A calm wind blows through Druid Hill Park on a clear summer day. My dad, (Mr. Donald Jones Sr.) and I, (Donald Jones Jr.-DJ) finish our morning 4.5 run around the park's reservoir and rest on the park bench. I reflect on the close relationship that we share. We look like twins with our 5'9-5'8 stature, even brown complexions, hazel eyes, clean baldheads, and tight muscular frames. Except I have a black man-size bubble butt and he has an 11' black cock. Also, our rest allows us to reflect about our memories of my departed mother. She passed away three weeks ago.

'DJ, your mom was a good lady.'

'Thanks Dad.'

Enjoying the breeze, I stare at the majestic beauty of my fellow black stallion runners as they gallop around the reservoir in their tight t-shirts and booty shorts revealing their long black poles swinging between their legs.

'DJ, it's hard to be a black man with a few dollars.'

'A few dollars?'

'Yes, just a few. I am not rich, you know.'

I snicker at dad's statement because while he is not rich, the man picks up more than a few bills owning an architecture firm.

'A man needs a woman to make him whole,' dad says.

'I think a man needs someone who he can depend on and loves him regardless. Gender does not matter. Case in point, Roman.'

Dad sighs.

I continue with, 'Believe it or not, mom would want you to be happy. And I know that Roman makes you happy.'

'You're right. Roman is a good man- but he's young. I doubt if he would want to be with an old geezer like me.'

'That's not true, dad. I think he has strong feelings for you. Remember, when I came home and I saw the two of you together.'


Mr. Jones narrates:

I remember too well seeing my son walk in on me as I was fucking the tar out of his best friend's tight black ass.

The day started terribly from my wife's sickness hospitalizing her. I felt powerless as a man to save her from her fatal diagnosis. I called DJ to inform him of his mother's condition. Unfortunately, he did not answer. I waited at the hospital from dawn to dusk hoping to see an improvement in her condition- but none ever came. After I returned home in the evening, I felt completely overwhelmed with concern. Not knowing where else to turn, I called on Roman to help me cope. Roman was DJ's childhood friend and the young man who I had an affair with. Luckily, he picked up his phone and agreed to help me release this tension.

At home, I anxiously waited to see him. Just seeing Roman's tan skin, baby face, brown eyes, thin frame, and beautiful red lips always made me want to squirt. I like the fact that he is taller than me at 6'1 because I feel incredibly powerful by telling him to bend over and take my 11' dick. My dick loves to feel up his tight dark hole. Despite all his good traits, Roman is only 24 years of age compared to my 62. Yet, he is the perfect whore for my cock. My wife was always scared of my monster, but not Roman. No, he would throw lips and ass to my cock anytime and anywhere.

Moving on, Roman had rung the doorbell announcing his presence. I knew something was up when I opened the front door and he was only wearing a trench coat.

'Hi Mr. Jones,' he said then opened his coat to reveal that he was wearing nothing but a white G-string and red high heeled boots.

'Damn,' I breathlessly said marveling how Roman was an utter nasty freak. 'Boy, get in here before my neighbors see you.'

I dragged him into my home by the coat and closed the door behind me. Our lips locked in a deep kiss made more intimate by him wrapping his thin arms around me and by me squeezing his soft, smooth, and toned booty. I was surprised to feel a string between his tan anal cheeks.

'What is this?' I asked.

'Its anal beads,' Roman said with a smile.

'Anal beads?'

'Yes, anal beads.' Roman turned around from me, pulled off his G-string, and bent over the coach to show me a full view of his smooth dark canals.

'See, I bought the beads and placed them in my ass so that you could pull them out.'

Watching the beautiful view of Roman degrading himself made my 11inch cock feel like a hammer. I wanted to nail Roman's black cherry until he bled.

'Do you like it, Mr. Jones? Does it look good to you?' Roman asked placing his hand on his voluptuous ass like a model in Penthouse magazine.

'I like it, boy. Get over here,' I said unzipping my pants so I could mouth fuck the young man with my 11inch cock.

