If you're under legal age, or you don't like erotic gay domination stories, or interracial stories, don't read this. If you're into gay muscles and domination and interracial sex, I hope you enjoy this story.

Davon White, Superstud Chapter 9 Okay, so I was beginning to get settled into this damn prison in Hagerstown. Already, after barely a month I was pretty much the top dog, at least in this section of the prison. I'd taken Leeshawn's two stooges and slapped them around until they saw it was in their best interest to kiss my ass. They were both simple thugs and I didn't want them, but it was better if I kept them close so they couldn't get into mischief elsewhere.

All the prisoners now gave me space since the word was around that I was Boss of the 'Black Guerrilla Family', and whipping Leeshawn's ass didn't hurt my reputation any either. They actually stepped back and sometimes looked down in respect when I walked by. Not bad for the first month, heh?

"So, Oman, you're a big, good looking hunk with the muscle to take most anything you want but you don't have a fuck boy. Hell, you could take Jasen's Otto away from him in a minute if you wanted" I said as Omar and Jasen and I were sitting around a table in the recreation room.

"Don't give him ideas, Boss" Jasen said and we all laughed. Jasen and Omar turned out to be good loyal 'Family' members and I depended on them to watch my back. They were both big muscular studs, but that's all relative when you see them together. Jasen was 5'10" and may have weighed one eighty, one ninety, but Omar was 6'1" and was bigger in every dimension, probably weighing well over two hundred.

"So, tell me, Omar. Why don't you have a boy?" I asked. "I mean, you don't need to love them. Just something to stick your dick into. Something to get your rocks off with."

"Well, this is prison, Boss, in case you hadn't noticed" Omar said with a laugh. "Most guys don't have boytoys."

"It's all in the muscle, Omar" I said. "The muscle and the connections. You've had the muscle all along and could have had pretty much anybody you wanted. And, particularly now that I'm getting established, you can have whomever you want."

"Well, I'm kinda used to my right hand now, Boss" he said. "I got a couple blow jobs a while back but decided that I liked my hand better. My own roomie wants it but I ain't having any fat latino on my dick. Particularly one who is forty years old."

"I offered to let him use my Otto and he's totally fuckable" Jasen said "but he wouldn't take me up on it."

"Really?" I said, giving Omar a questioning look. He looked back at me, shrugging his shoulders and gave me a 'what-the-fuck' look. And I got a flash of a glimmer of a possibility of a hint of an idea.

"I don't know, Boss" Omar said. "It just didn't seem right."

"Come with me, Omar" I said as I got up. "You and me gotta have a talk. Jasen, we'll see you later." I led Omar out of the rec center and back to my cell.

"What's up, Boss" he said as we sat down on my bunk.

"This is what's up" I said as I took his hand and pressed it to my crotch.

"Ah, Boss" he said, startled. He tried to pull his hand back but I held on to it.

"I know what you want, Omar" I said softly. "I know what you need."

"Ahhh... I don't know, Boss" he said, his voice quivering.

"You need Davon's dick, Omar" I said. "Now play with it." I let go of his hand and he pulled his away. "I said play with it, Omar" I repeated. "Get a good feel of Davon White's big dick." It took a moment, but then he hesitantly put his hand back. "That's it. Get a good feel of this motherfuckin dick. Ain't another one around like it."

"I don't know about this, Boss" he said but he didn't stop groping me as my prick started to grow.

"I do" I said. "I know what you need, and I'm going to give it to you. You gonna get Davon's big meat injection" I said with a chuckle.

"Ahhh..." he started to say.

"Don't say anything more, Omar" I said. "You know damn well everybody want's my dick, but you're special because you're part of the 'family' so I'm giving it to you. And let me tell you, once you get some of this dick, you ain't never gonna be able to get enough." I pushed his hand away from what was now an enormous bulge in my pants and stood up. "I make my phone call at 2:30 and Fred will be acting as my lookout. Be here at 2:30."

"Ahhh... Boss, please" he said softly.

"Omar, listen" I said. "I promise it'll be good. You know how many members of the 'family' have had my dick?"

"Ahhh... lots" he said.

"Yeah, lots. And I make it special for the 'family' and I guarantee you're going to love it." Pulling him to his feet I gave him a soft kiss to the lips. "I promise" I said.

So, I had my first fuck since I'd been in prison, except, of course, for Ezekiel, which didn't count. Omar was a very handsome stud and all muscle and turned out to be a decent fuck. He shot his load even before I did without even touching himself, and was very loving after we were done. I fucked him twice and then had to force him to let go of my cock and get dressed when our time was up. I wasn't as rough as I like to be, but at least I got my rocks off.

