I love black dick. I love its hard fleshy feel. I love its large shape. I love its tantalizing scent. I especially love its taste when it fills my mouth with sweet cum.

Mmm, I can taste it now as I stand in the shower washing my naked tan body clean from Mr. Jones' cum and scent.

I give praise to God for Mr. Jones' 11inch black cock. He knows how to hammer my tan ass into a soft wet pussy.

At times, I wonder about our age differences- Mr. Jones is 62 years of age and I am 24.

However, I know that my mouth was made to swallow his sweet cum.

I lather my ass, so that I can easily place a middle finger in my tight hole. Sliding my finger in and out of my hole, I imagine that Mr. Jones is standing behind me rubbing his huge cock against my dark pussy.

'Yeah, boy work that ass,' he would whisper in my ear making my pussy ache.

He would kiss my neck while squeezing my tan nipples with his rough working man's hands.

'Ohhh, Mr. Jones,' I lowly moan rubbing my 7.5inch dick into a hard tool while fitting my middle and index finger in my hole.

The hot water on my face reminds me how Mr. Jones uses his spunk to give me a facial. He loves it when I suck it dry and rewards me by squirting his cum on my tan baby face and in my hungry mouth.

_________- - - - - _________________

Mr. Jones and I have been through a lot in our year together. Like his wife dying. When his wife passed, I took every opportunity to console Mr. Jones in my own special way.

Including bringing him into my family.

Yesterday, my grandmother invited Mr. Jones and his son DJ-Donald Jones Jr. - to our house for dinner.

For dinner, grandma made ox tails, southern turkey wings, cucumber avocado salad, white and fried rice, a green salad, and her world renowned banana pudding for desert.

'That was delicious,' Mr. Jones praised.

'Thank you, Mrs. Carter,' DJ said.

'I am glad that you both enjoyed,' grandma said.

My grandmother loves to entertain, which she shows tonight by playing the perfect hostess.

Grandma turned to Mr. Jones and said, 'Donald, I have been very impressed with your mentorship of my grandson, Roman. Since he returned home from completing college, I have been very worried about him. But he is a whole new person since working as your assistant in your architecture firm.'

'He has been a pleasure to have around,' Mr. Jones said staring at me with a sparkle in his hazel brown eyes, making my baby boy face blush.

DJ smirked. As the only one who knew about our relationship, he continues to be supportive of his dad.

'DJ, when are you returning back to school?' grandma asked.

'Next week. I am going after the church's executive council retreat.'

'That's wonderful,' she said. 'You have a lot to learn from your father. He has done a great job acting as the church treasurer. Your mother has done a lot to help him be where he is.'

'She truly did,' Mr. Jones said, 'But your grandson continues to make me stronger.'

My heart swells at this comment and DJ's brown face lights up in cheer for his father. Unfortunately, my grandmother ignored the point that Mr. Jones was trying to make.

'Donald, it still amazes me how much you and DJ look alike. You both look like twins with the same brown complexion, hazel eyes, and bald head. You even look like you can still play football.'

'You know as well as I do, Helen. Black don't crack.' Mr. Jones smiled.

We laughed. This moment was nice and sincere. Sometimes, I wish I could tell my grandmother about my relationship with Mr. Jones, but I knew...

'Ok, Roman,' grandma said, 'Why don't you help me with the dishes and prepare some tea.'

Before I could say anything, DJ spoke, 'No, Mrs. Carter. I can help you. You guys went to such trouble.'

Ignoring my grandmother's protests, they went into the kitchen leaving Mr. Jones and I alone.

'Are you ok?' he asked reaching for my hand while with another hand he unzipped his pants showing me his hard 11inch cock.

'I am still hungry,' I said my mouth watering for his chocolate lollipop.

Quietly, I crawled underneath the table on all fours to suck his dick dry.

I love the tantalizing smell of Mr. Jones' horny cock. I kissed his bulbous head showing my devotion before I placed his full manhood in my mouth.

I slid my lips up and done his spine while rubbing and gently squeezing his gray haired balls.