'Hell yeah!' I moaned as Roman took my gigantic pole into his hot wet mouth.

The boy knew how to swallow my load, I thought as my dick slid deeper down Roman's throat.

'Suck it, ya nasty bitch!' I said as Roman made loud slurping sounds swallowing my dick. Up and down he went, taking short breaths from his nose in between injections.

Roman's wet mouth made me want to squirt-but I wanted more.

'Get up, boy. Let's go upstairs.'

A nude Roman walked in front of me up the stairs. His ass looked plump and round as an apple. I couldn't help but take a bite.

'Ouch, Mr. Jones!'

'You like it, slut!'

We went into the bedroom that I shared with my wife for 34 years. A wooden holy cross, which my mother gave us on our wedding day, hung over our bed. As I took off my clothes, I felt Roman's eyes stare at my naked frame.

'Your body is incredible, Mr. Jones,' he said in awe of my 6 pack stomach, broad shoulders, tree branch arms, and an 11 inch cock that looks like a glass coke bottle, long and thick with a large round head. 'For a 62 year old man, you look damn good.'

'Black don't crack, boy,' I said. 'Now, you ready for me to take the beads out, boy?'

'Yes, daddy, please. Should I take my boots off?'

'No leave them on.'

I found it bizarre that we were in the same room that I shared with my wife; yet she and I never fully played to our limits like Roman and I.

Roman passively turned over on his flat stomach opening his legs and pulled his ass cheeks open.

On my pulling the string, Roman let out a low moan of delight. Roman moaned louder as I pulled out one black bead.

'Oh Mr. Jones,' he purred as I pulled out another black bead.

'Who's the bitch? I asked taking the third black bead out of his ass exposing the smell of black man's ass in the room.

'I am daddy,' Roman lowly moaned

'I asked who the bitch is,' I said taking the fourth black bead out of his plump ass revealing crumbs of shit.

'I am daddy!' Roman screamed in ecstasy.

'That's right!' I said slapping and rubbing his ass while pulling the filthy black beads out of his ass.

'Now who is your master?' I asked taking the sixth black bead out of his ass.

'You are, daddy,' Roman whined as his baby boy tan facial color changed to a flushed red color like a white girl gasping for air from having a huge black cock stuffed into her.

'I asked who your master is,' I said as I took the last bead out of his ass.

'You are, Mr. Jones. Please fuck me,' he begged.

'You want me to put my monster cock in your shitty hole?'

'Yes daddy,' Roman said eagerly.

Roman lifted his red boots over his head allowing my horse dick full access to his tight pussy hole.

'Oh, yes!' Roman whined feeling my balls bounce.

I took his boots in both of my hands while slamming my cock into his ass-fucking him harder and rougher than I ever have done before.

'Dop! Dop! Dop!' was the sound of my gigantic black dick hitting his colon.

'Ah damn, boy you are going to make me cum.'

'Yes, Mr. Jones. Please cum in me.'

'Ahhhh!' I screamed.

As my dick exploded in Roman's hungry ass, I thought about my sick wife.

Why couldn't she take my dick like this? Why was she so afraid of it? Even when I was gentle she would clench. It's a miracle that I got a son from her, much less a nut or two.

'Oh that was good,' Roman said with a smile that revealed his little boy dimples, 'I should probably clean off.' He ran to the bathroom with the shitty ass beads.

I laid on the bed looking at the ceiling with Roman's scat on my softening cock. For an unknown reason, I began to cry. Roman came back into the bedroom with a now washed ass carrying a clean set of ass beads in one hand and his red boots in another. He saw me crying on the bed.

'Mr. Jones, are you ok?'

'I'm fine. It's just my wife...'

'I understand,' Roman said wrapping his thin arms around my muscular black build.

I layed on Roman's tan chest with the smell of his shit still lingering on my dick. We rested for a few minutes.

'I called DJ home,' I said.

'DJ? It's been forever since I have seen him.'

'Let me get up and change.'

'You are not going to use the bathroom here?'

