easy to get through,' he said.

'True,' I remarked. Immediately, I felt dizzy listening to Khalil. I couldn't help but notice how juicy Khalil lips looked. I bet he could slob a knob.

'So DJ, lets get out of here. I know this great club near campus.'

'I can't go. I have to meet up with, Lynell.'

'We will back soon. Then you can have all the pussy you want,' Khalil teased.

He then smiled, making my 8inch dick stand in attention with the thought of having his lips slurp me dry.

'Ok, lets go,' I said. At this point my thoughts turned completely hazy. All I remember was going to his car. And while we drove off, Khalil kept saying, 'When I am done with your sweet ass, you will never want pussy again.'

My first real memory became clear with the realization that I was wearing a metal collar around my neck. When I tried to gain my footing, I felt the sharp tug of steel against my arms and legs, which were seperated from my body tied by rope to a brass bed. My legs were lifted slightly high over the bed revealing my tight dark hole. All I could do was lay against the mattress.

'I'm naked!' I said aloud instantly feeling the wetness of lubrication in my ass. I hated to admit it, but I loved this feeling of lust; yet, I knew I couldn't give in.

'What the hell is going on?' I screamed while my dick was like a fully charged power tool ready to screw.

To my right out of my eyesight, I heard footsteps echo into the room. I delicately lifted my head to see Khalil standing above me with a muscular nude Mandingo on his left and a skinny black fag on his right. I instantly realized that Khalil must have poisoned my drink. I studied the three men cautious of their attentions.

The Mandingo looked like a typical street thug, he had broad shoulders, 8 pack stomach, and wore a stocking cap around his head. I would never suspect that he was gay, however, his raging 9inch cock, which was held by a cock ring, revealed the truth. Oppositely, the skinny black fag had red gelled hair and wore green contacts. It was obvious what he wanted thanks to the cock ring holding his 7 inches.

The sight of these men made my nipples stand firm. I tried to ignore the feeling of rising ecstasy by chanting that I am a strong black man and I will not give into this savagery.

'Damn, look at his dick spit, master,' said the skinny fag.

'Yes, Sherry. He looks good doesn't he,' said the Mandingo.

Khalil just stood there, smiling at me dressed up like a prize pig.

'Who's the bitch now,' he said to me, his voice no longer had the sissy lisp, now he had a masculine tone. He walked out of my line of vision while the two men moved closer.

'Don't be so mean, Kha. Please forgive my brother for being rude, I'm Rufus' said the black man, 'This is my wife, Sherry.' He said pointing to the black fag.

'Sherry?' I asked.

'Yes, he turns into a nasty bitch for large black pistols, just like yours. Sherry, show him how much you love to give a black man pleasure.'

Just like that, Sherry squated by the bed and placed his mouth on my leaky 8inch cock. He kissed the head and then placed my head gently in his mouth. Sucking on it like a jolly rancher. He then slowly moved his lips down to the base.

Oh my God! I wanted to scream. His lips felt so good on my manhood, but I couldn't give in- especially not to a fag.

'Leave me alone!' I screamed.

Rufus just smiled as the fag started to slide his tongue up and down my thick spine while playing with my balls. It wouldn't be long now. I couldn't resist Sherry sucking me dry.

'He's good, ain't he?,' Rufus asked. 'He learned from the best-namely my shlong.'

I was panicked to see Rufus starting to add lube to his thick manhood. I had to release all of this heat from these sexy brothers around me...

'Oh shit!' I moaned. I couldn't hold on. Sherry was too good at sucking my knob. My whole world was spinning around as Sherry swallowed my 8inch soldier like a hungry whore.

'I'm cumming... I'm cumming. Ohh!!!!!' I screamed. I felt my arms and legs tense against the rope as my spew flooded his throat. The fag simply kept his lips wrapped around my chocalte stick swallowing my nut in large gulps.

'Yeah, Sherry is a good nigga cum eater, right?' Rufus asked.

'Answer him, DJ,' Khalil said in a threatening tone coming out of the shadows.

I regained my composure as Sherry wiped his lips of cum by rubbing his face against my balls. My heart beat rapidly from this exciting torment. Rufus moved in front of me while Sherry moved over to Khalil.

'Stop this, Khalil. Why are you doing this?'

Sherry knelt down in front of Khalil unzipping his jeans to reveal a swollen 8.5 inches, which Sherry hungrily placed in his feminine dark mouth.

'I am doing this to show you that you are nothing more than a pretentious bitch. You talk militant shit in class, but I know the truth.'

Rufus removed his cock ring. He moved into the shadows behind me and came back with nipple clamps, which he gently placed on me.

'Ahh! Damn!' I moaned at the pleasure of my nipples being pressed.

Rufus placed his long middle finger in my tight black ass. My dick swelled from Rufus manipulation of my body.