-------------------------------------------- At the next meeting with Dr. Taylor, Ezekiel that is, I entered the room and sat at the table. He still couldn't look at me but I could tell he was nervous so I knew exactly what he was feeling. He was terrified of me, but he also wanted me. He wanted me to take him again, to dominate him. And like most people when sexual desire gets in the way, his urges were more powerful than his common sense. Without saying a word, I smiled at him and patted the table next to me, indicating that he should come around next to me.

"Mr. White, ahhh..."

"Shhhh" I whispered shushing him. "Shhhh."

"Mr. White, please..." he started again, but once more I shushed him.

"Shhhh" I whispered. "Shhhh." Once again I patted the table next to me, giving him a big smile. He kept glancing up from his papers looking at my hand as I patted the table but he couldn't look at me.

"Davon..." he said and I saw a tear appear in his eye.

"Right here, hon" I whispered so he could barely hear me as I patted the table. "Right here." For another minute or so he just stared at the papers in front of him and then, very slowly, he got up, picked up his chair, and carried it around the table and set it next to me. He was visibly shaking as he sat down next to me. Standing up, I shrugged out of the coveralls and stepped out of them. As I sat back down I took his hand and put in on the very impressive lump in my underwear. "Get me hard, honey" I said.

"Davon, please" he said. "I'm the psychologist and we've..."

"Shhh" I said again. "Don't talk, hon. You know what we're going to do here, so let's just do it." I held my hand on his, forcing him to hold my prick as it started to grow.

"Davon, listen, listen, listen" he said as he tried to pull his hand away.

"Don't talk, Zeek" I said more firmly. "I swear I'm gonna have to tape your mouth. At least until I'm ready to use it for something else."

"No Davon, you've got to listen first" he said, sounding desperate. "We've got to..."

"I'll listen later, honey. Right now I've got better things to do."

"No, Davon. Stop..."

"Will you shut up for god's sake? Just get me hard."

"You've got to listen to me, Davon" he said.

"Oh shit" I said in disgust. Standing up, I pulled my bikini underwear down and off, grabbed him by the face with one hand, pushed his head back, and stuffed the underwear in his mouth. Then sitting back down I jerked him off his chair onto his knees. Pulling one hand behind his back and holding it there I put his other hand back on my prick. His eyes got huge in shock at what I was doing. He thought he could reason with me, but was finding out very quickly who was in charge here and who was going to be calling the shots.

"Play with my fucking dick, damn it" I growled at him. He was still trying to pull his hand back as I was holding it against my growing prick. "Play with it, god damn it." He couldn't move his hand since I was holding it there, but he wasn't doing anything with it either. So I slugged him, knocking him over backwards and knocking the chair over.

He yelled, muffled through the shorts, his eyes got even bigger and tears started dripping down his cheeks as he looked at me in horror. Hey, I'd been sweet as sugar with him last time, but that ain't my style and I was not about to continue babying him. I owned him, and he was damn well going to understand what that meant.

"Play with It" I snapped as I grabbed him by the hair and jerked him back up to his knees. He was still in shock from me hitting him but sometimes I got no patience with a submissive who is slow to understand that I'm in charge.

"Fuckin play with it you stupid little shit" I snarled at him. He was still a little groggy from me hitting him but he was also terrified so he started massaging it gently. "Yeah. Do it." He was trying to look away, so I let go of his hand and jerked his head around so he had to look at it.

"That's a beautiful prick, Zeek" I said. "A real beauty, and you're lucky to be able to get some of it. Now get your other hand on it.' I let of the arm I was holding behind his back. "Two hands, babe, two hands." Hell, with ten inches of man meat there's more than enough room for two hands, or even three. "Keep your eyes on it, babe. You need to admire this stud's big black prick." He did look at it now, with tears dripping down his cheeks.

"You promise to keep your mouth shut I'll take the gag out. Okay?" He shook his head yes as the tears streamed down his face. "Okay, babe" I said as I pulled my underwear out of his mouth. "Not a word, and keep working on my prick." He seemed to give into the inevitable now as he kept jerking my fully hard cock. I just let him play with it for a couple minutes.

"Okay, baby, kiss it and then I'm going to fuck you. Kiss it" I said as I put a hand behind his head and pulled him in. "Kiss it. Kiss my big black dick."

"Davon..." he whispered.

"Kiss it you son-of-a-bitch" I growled. After a momentary hesitation he gave it a kiss. No argument or objection now.

"Good boy" I said with a big grin. "Good boy." Standing back and grabbing a handful of hair I pulled him to his feet. Then lifting him in my arms, I carried him to the end of the table and lay him on it on his back. Quickly unbuckling his belt and pants, I jerked them off and then grabbing his legs and pulling them apart, I pulled him so his butt was at the very edge of the table.

"You gonna watch me this time, babe. You gonna watch as Davon White sticks his big black nigger dick in your sweet little white boy ass."

"Davon, Davon, Davon" he whispered softly. "Please, Davon." I spit on my hand a couple times and rubbed it against his crack.