'No. I will go down stairs so that I can call DJ, again,' I said leaving the room knowing that Roman's eyes were staring at my thick juicy black ass.

After I cleaned Roman's shit from my cock, left a message on DJ's cell phone, I began to ponder how thankful I was that God placed a generous Roman in my life. Not only can the boy take my cock, he was also very loving and caring.

He will make someone very happy one day, I thought without once believing that that someone may be me. I was certain that Roman only saw me as a sex partner and nothing more.

Suddenly, I remembered that in the basement was a wooden paddle on the ping pong table. As sinister thoughts turned in my head, I realized how I could thank Roman for being so caring.

'Mr. Jones, what's that?' he asked watching my naked body carefully as I returned to the bedroom carrying the paddle.

'You've been such a good boy, Roman. I just want to repay you.'

'You do not have to...but with that paddle I see you have something in mind.'

I wickedly smiled causing Roman to blush.

'Turn over and get on all fours.'

'Yes, Mr. Jones.'

Like I said, Roman had a way of keeping my 11inch cock very happy.

'Smack! Smack!' was the sound of the paddle hitting Roman's smooth apple bottom.

'Ah! Oh my....' Roman screamed in pleasure. The more I smacked his ass, the more his 7.5 cock started to dribble precum on the bed. His ass turned scarlet red from my punishing him with the wooden paddle.

'Smack! Smack!' was the sound as the wooden paddle hit the black boy square on his round ass. This punishment made my dick rise again.

'Come on, Mr. Jones. You know you want to fuck me,' Roman said as he slowly turned his ass in a circular motion.

'Smack! Smack!'

'All right, boy. You want my dick, then you'll get it.'

I squatted behind Roman and gently pushed my dick into his ass.

I wasn't sure how he'd take my monster without anything to act as lubrication.

'Erahhhh!' Roman said letting out a primal grunt as my dick slid into his tight asshole.

Our bodies connected as I fucked the young man doggy style.

'Ah! Fuck me, Mr. Jones. Put your horse dick deep in my black ass,' Roman screamed. 'Take it, boy! Take this dick!' I ordered plunging my big black dick deeper within him. Our bodies sweated from this intoxicating work out. Roman's tight ass made me feel lost in a pleasurable rapture. I realized that I may be hurting the boy as I fucked him with deep thrusts-yet, I didn't want to stop.

'I'm going to teach you how you should please an 11 inch dick, nigga,' I said.

I grabbed the paddle on the side of the bed and commenced to spanking Roman again on his ass while fucking him.

'Take it Roman.'

'Smack! Smack! Smack!'

'You like this freaky shit, don't you boy?'

'Yes, Mr. Jones,' Roman squealed like a bitch.

I was close to cumming but I still wanted more. The pleasure was intense.

'I want to feel your tits, boy,' I said.

I lied on the bed as Roman squatted on my horse dick with his front facing the bedroom door so that my hands could crush his nipples.

'Yes, Mr. Jones. Go deeper.'

I felt incredibly excited as Roman bounced on my 11inch cock. From his sweat melting on my body, I dug my dick deeper into his hungry pussy hole.

'Yes, Mr. Jones. Fuck this black pussy! Please!' he screamed

'Your pussy is so tight,' I moaned.

Surprisingly, I heard the bedroom door swing open.

Roman stopped moving as my son entered the room.

Oh no, I screamed inside pushing Roman to the bed. He scurried to wrap the blanket around us.

'Son... um I see you received my calls?'

DJ merely stood by the doorway with a sly smile that mirrored my own when I was planning something freaky. While I have not seen my son in a while, I was shocked at how my son looked exactly like me with his hazel eyes and the same build-except he was stockier and had a pretty bubble butt like his mother.

'Hey, dad. Yes I got your messages and drove up here from Atlanta. Hi Roman.'

'Whas up DJ,' Roman nodded his childhood best friend hello as if nothing was wrong with this scene.

A moment of awkward silence ensued. I was lost for words from worry about how my son would react to this scene of me fucking his childhood best friend. Surprisingly, I noticed that DJ had an erection growing in his blue jeans and that under his shirt his nipples looked hard like brown buttons.