He pushed my head down on his manhood making sure that I gulped each inch of his black cock.

From the kitchen, I heard, 'DJ, you are such a good washer. I can tell your mother taught you well.'

'Thank you.'

While I stayed underneath the table, Mr. Jones force-fed me his dick making me gag for air, but I knew my place as his bitch. I had to take it no matter what position or where we were.

And I wanted to swallow his nut!

In the kitchen, the tea kettle whistled.

It will not be much longer before they walked back, I thought.

Mr. Jones continued to hold my head fucking my wet mouth in a fast rhythm.

'Oww shit,' he whispered removing his raging dick from my mouth, so that his cum squirted all over my pretty baby face.

His big black dick shot out bursts of cum that fell on my forehead, in my nose, and on my chin.

But like a good fag, I placed his cock back in my mouth to swallow any left over juice.

Mmm, his cum always tastes so sweet, I thought lapping my tongue around his shaft.

Quickly, I crawled back to my chair and wiped my face with a napkin, but there were still traces of his juice on me.

'Its so much cum,' I whispered.

Mr. Jones just sat in his chair drinking water basking in the achievement of dominating his bitch.

Before my grandmother and DJ came out of the kitchen, I ran to the first floor powder room and washed my face.

'Roman, you look flushed. Are you ok?' grandma asked upon my return.

'I am fine, grandma.'

DJ smirked again knowingly while Mr. Jones now sipped his tea in superiority.

______________________ ---- ---- ______________________________

'Mr. Jones, you are so nasty,' I said while the shower spurts hot water on my face.

As I jerk my 7.5inch dick to an orgasm, I take the shower head off the base and place it next to my asshole. The water taps on my tight ass lips just like Mr. Jones' powerful dick.

'Yes, fuck me, Mr. Jones' I whisper.

My left fist pumps my horny cock while the hot water continues to drum on my ass.

I turn to the wall so that I could spread my legs apart and bounce my booty.

Mr. Jones loves it when I bounce my voluptuous ass. He likes to spank me hard as my thick ass jugs tremble up and down. I can feel him spanking me now,

'Smack! Smack! Smack! SMACK!'

'Fuck my black ass, Mr. Jones,' I whispered.

This feels so good, I think while self-pleasuring my cock, holding the shower massage to my ass, and bouncing my tan booty.

I feel ready to explode.

'Ohhh, Mr Jones!' I screamed as cum explodes from my dick only to be washed away by the water.

'Roman, you ok?' my grandmother yells from outside the bathroom.

'Yes-yes grandma' I stutter as my hard 7.5inch cock twitches from the gentle explosion.

'Roman, hurry up! Donald will be here any minute now.'

'Yes grandma.'

I dress and stand by the door like a dog waiting for his master.

'It was so nice of him to take you on the church's executive council retreat,' grandma said 'Having you around is really helping him get through his grief.'

'You think so grandma?'

'Of course, baby. And this retreat will be good for you. You can really learn from the church's leaders. They are influential black men in our community who believe in family traditions. Maybe they will help you decide to settle down, get married to a nice woman, and bring me home some great grand kids.'

I silently laugh, If only you knew how much I love black dick, grandma...

Finally Mr. Jones and DJ arrive at the house.

Mr. Jones steps out of the driver's seat to wave at my grandmother on the porch.

My pussy gets moist just watching his hazel eyes glimmer in the sunlight. He looks like a mature thug wearing a buttoned white and blue striped shirt that displays his muscled body, blue khaki shorts that show a trace of his dark package, and timberland boots that accentuate his firm brown moisturized legs.

'Take care, Helen,' he said.

'You too. Bring my baby boy home safe.' Grandmother said.

'I most certainly will,' he responds.

DJ waves at grandma while moving to the back passenger's seat leaving me to sit next to my nigga where I correctly belong.

As I buckle my seat belt, I have the expectation that Mr. Jones will lay his large juicy brown lips on mine, which gives me the signal that I am his submissive cum sucking bitch.

However he never does. Instead, he drives the car.

Hell, he has not even said hello to me.