"Ain't got no cream today, babe, so it's gonna hurt" I said giving him a grin. "Just a little spit for lubrication so it'll be really tight for me, just the way I like it. Remember this is Davon White fucking you. You gonna find out your pain is my pleasure, baby, and I get a whole lot of pleasure from a really tight ass."

Holding his legs up and almost giving him splits, I took aim and started to push. Of course he didn't want to open up because he'd had no prep at all, but my steel ramrod didn't care, and his ass gradually began to give against my onslaught. And he started to scream.

Quick as a whistle I put my hand over his mouth and pulled back. As his yell turned to soft sobbing I let go, grabbed my underwear and stuffed them back into his mouth. Spitting once more and rubbing it on my rock hard dong, I put his legs over my shoulders, grabbed his arms, and started my assault again. Gently but with determination I started driving my big monster into him, forcing the little pucker to expand to enormous proportions to accept my big black donkey dick He was screaming bloody murder but it didn't bother me now since he was being muffled by my underwear. Today he was going to find out that I truly owned him, and could do any damn thing I wanted to him. Fucking him with just a little spit as lubrication was just emphasizing my power and control over him, and setting him up for my total domination. Hell yes it was going to hurt, it was going to hurt like a son-of-a-bitch, but I really didn't give a shit because he needed to find out that being Davon White's new fuck boy was not an easy proposition, and if I put him through agony sometimes and enjoyed seeing him suffer while I was fucking him, that was just the power and mastery that I held over lackeys like him.

I didn't intend to make him a slave, and I was only fucking him for his benefit, to get him under my control. For god's sake he was a thin be-speckled guy of thirty-five or so and that sure as hell wasn't the type of guy I generally stuck my dick into.

"Oh shit, Zeek, you making my prick happy" I laughed in pleasure as the head of my big dong popped into his ass. "So fuckin tight, babe. My big dick is a perfect fit between those tight little buns of yours." I just held it there for a bit, waiting for his yelling to turn to whimpering, and then started pushing some more. It wasn't completely dry, but he started howling anyway because his ass was definitely trying to deny entry to my dick as I forced my way into the tight hole. Yeah, force. Didn't matter to me if his ass didn't want to open up because no obstruction was going to slow down Davon White's power dick and that ass was going to open up no matter what. I knew it'd get easier as he loosened up and the spit got spread around and started rubbing against his prostate, but my greatest pleasure was right now; right now when he was super tight, those ass muscles almost crushing my prick but giving me the most incredible feelings of euphoria as I pushed in, impelling my dick into his almost impossibly tight little hole.. "Oh, shit yeah" I cried in relish as I stuffed three or four more inches into him, pretty much oblivious to the noise he was making and the pain he might be suffering.

I had to keep my voice down but it wasn't easy because the rapturous feelings from my cock were almost overwhelming. Now I started to fuck, pulling out an inch or two and then back in. It was still pretty hard going but it was finally beginning to loosen up as I plunged deeper and deeper. He was still making a lot of noise and he was obviously crying, but that was okay by me because I was teaching him a lesson in power and supremacy. You can bet after going through the agony of taking my monster today he'd be the most servile, the most devoted, and the most groveling son-of-a-bitch on the planet.

This was not going to be as long drawn out fuck today so I kept banging into him until I finally had all ten inches crammed in. He was whimpering and twisting his body and shaking his head back and forth, seemingly in agony, as I started really slamming into him. I was getting hot now and his ass was finally loosening up enough so that I was sliding in and out with ease.

It's amazing what a really tight ass will do for me, because I was on the verge of cuming already and I hadn't been at it for even fifteen minutes yet. But rather than slowing down and extending the pleasure, I speeded up the action to reach my peak. After all, I was doing this more to get Zeek in the right frame of mind and to teach him what it meant to belong to me, rather than just for my own pleasure. I mean, there ain't nothing wrong with enjoying it if I can, but you don't think I deliberately fuck just any be-speckled forty year old nerd, do you? I mean, I have eighteen year old pretty boys begging for action, so what I'm doing here is almost a chore.

Letting go of his arms and grabbing his shoulders, I rammed into him half a dozen times and started shooting.

"Oh fuuuccck" I moaned as I fired my first shot into him. Then, leaning over him, pushing his legs further in the air and yanking on his shoulders I slammed into him one final time as I continued shooting my cum deep into his ass.

"Oh fuuuccck" I said again as I fired the final couple bursts into him. Skinny runt or not, his ass was one of the tightest little holes I'd ever stuck my dick into.

Then, finally it was done and I slowly began to get my breath back and calm down. I realized I was lying on top of him dripping my sweat onto him and almost crushing him under my massive body, so I lifted up and let go of his shoulders. "Oh, baby, that was good" I said, grinning at him. He had a look of total horror on his face and the tears were dripping down his cheeks more than ever. "Real good" I said as I gave him a couple love taps to the cheek.