'Dad, I didn't know you got down.'

'What?' DJ's statement caught me off guard.

'Oh dad, there's no need to be shy. I get down, too. I was going to talk to you about it.'

'What?' I asked. I moved upward so that the cover fell from my chest revealing my black steel chest.

'Yeah, dad,' DJ said. 'I met a guy in college who showed me that man on man action is better than sex with a woman.'


'Yup, I was a bit worried how you would accept the news.'

For a second, I was lost in thought-then I noticed Roman and DJ looking at me.

'Son,' I said snapping out of my haze 'It doesn't matter to me that you are gay. I love you regardless.'

I was shocked that the two young men looked relieved. I could never reject my son for being gay; it would be like if I rejected him for being black. He had no control over whom he loved.

DJ came into the room and sat at the bottom of the bed near me.

'I gotta say, dad. I am surprised to see you with Roman.'

'It just kind of happened. The two of you weren't interested in each other, were you?'

'No,' they both said in unison.

Roman sat up leaving the cover to fall away. His specks of brown chest hairs were now in view.

'Mr. Jones, DJ and I were great friends. Like I told you, I have always had a crush on you' he said. While I heard what Roman said, I silently interpreted his words to mean that he always had a crush on my 11inch cock-not really me as a person.

'For real!' DJ said.

Roman stared into DJ's hazel eyes. 'Yes, DJ. I am hot for your father and I always have been since we were kids.'

'That's what's up!' DJ said in approval.

Roman said, 'Now that we have that clear I am still horny for dick and I count two strong black men beside me. Mr. Jones, may I fuck your son and you? Please'

Roman removed the covers and showed his stiff 7.5 dick while placing his middle finger in between his plump ass.

'I'd like to learn from you, dad if that's ok. I was peepin in on the two of you and what I saw was HOT.'

I considered the options. I realized that my son was a man now and needed to understand the importance of pleasing his partner, which was something that I would like to teach him. And Roman was ok with DJ being here with us.

'Ok young men.'

DJ quickly removed his shirt uncovering his dark broad chest and hard nipples.

I was surprised to see how well he developed his body.

As Roman moved his legs into a V shape, DJ delved his red tongue between his anal cheeks.

DJ's college friend must have taught him how to satisfy a black man's ass, I thought as I watched my son plant his face deep within Roman's pussy

'Oh DJ' Roman moaned massaging his 7.5 cock. 'Mr. Jones, please put your horse dick in my mouth.'

Roman was laid horizontal in bed. At one end my 11inch cock plowed his mouth while at another DJ parted his anal cheeks with his rough hands so that he sucked each morsel of the young man's orifice.

'Mmm mmm mmm' Roman moaned as he was being fucked at both ends.

'Dad, can I fuck him?' DJ asked.

'Sure son take the bitch's black cherry,' I ordered.

I knew that my genes were clearly represented in watching my son take off his jeans and shirt to reveal his pretty ass and 8inch cock.

With little resistance thanks to our earlier play, DJ pushed his cock deep within Roman's pussy.

'Mmm' Roman grunted swallowing my horse dick while taking the full weight of DJ's massive chocolate stick.

'Take it, bitch. My son is gonna tear your pussy wide,' I said to Roman as DJ moved his black pipe rapidly in the young man's pussy.

'Damn, dad. His pussy is tight.'

'That's right son. Bring your A game because he's been fucked by the best.'

With that, I moved away from the two so that I could watch my son in action.

DJ squatted on the bed with his 8inch cock shoved directly in Roman's tight pussy while Roman's head dangled over the bed's edge with his legs in the air.

'Ai! Ai' Roman screamed as my son fucked his lower intestines. 'Oh Mr. Jones, DJ is fucking me-ah he is fucking me-!' he said lost in pleasure.

'That's right, mawthafucka! Give me that ass!' DJ ordered.

I massaged my 11inch cock watching the two intense actions.