'That's right, bitch,' Khalil said to me while Sherry's head bobbed rapidly on his black pistol. 'Moan like the faggot you are. I have always known that you wanted me. Did you think I never saw you looking at my ass or staring at my lips? You were scared to step to me because I refused to be your bitch. Show him Rufus. Show him who the submissive bitch really is.'

'With pleasure,' Rufus said removing his now two fingers in my tight black asshole. He began to rub his frightening 9inch piece against my tight hole.

'No, man. Don't do this' I whined knowing that my resistance was slipping and now all I wanted was to be brutally fucked.

In my earshot, I heard Sherry loudly slurping Khalil's 8.5 piece.

'Come on, don't be like that,' Rufus said attempting to coax me. 'You know you want me.'

I did to. I couldn't help but feel myself more at ease in allowing Rufus to place his Mandingo cock inside of my tight black ass. I tried to spread my bound legs wider providing him with easier access of entry. I could feel him pushing his dick into me. 'Damn, your ass is tight,' Rufus remarked.

'O- ' I whined as his dick's tip and length began to move further into me spreading my hole apart.

I carefully looked over to now see Sherry hunched forward so that Khalil could claim his faggot ass.

Rufus immediately gained my attention as he placed his complete 9inch piece inside of me. On impact with his massive shlong, I felt my ass tighten and my breathing increased in irregular patterns.

'Calm down. You know, I think I will call you Yolanda because you are a fighter.'

I became more at ease from Rufus' dirty talk. He glided his 9inch dick in my ass. Then he aggressively pumped my ass faster/faster/faster.

'Wop-Wop-Wop,' was the rhythmic sound I heard beside me from Khalil pounding Sherry's faggot hole. Khalil grabbed Sherry's red gelled hair into his fists. Sherry looked beautiful taking Khalil's meat. Sherry's mouth hung open enjoying black man's pleasure.

'Ay! Ay!' Sherry whined in pleasure from Khalil's dominance.

I wondered how it would feel to take Khalil's powertool.

'Is that what you want,' Rufus asked. 'To be treated like a slut, to be humiliated' he asked pounding my sensitive ass into a twat. My tied legs started to quiver from Rufus hitting my colon.

'Answer me,' Rufus demanded seriously laying pipe against my chocolate walls.

'Yes, Rufus' I said loving his big black cock. 'Please fuck me. Humiliate me. I beg you to take my manhood.'

Rufus bellowed a sinister laugh.

'That's right, Yolanda.'

Soon, I could see Khalil eyeing us with jealousy.

'Oww!' Sherry screamed as Khalil rudely fucked his ass while staring at my reaction of pleasure to Rufus' 9inch pipe.

'Yes! Rufus. Stop playing with me and take my black cherry,' I said enjoying the pleasure.

'Give it to me, nigga,' Rufus shouted as he fucked me HARDER!

I smiled in ecstasy as Rufus conquered my ass. I didn't want the pleasure to end, but suddenly Rufus yelled, 'Damn, nigga! Ima cum! Shit!

'Ah!!!!' Rufus roared as his cum pulsed in the deep center of my asstwat.

'Yes,' I cheered completely in rapture of black man's pleasure.

As Rufus lay on my chest, I could hear the 'wop-wop-wop' sound of Khalil fucking Sherry's ass cease.

Rufus removed his 9inch dick from my cum filled hole causing the smell of shit and sex to occupy the room. When Rufus walked away from my ass, Khalil instantly stood in his place.

'Did Rufus feel good, DJ or should I call you, Yolanda,' he asked.

'You tell me, Kha,' I snapped. 'It must have been good the way Sherry moaned from you fucking his asstwat.'

'You are such a cunt,' he snickered. 'It's your turn to get what you always wanted.'

'Do it, nigga,' I antagonized tracing my tongue over my upper lip. 'Fuck me, if you can.'

I saw that the head of Khalil's 8.5 dick was extremely large and the length was wide.

I smiled as he glided his manhood within me.

Unexpectedly, Rufus came closer to my face while Khalil swiveled his hips to punish my black asstwat.

'You left your shit on me, Yolanda. Clean me off.'

What! I screamed inside staring at Rufus' blood and shit coated dick.

Khalil's stride was long and deep banging my ass into feeling pleasure.

'My boy said clean his dick, faggot,' Khalil said.

'Yes sir.' I said hesitantly opening my mouth wide. Hmm, I moaned loving the taste of putrid shit in my mouth, but I couldn't take Rufus holding my head while forcing his big black dick in my mouth.

'You aren't swallowing his dick, right,' a quiet Sherry interrupted. 'There is a trick to sucking a black man's dick. Let me teach you. First you have to kiss the head so that he knows that you respect him and that you are honored to suck his cock. Then you suck on the head gently while playing with his balls.' Sherry moved Rufus dick between his inner jaws never minding the after taste of my ass.