"It's all over, babe" I said as I pulled my shorts out of his mouth, He gasped a couple times and then started whimpering as I, very slowly, began to pull my big dick out of him. I watched with pleasure as my big sated black dong slipped slowly, inch by inch out of his lily white butt, and just as I figured, there was no blood. Hey, putting a guy through a little discomfort while I'm getting my jollies is predictable, and it's fun, but tearing him up is definitely not my thing.

As I stepped back I let his legs down and then pulled him off the table onto his feet. He was wobbly at first so I held him for a moment before pushing him to his knees. I tossed his glasses onto the table and as I grabbed my dick with one hand and his hair with the other, I rubbed it all over his face, smearing my slimy cum and his ass juice on his cheeks, his nose, and pretty much all over his face.

"That's my cum, babe. Davon White is anointing you with his semen. That's an honor," I said as I laughed. "Ain't just anybody gets my cum smeared on their face." Pulling his head back so he had to look up at me, I couldn't help but continue laughing as I gave him a big smile. "A real honor, babe."

Ezekiel just sat there whimpering softly as I held his chin forcing him to look up. And what a vision he had. My dong was still sticking out, almost touching his nose, and I was glistening with a layer of sweat covering my increasable body. Since I was still breathing hard, my rock hard abdominals were forming and reforming sharp ridges of muscle, and the movement in and out of my massive chest and magnificent bulging pectorals were a sight for him to behold. Of course he didn't appreciate it but he was looking up at a phenomenon, a demigod. And forced to look up into my eyes, he saw an exquisitely handsome light skinned black male with an enormous smile on his face. Hell, I almost envied him being allowed to serve and worship and lust over me, a perfect god. I'd worship me in a minute if I was in his shoes.

"That was hot, honey. Hot ass for Davon's prick" I said laughing in his face. "I know it hurt a little, babe, but that's what it takes to be Davon's fuck boy. You gotta take what Davon gives you."

"Ahhh... Davon..." he started to say.

"It won't hurt as much next time, hon. I promise" I said. "But you do want this dick again, don't you? You want Davon's big nigger dick up your ass once more. Don't you?"

"Ahhh,.. I... I... Davon..." he whimpered

"Go on, say it" I grinned at him. "Tell me you want this big black stud to dominate you and stick his big pecker back up your ass. Say it."

"Davon... I... I can't... I don't..." he whimpered.

"Shit, yes, you want it again. I know that. Little man like you, you gotta love being studded by a hunk like me" I said, still grinning brightly. "Next week you bring some nice greasy hand crème along with you and this big boner will slide in so smooth you'll think you're in heaven."

"Please, Davon" he said, evidently beginning to recover from the pain. "I can't..."

"Probably better you don't tell nobody" I said, completely ignoring him as I got into my coveralls. "I know there's guys out there brag about how they were able to take my dick. Yeah, really. They brag about it" I laughed. "But maybe we should just keep this between ourselves. I don't know, you might be embarrassed or something." Pulling him to his feet, I gave him a long hard kiss, the first one today.

"Mmmm" he murmured as I tried to stick my tongue down his throat. "Mmmmm."

"You gave my dick a real good time, hon. See you next Tuesday" I said as I gave him a friendly slap to the ass and walked out.

------------------------------- So, I now owned Ezekiel, the psychologist and four of the guards were on my payroll. Actually five now, or almost five. I mean, I'd been sweet talking this other guard, a great big gorgeous hunk of muscle named Bradford, not Brad but Bradford, who reminded me of Craig at 'Baltimore City'. Craig was white and Bradford was black but they both had enormous bodies that were to die for. Craig had been a completive bodybuilder, had been totally enamored by my big dick, and had been a great fuck. And while Bradford seemed to be a body beautiful type as well, it looked like he had one healthy piece of meat down there where it counted, unlike Craig who only had about five inches. He was so fucking hot that I was going to bust my balls trying to get it on with him, but he was obviously going to be a tougher nut to crack that Craig was.

The best thing about Bradford was that he was a guard in the 'young men's' wing so he might be able to get me some kind of access. And besides, it was clear from the sly comments he made and the twinkle in his eye when we talked about those kids, that he was fucking some of them. With the body and looks of a Hercules there was no doubt those boys were lining up for him looking for action.

"What do you mean they're all teases?" I asked him one day.

"Well they're just kids, Davon, and you know how horny kids can be."

"Well, yeah, sure" I said. "But they make a play for you?"

"Oh, hell, they tease the female guards as well, but look at me. I'm the hottest stud in the valley and as butch as they come. You wouldn't believe the way they wiggle their cute little asses when I come by" he laughed. "And I play along. I'll sometimes reach through the bars and give their little butts a squeeze and a slap, and maybe stick a finger up their crack. But then I remind them I'm the guard."