'Oh Mr. Jones, your son's dick is so big!' Roman screamed from DJ now fucking him missionary position.

Watching the two made me reminisce about my own childhood. Unlike young men today, I had to sneak and find a boy to fuck. My parents forced me to find a woman and marry her. Thankfully, I found my wife-but we were more like best friends than lovers. Even though she knew I didn't love her, she never knew I 'got down' with men.

'Take it slut' DJ said to Roman as he fucked the young man with long strokes.

I felt old watching my son's young brown body while I had salt and pepper hair on my chest and groin area.

'Ah -Ah-Ah!' Roman cried as DJ picked his black cherry.

I may not be young like my son, but I have a bigger dick and a stronger physique, I thought. I decided that I couldn't cry about childhood but I could live in the now.

'All right, DJ. That's enough,' I said as DJ blissfully fucked the young man.

'Aww, dad,' he whined as sweat collected on his shaven head and ran down his front and back.

'Move boy,' I ordered.

'Yes, sir.'

When DJ left the bed, Roman laid his legs down and jerked his hard 7.5' cock.

'Please fuck me, Mr. Jones,' he whimpered.

I folded my legs under me so that I could sit in on the bed in front of Roman, who tied his legs around me.

'Pop' was the sound of my dick entering inside of Roman's pussy.

I lifted Roman up by the waist while he wrapped his arms around my neck. Roman felt light as a feather as I carried his full weight while standing on the floor. His ass ate my horse dick, which caused his nails to dig deep into my steel back.

'Yes, Mr. Jones. Do it!' Roman cheered.

I kept my legs slightly tilted on the floor so that my large cock could fuck the young man unmercifully.

'BOP! BOP! BOP!' was the sound of Roman's ass pumping on my 11inch cock as I carried him to an orgasm.

'Ow-Mr. Jones-I never knew it could feel like this!' He cried shooting his cum in the air to land on my stomach and chest.

'Yes! That's right! You are my bitch. You hear me!'

'Yes, daddy,' he cried.

Soon, my legs quivered as I pumped the young man up and down on my shaft.

'Damn! I'm gonna cum'

I kept fucking him harder and harder-my body never felt tired but the need for my nut increased. As I was about to cum, I held on to Roman's ass digging my dick deeper/deeper/DEEPER inside of him.

'EURCH!' I screamed as my horse dick exploded inside of him.

'Yes, Mr. Jones. I love you!' Roman yelled as the impact of my nut widened his voluptuous ass.

I sat and then lied down on the bed with him still in my lap. My cock softened while buried in Roman's ass.

'Ahh!' DJ screamed as he came in the corner watching us. 'Dad, that was hot. Whoo!'

All three of us found another silence filled with pleasure and satisfaction.

=== ===

A day after my wife passed away from terminal illness. I stayed by her bedside with DJ and a priest. I only left for a moment to allow DJ and her to say goodbye. She looked serene when she and I were alone.

'Donald,' she meekly said.


'You were the best husband that I could ever ask for. You were a great father and a wonderful provider. When I go, I want you to find happiness.'

'Don't talk like that-'

'I love you but you have to promise me that you will find happiness.'

'Ok, honey. Just sleep tight.'

She died soon after.


DJ narrates:

As dad and I walk home from the park, I notice that he looks lost in thought.

'What's going on, dad?'

'Just thinking.'

I wonder why he feels so guarded around Roman.

'You know dad, when God blesses us by giving us someone who loves us unconditionally you really should take advantage.'

Dad laughed, 'Son, you sound like a greeting card.'

We laugh.

'Dad, Roman does love you believe it or not. You know that night when we were all together, I tried to make some moves on him while you slept'

'You did what!'

'Calm down, dad. Roman was not having it. He just said, I love your father and I only want to be with him. '

'He did?'


We stop in front of the house, so that dad could unlock the door. As we enter the house, dad appears lost in thought again.

'DJ, you may be right. There is only one way that I will know for sure that Roman is attracted to me- besides sexually.'

'And what's that'

Dad remains silent and walks upstairs to take a shower.




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