'Oh yeah, you always know how to please daddy,' Rufus said wrapping his fist around Sherry's hair. Rufus then removed my nipple clamps and started to apply pressure on my hard nipples with his hands while Khalil's balls bounced off my asstwat. I loved the feeling of Khalil's balls dangling on my asstwat.

'He's so beautiful, Kha,' Rufus said.

'Yes and he's mine,' Khalil said fucking me with longer strokes.

Sherry suspended blowing on Rufus black pistol to say, 'Its really important that you remember to never use your hands, let your mouth work for you and always take deep breaths.' After that, he went back to swallowing his master.

After a minute, Sherry stopped and said, 'Here try it now,' Sherry said.

I opened my mouth to taste Rufus filthy piece of hard candy. He started to fuck my mouth frequently again, but this time, thanks to Sherry's notes, I could take it.

Sherry moved in back of Khalil and started to lick the crack of his round ass. Despite Sherry's sensuous tongue delving into Khalil's African cheeks, Khalil kept a regular beat of fucking me.

'Aww, yeah!' Khalil moaned. 'You think you are so smart,' he said to me. 'You thought you could flaunt your heterosexuality and that I would obey you. From now on you will obey me.'

As Rufus mouth fucked my mouth, I hummed yes. This feeling of black man's pleasure was more than I could ever imagine. Rufus busted his nut in my hot mouth and face while Khalil busted his gap in my aching hole. This feeling of cum flowing in both of my holes was heaven.

'Hey isn't someone going to make me cum,' I asked.

All three guys laughed. Thankfully, Sherry took mercy on me.

'DJ, you are the bitch, now. It doesn't matter if you cum. Your purpose is to please your man.'

'Oh,' I said. I looked at Khalil and Rufus as they slapped high fives and rejoiced in their victory of taming my black bubble butt.

'Well, damn,' I whined, laying my head back with a feeling of complete humiliation.

* * * * * * * *

As much as I appreciated Lynell, I could not forget the taste of black man's pleasure. I found it difficult to be with her intimately. I remember the day after my deflowering she tried to give me head and my erected 8 inches softened in her mouth. Lynell could no longer sexually please me; however, I knew I needed her to protect my identity as a strong black man. Thus, I decided a different approach involving using a wooden baseball bat in my dorm room's closet.

'You want me to do what!' Lynell said appalled.

'Come on, Lynell. You are a strong, beautiful woman. You cannot tell me that you have never thought of being in complete control.'

'I have...' she meekly admitted 'but to fuck you with a baseball bat.'

'No, Lynell don't think of it like that. We have been together for a year. I love you and I feel comfortable being vulnerable with you. Don't you trust me?'

Lynell, paused torn between the possibilities found in this new act and her own morals.

'Ok lets try it.'

That night, I asked Lynell to help me apply lubrication to my asstwat. I lay on my flat stomach leaving my bubble butt exposed for her to gently sliding the bat in me.

'Damn, this feels good, Lynell,' I said imagining Khalil fucking my asstwat.

I was in disbelief that I was taking this large object inside of me.

'Yeah, hell yeah!' I whined As she started to move the bat up and down in me. The feeling was incredible and caused me to cum instantly.

In exchange for her service, I gave her oral.

As we slept in my dorm bedroom, I heard a knock at my door. I quietly removed myself from a sleeping Lynell to answer the door. Wearing nothing but plaid boxers that revealed every inch of my full sized black booty, I answered the door. It was Khalil. On sight of him, my nipples hardened and my asstwat became moist.


'Hi,' he responded.

I knew that I was playing with fire inviting him into my living room while Lynell slept in the bedroom.

'How are you?' I asked.

Khalil responded by standing in front of me and pulling his 8.5 hard cock from his pants. As I took his member in my mouth, relishing the taste, I was shocked to feel a warm liquid come forth. I immediately jerked in surprise.

'Don't spill any,' Khalil warned me as he proceeded to piss in my mouth.

Oh snap! I thought this tastes so good. I screamed internally with pleasure as his dick used my throat as a toilet. When he was done, he put his still hard cock in his jeans, pecked me on the lips, and left my dorm.

I sat in my living room in silence pondering Khalil's actions. He did this to show me that he was the head nigga in charge. And as I pulled out my enraged 8inch cock, I spewed goblets of cum savoring the bitter salty taste of Khalil's piss on my breath. After, I brushed my teeth, and climbed back in bed with a sleeping Lynell.

Later, I crossed more boundaries with Khalil. Unlike Lynell, Khalil was more eager to guide me and show me the pleasures of having sex. I valued Khalil as both my lover and as my best friend. He was a man- a strong black gay man.