"Yeah, a guard with benefits, I'll bet" I said laughing along with him. He just laughed and didn't say anything, but it was clear to me that he was helping himself to some of those benefits.

"What do you know about that kid, Angel?"

'You've noticed him hey? He's a pretty one, but he's one tough son-of-a-bitch, a real nasty motherfucker. He told us his name was Butch but the paperwork said Angel. But he also told us he was twenty-four but he's obviously barely eighteen. He's a total liar and we're even having trouble getting him a cellmate because nobody can stand to be with him and he tends to kick the shit out of anybody smaller than him."

"Maybe he needs a mentor?" I said sweetly. "Probably just needs some strict discipline."

"You offering?" he said with a grin.

"Hell, yes" I said. "I've straightened out a lot of kids with really bad attitudes. Hell, that's my specialty."

"I'll take that under advisement" he laughed as he started walking away.

"Wait a minute, Bradford. What do you mean 'under advisement'?" He laughed and turned back.

"You must read minds, Davon" he laughed. "The Deputy Warden told me to take charge and straighten that kid out and I've been working at it. I mean, I could break him in half with one hand, but as a guard, I don't dare touch him, or hardly anyway. I've explained that he's in that 'youth wing' for his own protection, but he's so ornery that he thinks he can take on the whole world."

"Well, I ain't a guard so I can touch him. Oh yeah, I can touch him" I said with a grin.

Vince grinned right along with me. "You want to give it a try?"

"You mean that?" I asked with surprise. Getting the most beautiful kid in the prison in my clutches couldn't possibly be this easy. "You want me to straighten him out?"

"If you're willing, we might consider it. In fact I'll hold on to the little son-of-a-bitch while you work him over."

"I'll bet you want to hold him down, hot kid like that. I'll bet you do" I laughed. "But, hey, I've handled dozens like him, so I won't need any help" I laughed. "But if I straighten him out, he belongs to me. You gotta let me keep him."

"So that's your game" Bradford grinned at me. "Hell, I got no problem with that, but I doubt the powers-that-be would go for it. I'll check it out."

"Hey, I ain't selfish" I said. "I'm willing to share."

"I'll keep that in mind" he said with a sly grin. Oh yeah, I'd like to share, I thought to myself. I've got something between my legs I'd like to share.

"So, set it up" I said. "I'm ready."

------------------------------------------ It wasn't going to help Ezekiel any that I came to my next appointment in a lousy mood. I'd talked to Bradford a couple times but he didn't seem to be doing anything about that Angel kid, and I was royally pissed about not having a fuck boy. This was the longest time since I was a kid myself that I didn't have a fuck boy of my own, almost three months now. When I get this ornery, people who know me get out of the way because I can be a loose cannon.

"What are you doing over there?" I growled at Ezekiel as I shut the door of the counseling room. "Put those damn papers away." Ezekiel was sitting behind the table with the papers spread in front of him pretending that this was going to be just another counseling session. "And move that fucking chair around to this side of the table."

"Mr. White..."

"Shut the fuck up and do what you're told" I snapped. I just stood there with my arms folded over my massive chest frowning at him. And damned if tears didn't appear in his eyes again. The guy was humiliated that I had this power over him but he simply didn't know what he could do about it. He didn't know how to deal with my aggressive behavior. He sniffled a couple times as he stacked the papers and put them back in the folder.

Ezekiel glanced up at me and saw that I was just standing there glaring at him, so he stood up and carried his chair around to my side of the table. Then he just stood there looking at the floor. What a fucking gutless piece of shit. And the asshole still couldn't look at me.

"Take those nerdy goddamn glasses off and get over here" I growled. He hesitantly put his glasses down and walked over to me, his eyes focused on the middle of my chest. "Remove my shoes" I ordered him. With only the slightest hesitation, he got down on his knees and removed my shoes. "Now these coveralls" I said as I pushed them off my shoulders allowing them to fall to my waist. Ezekiel tugged them down over my massive thighs and I stepped out of them.

"Now my bikini" I said. "Get my prick out in the air." Then he looked up at me, but only for a second, and then grabbed my white bikinis and pulled them down and off.

"You can look at it" I said, but he continued looking down at the floor. "I said look at it, you little fuck" I growled. He raised his face, startled at my command, and looked at my almost fully hard dick. Humiliating a guy like this is really hot, so of course I was almost hard. "Tell me this black dick is beautiful" I ordered. "Tell me."

"Ahhh... Davon... Please" he said softly, and I could actually hear him sobbing. I slapped him, knocking his head to the side.