'So, how are you, Roman?' DJ asked breaking the silence. I look in the rear view mirror to see DJ's hazel eyes.

'I am fine. How are the two of you?'

Mr. Jones again says nothing-only DJ responds.

'I guess we are fine. Dad, Roman asked you a question.'

Mr. Jones looks on driving as if he does not hear a single word.

'Dad, are you ok?' DJ asked.

'I am just fine.'

What the hell is going on? I pondered.

A feeling of dread overcomes me. There is nothing wrong with Mr. Jones' hearing. He is ignoring me. But why is he acting this way? Is it DJ? Well, DJ has been my best friend since childhood and he loves his father. DJ was the first one to know about us and continues to be supportive. Is it his deceased wife? No- Mr. Jones may be grieving, but he knows that he can talk to me about anything.

So what could it be? I wondered.

We drive to the church's retreat in Western Maryland. Along the way we see a golf course, basketball court, swimming pool, and a sharp white gazebo.

'Dang dad, this place is huge,' DJ gushed.

'Yes it is,' Mr. Jones said. 'The church has owned this house for ten years. I designed the compound and watched the construction men to make sure we stayed in budget,' he said proudly.

'DJ, when you were younger, the men of the church would come here to relax from life's pressures. Nothing but brothers enjoying their time together with nature.'

We arrive at the entrance. DJ and I step out of the car while Mr. Jones goes to the trunk.

'All right. DJ, go and find our room while I take the bags in.'

'Ok' he said.

Sadly, I am lost from the notion that Mr. Jones has not said a single word to me during this trip.


In opening the front door, I feel like I am reliving history. On the house living room walls were pictures of our church leaders' accomplishments. A particular picture stands out of a smiling young black man dressed in a black suit shaking hands with Maryland's former Governor Schaefer.

'That's Bishop Daniels,' DJ said.

'He looks impressive,' I said with a feeling of awe at our bishop's majestic presence.

From my left distance, Reverend Williams and a man with a beautiful cocoa complexion walk down the hall.

'Hello DJ and Roman. I glad that you're both here,' Reverend Williams said. 'Young men, this is the house caretaker, Angelo.'

'Hello,' Angelo said with an exotic accent.

As Reverend Williams leaves a message with DJ for Mr. Jones, my focus lies on Angelo's intoxicating almond shaped eyes and curly dark hair.

He must be in his early thirties.

My 7.5 cock stirs to life noticing Angelo's muscular arms that looks more like thick tree branches, which he hides in a white cotton short sleeve shirt. I look below to stare at his black pants to see his semi hard cock.

I wonder how his cock would taste in my mouth.

I look up to notice that he is watching my eyes undress him.

Oh no, this is so embarrassing.

Angelo just gives me a mesmerizing smile that rivals Mr. Jones' hypnotic gaze.

Angelo further captures my stare by twitching his semi hard dick, which is hidden in his pants. My pussy feels incredibly moist from watching his flattery.

I blush from this realization and return back to reality.

'So, DJ tell your father that Deacon Malcolm and Pastor Reade will arrive before Bishop Daniels,' Reverend Williams said. 'Angelo is going to show me the improvements made by the pool. Its so good to see you both here. Especially you Roman,' Reverend Williams said blinking his right eye.

I ignore his gesture to concentrate on watching Angelo's hypnotic ass as he walks away with the reverend.

I am shocked at how fascinated I am by Angelo. Only Mr. Jones has been able to capture my interest this way.

'He is a babe,' DJ said.

'Good God, yes. Where is he from?'

'Didn't you hear the reverend say that he is from Trinidad?'

'Really' I said imagining his sweet exotic cum on my large dick sucking lips.

But, again, I know my place...

'Look, DJ, you know I love your dad?'

'I do and there is nothing wrong with staring. Just don't get caught with your hand in the cookie jar.'

We laugh.

On cue, a tall African god walks into the house dressed like Angelo and carrying DJ's bags.

'Hello, I am Darius. I am here to take these bags to your room' he said in a baritone international voice to DJ.

'Woo!' DJ whispered as his mouth waters from noticing Darius' toned body in a white cotton short sleeved shirt and black pants.