Matter of fact, it was Khalil who taught me how to make love to a black man's ass. I remember we were in his dorm room studying for Dr. Cole's midterm. I found this extremely challenging thanks to Khalil flirtatiously wearing a medium wife beater T-shirt, which covered his defined ass that he hid in denim skinny jeans. He kept breaking my concentration by looking at me with his luminous brown eyes.

'Come on, Khalil. We have to work.'

Khalil stood up and said, 'You have more than homework to do, scholar. It's time for you to learn how to be a top.'

'What?' I asked stupefied. 'I thought you liked fucking me.'

'I do,' he said taking off his jeans and removing his shirt. He laid face down on his bed leaving his ass fully exposed. Khalil had a phat ass that resembled two round basketballs.

'Come here, DJ. You are going to eat my ass.'

I was still stupefied sitting behind his desk with an 8inch boner.

'Ok.' I took off my clothes in a flash letting my 8inch cock roam free. I knew from the magazines that I should place my wet tongue between his butt cheeks.

'Yeah, nigga. Eat me raw,' Khalil ordered as I gently separated his cheeks with my hands so that I could lick his dark shithole.

'Wait,' Khalil ordered. 'I want you to lay down on your back.'

Damn, I enjoyed eating his phat ass. Unlike pussy, which is typically wet an ass was tighter and sweeter. Regardless, I laid on my back obediently. Surprisingly, Khalil sat directly on my face. I felt smothered, but the sweet taste of his phat ass took away the pain.

'That's right, DJ,' Khalil said. 'Your tongue feels so good.'

Khalil started to rub my 8inch dick while riding my face. He moved his sweet black ass back and forth on my face making me feel like a human sponge digesting his manly scent.

'Ah yeah, DJ!' he moaned like a bitch. 'This is how you eat a black man's ass.'

He then grabbed my chest with his hands and began to twist my nipples.

'You want to cum, DJ?' he asked.

'Yes,' I said between eating my black man's dinner.

'Good. Then you are ready'

Khalil moved off my face and turned his body so that his ass sat on my precum dripping 8inch chocolate stick. The impact made a low 'fwip' sound.

'Oh snap!' I said.

'Oww, DJ,' Khalil panted. 'Your dick is so big. Its all the way inside of me.'

Now, this was the faggot sounding Khalil that I initially met. The sound of his sugary voice made me want to fuck his asstwat unmercifully. I flipped him on his back and pushed my dick deep in his asstwat.

'Ah! Oh hell! Do it DJ,' Khalil cheered as my dick pounded his phat ass.

'Yes give me your nut, nigga. I want your nut in my ass,' he moaned.

'That's right mawfucka!' I said punishing Khalil's body.

His legs were wrapped around my waist as I plowed his walls down with my wrecking balls.He jerked his 8.5inch cock while I tore his ass into pieces. Unexpectedly, we heard a loud 'urk' sound as his bed frame snapped. Despite us breaking the bed, we kept going in rapid jungle rhythms.

'I'm gonna cum, nigga!' Khalil yelled jerking his 8.5 dick until he burst his creamy fluids onto his flat stomach.

'Yeah! Khalil I'm goin to bust a nut...ahhhh!' I screamed as I came into his ass twat.

Afterward, our bodies laid in peace on the broken bed. Khalil's head rested on my chest as I placed two of my fingers into his swollen hole.

'Finally, I get to cum with you,' I said smiling as we drifted asleep.


Khalil was my nigga. I jerked rapidly on my stick recalling our fuck sessions. I would be fucking him now, but I am home because of dad's call.

So here I am with my stiff 8inches in my hand ready to cum watching dad and my childhood boy enjoy black man's pleasure.

Dad continues to fuck and spank Roman's ass making him chirp in delight.

'Smack! Smack! Smack!' is the sound that echoes as dad taps Roman's asstwat.

'You like this freaky shit, don't you boy?' dad asks.

'Yes, Mr. Jones,' Roman squeals a reply like a bitch.

I want to feel your tits, boy,' Dad says.

Dad lies on the bed letting Roman ride his horse dick. Roman sits on his large power tool with his front facing the bedroom door.

'Yes, Mr. Jones. Go deeper,' Roman moans as dad humiliates him even more.

Surprisingly, Roman sees me peeking behind the door jerking my large chocolate stick. I wonder does he recognize me after all these years.

'Yes, Mr. Jones. Fuck this black pussy! Please!' he screams while staring at my large chocolate stick.

He nods his head hello signaling that he does remember me.

Not knowing what else to do, I nod back hello.

Dad digs deeper into Roman's ass.

'Your pussy is so tight,' dad moans.

My body starts to vibrate as I feel my cum rising from watching the two enjoy each other's black man's pleasure.

Roman smiles as cum explodes from my dick into large drops on the floor.

'Damn,' I whisper.

Roman licks his lips as if he wanted to taste my black juices.

He blinks his left eyelash, giving me the signal to come into the room.

(To Be Continued)



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