"Tell me this nigger dick is beautiful" I repeated glaring down at him. Hey, I don't necessarily think I'm a monster, but when I'm pissed, watch out. Besides, I needed a fuck and I needed some entertainment, and the fact is, this kind of shit really turns me on. I mean, kicking the crap out of a guy and forcing him to service me is one thing, but getting a educated guy like Ezekiel, not some immature little punk, completely under my control, totally subservient and obedient to my every whim without kicking his ass, was really hot.

"Speak up, damn it" I growled.

"Davon..." he cried.

"You've got five seconds" I snarled "and then I'm going to tear you a new ass hole."

"Okay, okay" he responded. "It's beautiful, Davon. Your cock is beautiful."

"Better" I said. "Now get your fucking clothes off. Strip. I'm ready to fuck." It seemed to have finally sunk into him that he had no choice but to submit to my demands. He had hoped for some compassion from me but now realized he was not going to get it. Without a word he went back to the table, sat down and removed his shoes and socks, his shirt and tie and his trousers. "Leave the underwear on" I said. "I don't want to have to look at that shriveled up white worm of yours."

Now, for the first time, I moved away from the door and walked over to him. Grabbing a handful of hair, I jerked his head to the side, and grabbing his chin with the other hand I yanked him up on his tiptoes, just inches from my face. "Do we have an understanding here now Zeek? Yes?"

"Yes" he croaked, total terror showing in his face.

"Sir" I said.

His eyes got even wider as he said "Yes, sir."

"Put that tie back around your neck" I ordered as I let him loose. "Give me something to hold on to when I fuck you."

"Davon, please" he sobbed as he picked up the tie.

"You speak again without my permission you're going to end up short a couple teeth" I growled as I slapped him. His face jerked to the right from the slap, so I grabbed his hair again and pulled him back up into my face. "Got that you little shit" I growled. "Shake your fuckin head."

He shook his head yes.

"You bring that cream with you?" I asked. He nodded his head. "Well you'd better get it out damn quick because I ain't going to wait." He went over to his briefcase and pulled out a tube of cream, but looked back, not quite knowing what to do with it. "Stick some up your ass, you dumb shit, and then get over here and grease up my prick."

And what an imbecile. He was actually standing there thinking about it because he was embarrassed to grease up his ass in front of me, when he knew I was going to be fucking him any minute.

"You got about fifteen seconds, ass hole, and then this prick is going up your chute dry. Get with it." Now he seemed to come to his senses as he squeezed out some crème and bending over, reached back, sticking his hand inside his underwear and gingerly rubbed it into his crack. "You'd better practice this at home before next time, or this big prick of mine is going to tear you up" I said. Grabbing him by the neck and pushing his head down, forcing him to bend over, I gave him a hefty slap to the ass. Then I grabbed his underwear, ripped them apart baring his butt, squeezed out a big glob of cream and rubbed it into his crack. Then sticking a finger in, I finger fucked him a couple times, not trying to be gentle Then jerking him up with my hold on his neck, I pushed that finger into his mouth. "You got your god damn cream on my finger" I snapped at him. "Clean it off." He actually looked up at my face this time, and could see my terrible anger. I could see total terror in his eyes as he sucked on my finger.

"Now go get my fucking underwear" I ordered him as I let go of his neck. He went over to the door, got them and brought them back. "Put them in your mouth." He looked at me with such a sorrowful look on his face that if I had been in the mood it would have been almost funny, but he was way, way past any defiance at this point, so he stuffed them in his mouth as ordered. He was sobbing aloud now, but muffled by my bikini.

"Get that cream and get my dick ready" I said. He picked up the tube and actually looked up at me, as if to ask: what next? I slapped him again and watched his eyes get really big as I grabbed his hair and pushed him down to his knees. "Grease it up you little fuck" I growled. He continued to sob and the tears continued dripping but he did what he was told, squeezing some cream onto his hand and rubbing it up and down my rock hard ten inches.

"Tell me it's beautiful" I said as I pulled my bikini out of his mouth and grabbed his hair.

"It's beautiful" he cried, sobbing aloud.

"Tell me it's gorgeous" I growled at him giving his hair a jerk.

"It's gorgeous, Davon" he cried.

"Tell me you love Davon's big nigger dick" I ordered giving his hair another jerk.

"Ahhh... Davon..." he mumbled.

"Say it the way I said it" I growled at him giving his hair another jerk.

"I... I... love your nigger dick, Davon" he said, crying even more now. I was actually beginning to cool down from my intense anger but I was doing what I love doing, totally controlling and humiliating another human being in preparation for some hot cock action. I mean, next to kicking the shit out of some uppity teenager, subjugating a wimp and preparing a hole for my cock was my absolutely favorite sport. Having a cringing little asshole, a white asshole, on his knees at my feet almost begging me to hurt him was like an elixir to me. Total power, baby.