'Umm thank you for carrying my bags,' DJ mutters watching Darius majestic ebony body.

'You are welcome,' he smiled. The two walk off to DJ's room.

Mr. Jones is such a good father to give DJ a toy to play with this weekend, I thought.

However, I am not smiling when Mr. Jones walks in carrying only his bags.

'Hey, Roman you left your bags outside,' Mr. Jones said while walking his bags to his room.

I am completely numb.

How could he do that? Why is he treating me so badly, I thought.

As I walk towards the car to get my bags, a champagne Porsche drives up and stops beside me.

'Hello, Roman' Deacon Malcolm said.

'Hi Deacon Malcolm. This must be Pastor Reade.'

'Yes, this is Pastor Brian Reade,' Deacon Malcolm confirms nodding to the mulatto complexioned cub sitting next to him. 'He is our new youth minister.'

'Hi,' I said shaking his hand in front of Deacon Malcolm.

'Deacon Malcolm, I overheard Reverend Williams say that Bishop Daniels is on his way.'

'Good, he needs to meet Pastor Reade,' Deacon Malcolm said touching the mulatto cub's thigh.

How interesting, I thought about the two's closeness.

'Roman, it's good to see you here,' Deacon Malcolm said with a blink of his right eye.

Hmm, that is the second time that has happened today, I thought watching the two drive off.

I bring my bags into the house. Before I take them upstairs, I take a break by grabbing a quick glass of water from the kitchen. I notice that neighboring the kitchen is an exquisite white steel painted balcony that oversees the pool area. The sun glistens on the water divinely.

I step on the balcony drinking my water.

I hear a sound of pleasure from the pool, 'Oh-oh yeah.'

I instantly remember Reverend Williams saying that Angelo was going to show him the pool's recent improvements.

'Ah, yes,' Angelo's voice moaned.

By the pool, Angelo sits naked on a patio recliner while Reverend Williams kneels in front of him sucking his dong and fingering his clean shaven ass.

Suddenly, Mr. Jones' earlier words echo back to me,'Nothing but brothers enjoying their time together with nature'

Ha! Look at that. Reverend Williams likes black dick, too, I thought.

I never thought of Reverend Williams sexually. While he never taught homophobia in the pulpit, I just never assumed that he would like dick. I always thought his flabby 250 lbs caramel frame was asexual.

Yet, here I am watching Reverend Williams baptize Angelo's swollen dick, which looks like a thick cocoa tree.

It has to be 9inches.

Angelo looks even more sexy basking in Reverend Williams mouth play. He wears a tattoo of an ibis on his chiseled left pec.

Despite Angelo's sexy exotic looks, Reverend Williams is truly making my dick hard right now.

The reverend has to be in his late fifties but he can eat a dick like a strong young man.

I feel incredibly horny looking at Reverend Williams' large black man's ass that would even make Jesus' dick hard.

'Slupp! ! Slupp! Slupp!' was the sound he made swallowing Angelo's large dick.

Mmmm, the reverend moans shoving the caretaker's dick down his throat.

Angelo gyrates his hips so that his cocoa tree will go deeper into Reverend Williams' throat.

'Ah-yes take it, man,' Angelo said, 'Swallow my load.'

'Slupp! Slupp! Slupp! Slupp!' is the reverend's response.

He could suck his dick forever, I thought marveling at the reverend's talented breathing control.

I laid my glass on the balcony's ledge, touching my growing tan dick.

'Wait let's switch positions,' Angelo said.

The two passionately kiss while Reverend Williams moves his gigantic caramel frame onto the recliner. Angelo kneels in front of the reverend and sucks on his hairy mantits.

'Yes! Oh my God!' Reverend Williams cried with intensity while rubbing his 6inch caramel cock.

Angelo twists the Reverend's left nipple in his mouth while pinching his right nipple.

'Eh!' Reverend Williams moaned like a submissive bitch.

'Oh, Angelo. Suck my titties harder-please' the reverend whined.

Angelo moves on to suck the reverend's right nipple and hand twist his left.

