A sunny day in Baltimore makes me feel happy to be home. Last spring I graduated from Michigan State with honors, to the relief of my sanity. Besides the horrendous studies, I felt socially unfulfilled there. Michigan's preppy white boys were all the same. When they saw a tall, intelligent, African-American, male they instantly thought -BLACK STUD! Damn, I was really hoping to fully explore my identity as a gay man in college; instead, I constantly had to play the role of top, which denied me an opportunity of having my ass pounded.

Still, it is good to be home, especially on a Sunday- the Lord's Day. As I walk my grandmother up the marble stairs leading to Grace Simmons Baptist Church, I am unsure of how my family would cope with my new-found sexual orientation. I think my grandmother is the only one who suspects. She would always send me plenty of food with a card, 'This should be enough for you and your roommate.' If only she really knew.

'Hmmp,' I snickered.

'Roman, are you ok?' grandma asked.

'I'm fine. Allergies, maybe.'

When we enter the church, I am shocked to first be greeted by Mr. Donald Jones and his smiling wife.

'Welcome back, Roman,' he said.

I am dumbfounded. This man always takes my breath away, even when I was a kid. His smooth caramel skin, light gray eyes, bald shaven head, nice white smile, and tight athletic build always made my dick drip.

- - - - - - - - - - -

When I was sixteen, I was hanging with his son DJ in their home. I accidentally walked in on Mr. Jones when he was taking a piss. I thought the room was unoccupied because the door was shut. Boy, was I surprised but he didn't flinch. Mr. Jones just kept taking his man size piss and while looking me in the eyes. When he stopped, his dick started to harden. His tool appeared to be 9 inches but it was still growing. His head was thick and large. I felt faint as my mouth dried and my knees buckled.

'Roman,' DJ called from another room restoring my senses.

I was so grateful.

'My son is calling you,' Mr. Jones said in a deep soothing voice while holding his thick manhood.

I felt my knees finally return to life.

'I guess I gotta go.'

'Roman!' DJ bellowed.

'Looks that way,' Mr. Jones said as he started to rub his massive cock.

Not knowing what to do, I walked away from the room and never looked back. I always wondered what would have happened if I stayed.

- - - - - - - - - - -

So here we are in the church's lobby. Mr. Jones looked phyne! He had to be in his early sixties. But he still appeared in excellent shape with his caramel skin and attractive gray eyes. He wore a black suit with a red tie. Even though he was 5'8 compared to my 6'1, he had a much stronger upper body, which was apparent in the handshake he gave me.

'Congratulations, son and welcome home,' he said.

'It's nice to see you, Mr. Jones. Thank you.'

'Roman, why are you still calling him, Mr. Jones,' my grandmother asked.

'That's fine, besides I like being called Mr. Jones, it shows me that you respect me,' he said. I could not help but notice the twinkle in his gray eyes.

My grandmother and I proceeded into the church.

Before Reverend Williams began his sermon, I needed to take a piss. I dashed away from grandmother and went into the single bathroom in the church's basement. I opened the door not realizing that someone may be inside.

Surprise! There was Mr. Jones finishing up from taking a piss. My first thought was to leave, but then he did the unexpected- he smiled at me.

Through the church's audio system, I heard Reverend Williams prepare for his sermon above us.

'Today, church we will talk about the black family,' he said.

As Reverend Williams began his speech, Mr. Jones held his stiffening dick in his left hand. I could see that Mr. Jones cock was truly 11 inches. My 7.5' started to rise in my pants. Again, I could feel my knees start to buckle. However, this time my mouth watered at the thought of tasting Mr. Jones large piece of meat.

'Our sons need to feel supported,' Reverend Williams yelled from the pulpit.

I closed the bathroom door with Mr. Jones and I inside the bathroom. Mr. Jones undid his pants belt buckle, leaving the garment to drop to the floor. I kneeled to the floor. Mr. Jones placed his horse dick next to my big black lips. I kissed his large head as a spurt of pre-cum formed. I, then, began to swallow the head.