Holding his hair with one hand and my dick with the other I rubbed the tip against his lips. "Kiss it Zeek" I said. "Kiss that beautiful dick. Just the tip. Kiss it." Of course he gave it a kiss. "Do it again, and let me hear it. Nice big wet kiss." Following instructions, he gave it a big smack. "Good boy. My dick likes that. Now thank me."

He gave me a questioning look but didn't even blink. "Thank you, Davon."

Pulling up on his hair forcing him to his feet, I lifted him up in my arms and carried him to the end of the table and put him down on his back. "Put this back in your mouth" I ordered him as I handed him my underwear. He was still weeping as he stuffed it in, but at least it was muffled.

Putting his legs on my shoulders and taking aim with my big prick, I pushed. He was greased up, but I hadn't really prepped his hole, but I just kept pushing and my gargantuan prick forced its' way in. His eyes got big and I think he may have been howling but I loved the feeling as I pushed my way in. Shit, I loved a tight ass, even on skinny old guys. I gave a good shove and forced all ten inches deep into his butt.

I just held it there for a bit just barely moving, enjoying the feeling of my balls jammed up tight against his cheeks. "Oh, baby" I said. "The third time is magic. Your ass is still pretty damn tight." Then I pulled completely out of him, took aim again, and slammed all ten inches into him in one shot. "Oh fuck" I moaned in pleasure.

Grabbing him by the neck with one big paw, I pulled him up off the table so he was impaled on my steel hard dick and his legs were sticking straight up. "I'm going to remove my bikini, baby" I said. "You hear me?" I said giving his whole body a violent jerk as I put my arm around him and held him there. "You hear me?" Still crying, tears streaming down his face, mostly just in shock, he nodded his head. I jerked the underwear out of his mouth.

"Put your arms around me, baby. Give your muscle master a big hug." He obeyed and put his arms around me. He was so much shorter than me that even impaled on my dick as he was, his head barely reached above my chin. I pulled his face into my chest. "Kiss my chest, baby. Worship those big pecs while I fuck you." With one arm around him and the other holding his neck and bending my knees slightly, I pulled half a dozen inches of my dick out of his ass and slowly pushed it back in.

"Don't make me mad now, baby. I told you to kiss my chest." As I stepped away from the table he started to kiss my bulging pecs. "That's it, baby" I laughed in elation. "Now slobber on 'em, kiss 'em, worship those big slabs of muscle." I started walking around the room with him riding on my steel dick, sometimes pulling my dick out and pushing back in, and other times lifting him up and allowing him to slide back down, his ass swallowing my dick with ease as he hugged me and continued kissing and licking my massive muscled chest.

I was completely calmed down now. It's amazing what a tight hole will do to calm a violent temper. I no longer wanted to just hurt him, I now wanted this feeling of total omnipotence and power and complete superiority over him to continue endlessly. I mean, as far as I was concerned, Ezekiel's sole purpose of being on this planet was leading up to this day and this hour so he could give Davon White's hot prick some of the most exquisite pleasure he'd had in days.

But all good things must come to an end, so I dropped him back on the table, slammed it to him only twice, and started spewing my hot juice into his ass.

"Ohhh shit, baby" I moaned as I fired shot after shot "you are good." Skinny old nerd or no, he'd given me what I needed, some hot cock action to calm me down and get my libido back in sink.

This was actually rather a memorable event for me because I discovered something about myself; that lack of sex really stressed me out, but a good fuck could snap me right back onto an even keel. Even fucking a skinny nerd who was too old for me did the trick. But I suppose dominating and abusing him as well as fucking him had something to do with it, but whatever it was, I left that room feeling one hundred percent better and whistled all the way back to my cell.

Of course, you can probably guess what happened. Ezekiel resigned that very afternoon and I never saw him again. Damn shame because terrorizing a wimp like him was a nice break from the normal boring humdrum life in prison and I still had some more ideas of how he could have entertained me.

But I'm very well aware that I fucked up. Since he was already under my control and had actually seemed to be warming up to me, it would have been easy to get him to run errands and stuff and as the psychologist he would probably have been a better catch than a guard as far as deliveries were concerned. And now I didn't have an outlet for my anger any more either. I needed to get a replacement for him right away.

Yeah, a replacement. I mean, ain't no doubt I'm a fuckin God and It's my prerogative to use and exploit those around me if I want, so those I pick to amuse me are damn lucky and privileged to be picked. I fuckin know that, and make damn sure they know it too.

The feeling of power when I've got one hundred percent control of another human being is electrifying, completely mind blowing, but, I have to admit, that power has sometimes gotten away from me. They say; 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. I'm afraid that is what happened with my domination of Ezekiel. I was so caught up in the incredible elation of that dominance that I may have let it go to my head. Of course it wasn't necessary to treat Ezekiel like total shit the way I did, but, I have to say, I had one hell of a good time doing it.