From watching the reverend's facial expression of pleasure and pain, I could tell that Angelo was biting Reverend's Williams nipples harder/harder/HARDER.

'Eh-eh!' the reverend cried in ecstasy, 'Thank you, God,' the reverend moaned with delight.

I cast a devilish smile as Angelo manipulates Reverend Williams body. The reverend is now far gone into mental rapture from Angelo's pleasurable torment.

'Yes, oh God! Yes' Reverend Williams yells clutching Angelo's curly hair in a balled fist of sexual tension.

Angelo's mouth play causes Reverend Williams to turn bright red. Angelo moves his cocoa tree over the reverend's head.

'Suck my nuts, reverend!' Angelo moaned as the sun reflects beautifully off his hypnotic ass cheeks.

Reverend Williams gulps the caretaker's testicles and massages his own 6inch member.

I gently rub my erect dick watching Reverend's Williams clutch Angelo's cocoa nuts.

Angelo looks magnificent standing over the big man leaving a stream of precum anoints the reverend's forehead.

'Ah!' the caretaker whined as Reverend Williams orally tickles his cocoa nuts.

'Plup,' is the sound Angelo removing his nuts from the reverend's mouth.

The reverend rolls his tongue on his large red lips showing the top that he is ready for more.

Angelo places his cocoa tree between Reverend Williams breast. He pushes Reverend Williams' tits around his 9inch dick. Angelo then rubs his dick up and down between the reverend's breasts.

Never in my life have I seen such a beautiful sight of a man titfucking another man.

'Yes. Oh your tits are so so soft,'Angelo whispered with pleasure.

The reverend's hungry mouth hangs open licking the tip of Angelo's dick as the caretaker titfucks him in gentle stabs.

I can see that the reverend wants more when replaces Angelo's hands and squeezes his mantits.

'Cum for me, my angel,' Reverend Williams whined while licking Angelo's tip.

'Oh, holy Mary. I am going to cum,' Angelo cried out in pleasure.

'Cum my angel. Please cum for me,' Reverend Williams' begged.

'oh-oH-OH!!!!' Angelo screamed as his sweet cum explodes.

Angelo's cum lands all over Reverend's Williams face, from his ears, nose, around his eyes, and on his large red lips.

Watching Angelo deface Reverend Williams' body, I feel myself aching to feel Mr. Jones' massive dick in my ass.

'Yes!' Reverend Williams said jerking his 6inch dick as Angelo's sweet cum hangs on his face.

Reverend Williams takes Angelo fully into his mouth while jerking his dick into an orgasm.

'Mmhmmmmm,' Reverend Williams purrs while cumming with Angelo's still hard cock planted deep in his fat jaws.

Wow! This was hot, I thought while tugging on my 7.5 cock.

Suddenly, the balcony door opens and Deacon Malcolm steps outside.

'Hello, Roman,' he said and quickly grabs my exposed 7.5 cock.

'Ah,' I whine.

'I hope you don't mind. I saw you from the kitchen and had to stop by,' he said jerking my cock.

Reverend Williams and Angelo wave to us on the balcony, only Deacon Malcolm is able to respond.

His rubbing my 7.5 cock enraptures me into a silent pleasure.

Deacon Malcolm looks at me.

'Reverend Williams is an exhibitionist,' he said 'Him and Angelo's having been putting on a show for years.'

I feel like an inferno as Deacon Malcolm massages my 7.5inches.

Just like Reverend Williams, I never thought of Deacon Malcolm as attractive before.

My grandmother said that the women in church love his dark ebony skin, his bright white smile, and his iron body. While he is not like Mr. Jones' steel frame, Deacon Malcolm definitely keeps in top shape for a man who is probably in his late fifties early sixties.

I always thought he was sophisticated, but not really my type. However, his hand manipulation leaves my dick panting for more.

'Does this feel good?' he asked.

'Y-yes'I said feeling completely captured by lust. At this point, I could not think about Mr. Jones, all I want is to release my cum.

Deacon Malcolm kneels in front of me and places my 7.5 cock in his mouth.