He tasted delicious. I couldn't fit his whole dick in my mouth at once, but I wouldn't quit. I wanted his tool. I played with his soft balls as I engulfed his tool. His tool was so huge that soon I felt spit fall from my mouth as I eagerly attempted to inhale his piece.

'We must learn to love our sons,' Reverend Williams preached.

Soon, Mr. Jones grabbed my head with his left hand and started to fuck my mouth. I loved this feeling of being a cum hungry whore having sex in church. His dick plowed through my tonsils faster-faster.

I wondered did those preppy white boys feel this sensation as they sucked my dong.

I thought for sure that Mr. Jones was going to cum when he stopped. Instead he took his horse dick out of my mouth and slapped me in the face with his tool.

'You suck a mean dick, young man. They must not have fed you enough dick in college,' he teased.

Reverend Williams went on above us preaching with, 'Fathers listen to your sons learn their behaviors.'

'Take off your pants,' Mr. Jones ordered.

I did so showing off my luscious ass. He embraced me with a bear hug and grabbed my biscuits. Feeling Mr. Jones hard working hands on my ass, made me instantly turn into a bitch in heat. He bent me over the sink.

'Wait a minute, Mr. Jones. We need lube. I've never taken dick before.'

Mr. Jones merely spit in my hole and began to rub his horse dick between my cheeks.

'Damn, your ass is so soft,' he cried.

Suddenly, he aimed his dick at my ass and began to push forward.

'Ow, Mr. Jones,' I whispered.

'Our sons need guidance, mentorship in order to grow,' Reverend Williams said.

I wanted to scream as Mr. Jones placed the head of his dick in my ass, but I simply winced in pleasure.

'That's right, boy. I am going to bust your pussy wide open,' he whispered in my ear.

My 7.5 started to precum as Mr. Jones pushed forward. I was scared but I wanted it-I need to fulfill this fantasy.

'Ah-ah,' I whined.

'Shut-up,' he growled with his 11' halfway inside of me. 'Hold your ass cheeks open.'

I did so and he pushed in deeper until I felt the base of his horse dick.

He started to deep drill me at this point. Slowly, the pain left and all I felt was pleasure. I couldn't believe I was taking his whole dick in my virgin ass.

As my ass loosened, I realized words could not describe the heat I felt from this man planting his dick deep in my ass. A bop-bop-bop sound echoed throughout the bathroom.

'You are so tight, Roman. They didn't fuck you right in college, either,' he teased.

'God bless your dick, Mr. Jones,' I cried while his horse dick took my black cherry.

I felt his breath come along quicker as the church choir began to sing.

'Ah!' he said as his dick started to shoot holy water in my ass. For a minute, I thought his water would drown my body.

'Yes, Mr. Jones!' I said taking my 7.5 in my hand and rubbing it to climax.

'Oww!' I moaned as his dick softened in my ass.

'You are the best,' he said. 'My wife still has problems taking my dick.'

I straightened my back with his soft dick in my ass.

'Are you ok?' he asked.

'Yes, I am fine. That was wonderful.'

I turned around and we kissed in the mouth.

'You know I always fantasized about this moment,' I said 'This was wonderful.'

'Really?' he asked.

We kissed again while washing up.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Thankfully, this was not our last time together. While it was difficult for us to get time together, we nonetheless found moments to fuck like rabbits. Mr. Jones was a complete freak. He loved to see my voluptuous ass in G-strings, or bikini briefs. To cover our tracks, Mr. Jones explained to his wife that he was acting as my mentor. She completely believed it. I decided to start dating girls from church to throw my family off. These relationships went nowhere fast. However, my family believed it.

So during the week, Mr. Jones and I played the role of straight fellas with our women but during the weekend, we were in a motel room where Mr. Jones kept my aching hole filled with his horse dick.

To be continued



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