So, I definitely needed a replacement for Ezekiel.


"Damn it, Bradford" I said in disgust, "it's been what, three weeks? What's happening with that Angel kid?"

"Sorry, Davon, but it ain't gonna happen" Bradford said. "We can't bring him in here and you can't go in where he is. The Deputy was pretty much okay on the idea originally, but I'm afraid you'll just have to forget it." 'Forget it' I wanted to scream. My dick had been hard for weeks now just thinking about that kid.

"Shit, Bradford" I said in desperation. "There's got to be a way. How about the gym, or maybe the equipment room?"

"Not possible, Davon" he answered. "You know we're in there every day."

"How about the store room then? You're only in there when we're planning a boxing match or a wrestling match?"

"Sorry, Davon, but that room is full. The wrestling mats and all the boxing equipment takes up a lot of space."

"How about moving that stuff out, just for two days. I can assure you it'll only take two days."

"The Deputy would never go for it, Davon" he said. "I know he wouldn't."

"Don't tell him then" I said. "What he don't know ain't gonna hurt him. If he finds out you just tell him this was the best option to straighten the kid out. Come on, Bradford, you gotta do this."

"Well, maybe we can do that. Let me think on it. I'll check it out and let you know."

"Okay" I answered. "By the way, Bradford, how big is your dick?"

"What?" he asked completely stunned.

"You walk around here with that big lump showing in your pants" I said grinning at him. "Just how big is that thing?"

"Shit, Davon. Nobody shows as much dick as you do. Fred tells me that big snake of yours never seems to get soft, and I can see for myself it stretches half way down your leg."

"So Fred's noticed, heh, and you have too." I said with a laugh. "But it's soft right now, Bradford" I said as I groped myself. "Fred ain't never seen it hard, and neither have you."

"I'll take your word for it that it gets bigger when it's hard, Davon" he laughed.

"I'll be glad to show you, Bradford. Maybe we should compare."

"I know a losing cause when I see one" he said with a laugh. "I'm satisfied with my eight and a half inches, Davon. I don't need a monster like yours."

"Eight and a half is good" I said with a smirk, "but you need to see what ten inches looks like. I'd be glad to show you. Yeah, I'd be more than happy to show you, up real close."

"Thanks, but no thanks, Davon. I'll just admire it from a distance" Bradford laughed. "Besides, you might scare me to death."

"No, I don't think so" I said with a leer "but think it'd turn you on. I'm sure it'd turn you on."

"I'll take that under advisement, Davon" he said as he walked away.

So, he'd admire it from a distance, would he? Not sure what he meant, but I liked the sound of it.

------------------------------------------ So there I was. No fuck boy, no Ezekiel. Only Omar. I did fuck Omar several times, but I needed a hole to stick my dick into on a regular basis; four or five times a day. And besides, Omar was a big guy, well over two hundred pounds. Okay, so I love fucking big guys. Actually I love dominating them. I mean, there really ain't nothing like taking a big hunk of muscle, as big as, or even bigger than me, and turning him into my pussy boy.

But what I really needed on a permanent basis was a young boytoy. And when I say toy, I mean toy. Somebody young and innocent who I can mold to my needs. Somebody with a pretty face and a muscular body, but also on the small side, maybe 5'7" or 5'8" and from 150 to 175 pounds. Somebody I can train to be a perfect slave, willing and eager to crawl for me and submit to my every need and desire, and any perverted compulsion that I might come up with. Someone who I can generally just toss around and have fun playing with. Somebody with a trained throat and a tight ass and an enthusiastic tongue to give me all the action I can handle; a boytoy.

But now. Now. Hell, there's nothing worse than using your right hand when there are pretty mouths and hot asses all around just waiting to be plugged, but just out of reach. I was getting desperate and Bradford was not being much help. Hell, the overweight Latino guy two cells down who was drooling over me all the time was almost beginning to look good. I mean, a blow job is a blow job, right?

Wrong. I need a pretty face to stick my prick into. I mean, there ain't nothing that makes my prick wilt faster than looking down and seeing it plowing into some creepy looking guy's face.

So I was feeling pretty damn sorry for myself until one day when Omar, Jasen and I were sitting at a table in the rec room. I saw a vision. A mirage? An illusion? What I saw was the most beautiful kid I'd ever seen, an absolutely astonishingly gorgeous kid, a superbly perfect human male animal enter the room. Enough superlatives? I was actually stunned as this ravishing creature walked through the rec room with the warden.

As soon as I get a chance I'll tell you all about it.

Authors note: Okay, so there's more Davon to come. Mr. Ravishing Beauty is up next and we'll see where it goes from there. Bradford and Angel are in the wings waiting for some action. However, I do need feedback. I need to know that you are following this story and would like some more. I need to know it's worth my while to write it. So, drop a quick e-mail and let me know.

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