'Oh, shit!' I moaned upon feeling Deacon Malcolm's tight wet mouth. I look down to see Deacon Malcolm's large brown lips feeding on my tan stick. His dark ebony skin glows in the sunlight.

I lay my hand on his thinning hair gently pushing him to suck me dry and taste my sweet cum.

He massages my balls while swallowing me whole.

Between breaths, Deacon Malcolm said, 'Mmm, your dick is bigger than Donald says.'

What! I scream inside. What the fuck did he just say?

'Wait a minute, Deacon Malcolm,' I said removing my dick from his mouth.

He looks up at me with his intense brown eyes.

'What's wrong, Roman.'

'Did you just say that Mr. Jones told you about me?'

Deacon Malcolm stands. For a moment the situation is silent with hostility.

'Yes, he did. Let's go inside and talk.'

My mind turns blank as we walk into the kitchen.

I do not mind Mr. Jones telling people about our relationship. I love him with my whole heart, but his actions today and now this...

Was this why the reverend and deacon were treating me differently, I wondered.

'So, what are you thinking?' he asked making a sandwich from cheese and tomato in the refrigerator.

'I am-I don't know,' I said lost.

'I understand. You know Reverend Jerry Williams, Donald and I have been friends since the womb. In that time, I have known Donald to be a very complicated man.'

'I know but I love, Mr. Jones.'

'Mr. Jones? you still call him Mr. Jones?'


'Despite what was about to take place outside between you and I, you really love him?' Deacon Malcolm asked.


Deacon Malcolm stares at my grim face with his sexy brown eyes.

'All right, I believe you, Roman. I think you should know the truth. Donald is testing you.'


'He feels insecure about your age and wants to be sure that you love him as deeply as he loves you.'

Oh my God, I think. So this is why they have all been acting so strange. Mr. Jones sicced Reverend Williams and Deacon Malcolm on me, because he wanted to test me.

After my talk with Deacon Malcolm, I stand outside Mr. Jones' bedroom.

Not knowing what else to do, I knock.

'Roman,' he said with a sparkle of joy in his hazel eyes.

He wears nothing but a white terry cloth robe.

I passionately kiss him. Our bodies connect as I wrap my thin arms around his short muscular frame.

We lovingly kiss while moving into his room. Out of habit, I take off his robe and reveal his 6 pack stomach, broad shoulders, tree branch arms, and an 11 inch cock that looks like a glass coke bottle, long and thick with a large round head.

There is no doubt in mind that I love this man. Which is why I stop kissing him.

'Roman, what's wrong.'

I am silent unsure of what to say.


'I know everything, Mr. Jones.'

He looks at me innocently with his hazel eyes.

'What do you m-'

'Before, you finish you should know that Deacon Malcolm told me everything.'

Mr. Jones rolls his hazels eyes. He looks down like a bad dog who does not want to smell his own shit.

I pick his chin up and kiss him on the lips.

'I love you and I always will. But you have to trust me and know that my feelings for you are real. Our relationship is not just about sex.'

Mr. Jones keeps his chin in my hand. This is the first time that I have ever seen him truly vulnerable.

He may have cried about his wife in front of me, but he has never appeared genuine about our relationship...until now.

'I think that it is best that we take a break.'

'A break?'

'Yes, for now.'

We kiss again tenderly. As we stand pressed together, I feel his 11inches grow, causing my 7.5inches to swell. I hesitatingly pull away.

'I have to go.'

'Where? Please don't leave me. I am sorry about everything.'

'Its ok, Donald.'

He looks at me blankly, 'Did you just call me Donald?'

'Yes, that is your name, isn't it.'

I peck him on his cheek, squeeze his deflated black cock, and begin to leave his room.

Already, I miss the taste of his sweet cum.

Yet, I know that for us to stay together I have to immediately leave this room or else he will think that our relationship is nothing more than physical.

'We will get back together, Donald. Soon. I love you,' I said.

I smile at him staring into his hazel eyes and walk away from his room.

He walks after me but stops at the doorway.

'I love you, too,' he said.




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